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H So S Timeline

Heka flips pages of his book. "So what you're saying is, the answers to calculus are all in these integral tables, but it doesn't tell you what answer goes with what question..."

Heka flings a pencil across the room and it lands neatly in one of his football trophies. "Score!"

Polaris giggles a bit before commenting, "That is what I'm saying, basically."

Heka "That isn't very helpful."

Heka is too manly to pout but it sounds like he wants to.

Polaris sits next to Heka, maybe a little to close, with her typical lack of personal space awareness. She seems oddly focused, in stark constrast to her normal vacant state

Polaris "Well lets take a break then for a moment or three."

Heka "So how do I figure out which integral to use?" Heka puts an arm around her shoulders unconsciously.

Heka laughs. "Or we can take a break. Can I get you a soda?"

Polaris chuckle-giggles just a bit, "Sure. Ginger ale?"

Heka "That's my favorite too." He digs a bottle out of the fridge and pours two tall icy glasses.

Polaris "You know, you are far more considerate than my cousin."

Polaris "Did I ever tell you about the pure amount of times he lost me when we were younger?"

Heka beams. "Thanks! Uh, no, you didn't. I'm all ears."

Polaris makes an acusatory frown, "Though I think that may have been on purpose."

Polaris "Well I don't want to bore you."

Polaris kind of leans forward in her chair, "So, tell me, whatever happened between you and manly Maia?"

Heka "I'll tell you, but you owe me a story!"

Polaris "Sure"

Heka "I guess we kind of hooked up but ended up, not, and had a fight about it and it all blew out of proportion. It's kind of a blur, I was a little hammered that night."

Polaris "That sounds like her, a whirlwind of fury followed by a wake of confusion."

Heka "Yeah. Basically."

Polaris "And now you've got Asterope?"

Heka sips his drink, makes a face, and disappears in the kitchen for a second. He comes back with some sprigs of mint and a bowl of mixed nuts.

Polaris drinks from her glass in large rather unrefined gulps, following some with a breathy interjection of satisfaction

Polaris sets the glass down, now mostly gone, "Thanks."

Heka "Sure."

Polaris returns a bit to her normal vacant face, eyes shining a bit, "Do you think that its odd so many of us are gathered up so closely?"

Heka "Us?"

Heka puts on a blank look.

Polaris "Children of the stars, kids named after stars. It seems that so many so close can't be simple coincidence."

Heka "Oh. I didn't know someone clued you in."

Polaris "How did you think Furud started to put things together? It would be hard to do between all the hair styling and other grooming without someone's help."

Polaris laughs rather strongly

Polaris "The natural force of entropy would scatter us, unless something acts to counter it."

Polaris "Maybe something in the water has done this, a central source, but then we'd all have to been from here originally."

Polaris "Or, more likely some force or someone is manipulating things and gathering us up. Like a star magnet."

Heka "The Hole."

Polaris looks deep in thought, like she was somewhere else entirely

Polaris "Yes, that could be it."

Polaris kind of looks down, "I personally think I'm responsible."

Polaris twiddles her thumbs

Heka "What?"

Polaris suddenly stands up, right next to Heka, though she still doesn't tower over him being the midget she is

Polaris "Have you ever slept?"

Heka "I....um...guess not."

Polaris looks rather intense, "I have. I even dreamed."

Polaris "Its this dream that makes me think I'm responsible, wild as that sounds."

Polaris sits back down, finishing her drink in one gulp

Heka is increasingly losing his grip on his studiously interested non-expression.

Polaris studies Heka for a reaction, "I've never told anyone, even Furud, the details."

Polaris "I'm laying in the sand, looking up at the night sky, and its cold. Its so cold. I can see the stars and I point at them, poke them and they fall onto the sand. As people."

Polaris "Then we all get up and dance, we sing, and we sit. Once we sit we draw shapes in the sand."

Polaris "There is more, but I can never remember."

Polaris looks frustrated

Polaris "Its stupid isn't it."

Heka gives her a brotherly hug. "It might mean something. I dunno."

Polaris "Oh, and there is just one more thing. I don't pluck everyone. There is one star here that isn't in my dream."

Polaris takes in the warmth of the hug like a starving child

Furud A football comes sailing across the room, shortly, though much more slowly, followed by Furud. "Hey, Heks, what's going on? Oh hi Pol!" He says cheerfully. "What are you two doing?"

Polaris hold Heka tight before releasing suddenly and backing into her seat

Furud raises a brow and grins.

Heka tosses the football back. "Making out, talking about you, etc."

Polaris laughs

Polaris "He is definitely more manly then you Cousin, sorry."

Furud catches it. "Oh yeah?" He smirks and whips the football at Polaris.

Polaris dodges instead of catching, letting it bounce of the chair and into the room somewhere

Heka "Have a drink with us? We were just, um, talking about stars."

Polaris "Yes, a bit, and of dreams."

Furud "Sounds almost as interesting as making out."

Heka "We can do that instead if you prefer..."

Furud "Uh, no, I don't want to see that. She's my COUSIN."

Polaris "Well, you two could make out and I could watch."

Polaris faces is unreadable, serious or not

Heka recoils in (faux?) disgust.

Heka "Pol, he's your COUSIN."

Polaris shrugs

Furud eyes Pol, "Man, you're so weird."

Polaris "And your normal?"

Furud "Compared to you, yep!" He retrieves the football and toys with it.

Polaris turns to Heka, "Mero is the missing one. I wonder what that means, if anything."

Furud "So what's going on with the star thing? What? Merope is missing?"

Heka "Are there any in the dream that...aren't accounted for?"

Polaris "Just her."

Heka summarizes quickly to catch Furud up.

Polaris looks thankful for not having to return to that mental place

Furud frowns thoughtfully.

Furud "But Pol, you're one of us too. How could you have been here and pulled us all in?"

Polaris shrugs

Polaris "We don't know anything about us, how can one discount anything?"

Polaris "I know something happens after the shapes in the sand, but I keep waking up before I can find out."

Furud "What are the shapes?"

Polaris shudders a bit, "I don't want to go back into the cold again to remember them. I'll tell you some other time."

Furud "You can do it again?"

Polaris "I mean, I don't just remember it, I kind of have to go back into the dream and experience it all again."

Polaris gives Heka the don't let him make me go back there again now face of concern

Furud "But then you can find out what the shapes are, and what happens after... and why the hell didn't you tell me about this before?"

Polaris won't look Furud's way, but still looks at Heka with the do-something-dammit tension building

Heka "Well, we could also try and figure out if the Mero thing means anything."

Polaris nods with fervor

Furud "Yeah... sure I guess."

Polaris "I don't know her well. Furud better than me. Is she uh, different?"

Furud 's expression darkens a little. It's a sore subject still. "Yeah, as much as she wants to *deny* it."

Polaris "No no no."

Polaris "I mean, different than different. *beat* Somehow."

Furud frowns and turns the football over and over in his hands. "Other than her pathological need to be normal and fit in... I don't think so. Well except for her eyes."

Polaris "Her eyes?"

Furud "You can get lost in them. I never met anyone else with eyes like that." He pauses. "I realize that sounded like a lame cliche, but I mean it. It's like there's a... window..." he cuts off, looking embarassed and a little annoyed with himself. "Anyway, I thought that's what her thing was, but I don't think so anymore."

Polaris "I've never looked into her eyes like that, but then maybe I should."

Polaris grins

Furud forces a smile. "Yeah."

Heka "Uh, guys?"

Heka "That's my SISTER you are talking about."

Polaris giggles

Furud "Then you should know what I mean," he says quietly

Polaris "She is a hottie though, you must admit."

Heka "I've seen things in her eyes sometimes, yeah."

Heka "It's, uh...unsettling." Heka doesn't follow up on the question of his sister's hotness.

Furud half-smiles. "Not always."

Polaris "Maybe we are all here to help her or something. But I guess that is uh, story-book bedtime stuff..."

Furud shrugs. "Who knows? Maybe one day she's going to go supernova on us."

Polaris "Too comic book."

Heka makes inequality eyes uncomfortably.

Polaris sighs

Furud tosses the ball to Heka. "Don't worry." He bites down his next comment in deference to the fact that Heka is her brother.

Heka catches and tosses it back. "Sure. Want to go outside and play some football?"

Polaris remembers the one time she tried to play with some degree of fright, "Uh, I can watch."

Furud grins. "Sure. Touch or Tackle?"

Heka By way of answer Heka tackles Furud.