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Ras Alhague *

Ras Alhague Third period study hall, in the library again. Merope can't concentrate on the book in front of her - she's been staring at the same page for almost 20 minutes now. Across the library, Ras again has several books stacked around him, looking like he's involved in some huge project. He hasn't looked at her but once since he came in.

Merope looks over the top of her book at Ras' bowed head

Merope There's a further lengthy pause. Then: "I missed you last night. At the lake." Her tone is mostly flat, with a slightly trembling edge.

Merope She peaks loudly enough for the statement to carry to Ras, though.

Ras Alhague glares at Merope for a second, then takes out his cell. A few hurried keystrokes later, and her phone beeps.

Merope The librarian now looking at he pointedly, Merope puts her phone onto vibrate, and then reads the message.

Ras Alhague "I wasn't there."

Merope She texts back. "Oh. y not? I thought we..."

Merope She follows that up with another. "I'm still mad at u, u know"

Ras Alhague Ras's cellphone makes no sound, but he picks it up again anyway, as soon as the first text is sent. He's halfway through keying in when the second one arrives. ::I swim to relax. I figured if you were going to be there, it wouldn't be relaxing.:: Immediately afterwards, he reads the second one and sends: "Yeah, that's why it wouldn't be relaxing."

Merope glares at Ras, putting her book down. She then turns herself to face to one side, so she doesn't have to look at him.

Merope :: you could have stood up for me. even once ::

Ras Alhague :: I didn't know you needed someone else to fight your battles. ::

Merope :: :( I don't. It still would have been nice to know you cared. if u actually do, I mean ::

Ras Alhague :: I did. ::

Merope looks over to him, her eyes suddenly wide, sad.

Ras Alhague :: It's hard to care when someone turns on you the first time things don't go their way. ::

Merope :: don't say that, please. I feel like I've barely known you. it can't end like this ::

Ras Alhague :: Poor Ming. ::

Merope :: huh? ::

Ras Alhague :: I mean, it's one thing to make an ass out of yourself, but to bring Ming along for the ride? He never did anything. ::

Merope :: you're not making any sense. are you saying I got the wrong idea? ::

Ras Alhague :: I'm saying 'hard' is not the same thing as 'impossible.' I'm not the one ending this. ::

Ras Alhague :: Are you? ::

Merope pauses for a long time, thinking about this one. The reply eventually comes :: I don't know. At the lake I thought we were really sharing something. But there's something closed about you, Ras. I'm not sure I really know u at all ::

Ras Alhague :: Cut me some slack. It's been 3 days. There's a lot both of us have left to learn. I know how I feel, doesn't that matter more? ::

Merope :: how do you feel?? ::

Merope looks up at him.

Ras Alhague :: You already know. You don't have to keep asking. ::

Ras Alhague looks at her, meeting her eyes.

Merope :: tell me anyway ::

Ambiance At that moment, the bell rings. Students start sweeping up their books, getting ready to go to the next class. The line of sight between Ras and Merope is broken.

Merope watches her phone for a few minutes, then sighs, puts the phone into her jacket and packs up her stuff.

Merope looks around for Ras in the crowd as she walks vaguely toward her next class.

Ras Alhague Walking between classes, Merope is suddenly grabbed and pulled up against a locker, Ras pressing against her. He looks her in the eyes and says, "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." Then he kisses her.

(fade to black)

Merope *

Merope *