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Furud laughs, gripping the 'oh shit' handle of the passenger side as Heka's car sprawls all over the road in time to the obnoxiously loud music. He sings along cheerfully, and somewhat accurately, though he slurs on the esssesss.

Asterope Asterope's mustang takes a sharp turn onto the same street, as she looks behind her worriedly to see if the police are in pursuit.

Heka gesticulates wildly to a particularly important line and kind of T-bones Asterope's vehicle.

Asterope hits her steering wheel, hard. Ah, seatbelts, why don't you catch when you're supposed to? Tires screech and fiberglass crunches.

Asterope tastes blood in her mouth, looks up, shakes her head a little.. And see's Heka's car.

Asterope "Son of a.."

Heka brushes glass shards out of his hair as he climbs shakily out of his car.

Heka "Scuse me ma'am, I think you're not supposed to park there..."

Asterope woozily opens her door; her shoulder really hurts. "Ma'am? Heka, it's ME. What the fuck were you doing?"

Furud stares at the scene in shock, then climbs out, forcing the door open. He giggles.

Heka shakes his head..."Hu--Asterope! Ohmycrapareyouokay!!?"

Heka stumbles to her car and tries to help her out clumsily.

Asterope reluctantly accepts his help; her arm is not in any condition for helping her brace herself. As he leans over, she catches a whiff of his breath. "Holy-- HEKA, tell me I have brain damage and you do not actually smell of cheap beer right now."

Heka "Asterope, you have brain damage and I do not actually smell...um...beer."

Furud staggers around to where the other to are standing and leans down, putting his hands on his knees. "Shit, that wasn't supposed to happen."

Asterope "Furry, has Heka been drinking?"

Furud "Uh." He says. "Party's tomorrow."

Asterope narrows her eyes at Furud.

Heka "Gotta rehearse."

Furud tries to fix his hair and straighten himself, which does absolutely nothing to help his disheveled appearance. Neither does the blood that runs from the split in his forehead.

Asterope "You could have KILLED me."

Furud "Why were you drivin so fast? I didn't even see you."

Asterope leans heavily against her car. This has not been the best day.

Asterope "Oh, I had to get away from Yed's before the cops got me. His dad was not thrilled with my oscar-worthy performance as Yed's heartbroken ex-girlfriend. I did the Furry thing." She gestures aimlessly.

Heka sits on the ground.

Furud "The Fuwha... Oh."

Asterope manages a wry smile. "Remember when I dumped you Freshman year?"

Furud "Yeah that was...uh... great. Really convincing."

Asterope "You would have been proud of me at Yed's. I brought the headless teddy bear and everything."

Furud looks touched. "Wow, you really went all out. What made you pick Yed?"

Heka looks at the two of them in confusion.

Heka "Headless bear?"

Furud Breakup Bear."

Asterope shrugs her good shoulder. "He's good people. And he was friends with this guy--" she jerks a thumb at Heka-- "which mattered to me more before he messed up his pretty face with BLOOD AND GLASS and almost killed me."

Furud sighs and slumps on the ground next to Heka.

Heka "It washes off, pretty girl." Heka's apparently coherent now, if a bit unstable. "Is your arm okay?"

Asterope makes kind of a childlike, pouty face, which is devoid of facetiousness. "It hurts." She glances at her left arm, which had been pinned between her body and the car door when Heka's car hit the side.

Heka stumbles to his feet. "Let's get these cars off the road. Furud, drive for me?"

Asterope laboriously plops back into the car. "Could someone close my door, please?"

Heka touches her arm, with a sad look on his face, and shuts the door.

Furud "Maybe we can get Algol to fix them. He's good with metal and shit." He climbs to his feet as well, and eyes the cars. They both seem to be driveable, at least, so he slides behind the wheel of Heka's car and turns the keys. "Where to?"

Heka "I'll, um, stand by this tree and watch for oncoming cars..."

Heka "Let's just stay here and talk for a little while...there aren't too many trees, we can watch the stars."

Furud jumps, startled by the loud music pumping out of the speakers, and turns it down. "Yeah, okay." He gingerly backs out of Asterope's car and parks it against the curb.

Heka helps Asterope out of the car. He sort of absentmindedly leads Furud and her to a patch of birch trees, whose leaves haven't really come out yet. "Let me see if it's bruised."

Asterope very gingerly pulls up the sleeve of her shirt, revealing all kinds of gross-looking, swollen skin in shades of red and purple. "Careful! Don't hurt me."

Furud "Eww, gross."

Asterope "Oh, like YOU're so pretty."

Furud scowls. "Hey, take that back!" He wipes the blood off his face again, smearing it down his cheek. Then he leans against a birch and slides down it to sit on the ground.

Heka turns Asterope a little so her bruise is out of the patch of shade, with the moonlight falling on it, and gingerly touches it with his left hand. The redness drains away like a puddle drying in the sun, and under his other hand, the tree bark splinters and crackles with a sound like fire.

Furud "Whoah, that was awesome."

Asterope shoots Heka a grudgingly grateful look, with a tiny hint of a smile at the edges. "You've always been good at fixing your messes."

Heka wipes some sweat off his face. "Is there any water in the car? I'm REALLY thirsty right now."

Asterope banishes a bit of the warmth. "Too bad you can't do the same for MY CAR."

Furud "Uh... just 'water' "

Heka "Oh. No, no more 'water'. "

Heka "Sorry about the car, sweets. I'll pay for the damages, but I think we'll both be walking to school for a while now..."

Furud "I uh guess I could pick you up."

Asterope "Oh, you know Daddy can cover that. I'd much rather have it to hold over your head when we fight, if that's all the same to you." She winks.

Asterope "That's awfully decent of you, Furry. Um, Yed may need a ride too, at least until his parents get him a new car. Like I said, I was pretty good tonight."

Heka beams at Furud through the blood and glass. "Nothing would make me happier." To Asterope, "Okay."

Furud "Hey, Heks... can you get mine too?" He points at the huge, red lump on his head. The blood has slowed to a trickle right now, but still, it mars his handsome face and that just won't do.

Heka nods. "Come over here in the light." He wipes the lump off like it were a smudge of dirt, and one appears on his own head for just a second before he sits back down and the grass dies under his fingers.

Furud grins at Heka, "Thanks, man... oh uh.." He reaches out and gently plucks a few shards of glass from Heka's face. "Can you do yourself?"

Heka shrugs. If shrugs were words you might hear, 'no sweat' in a small voice. "Um, sorta. But...do you mind? This might hurt a little."

Furud extracts one more piece of glass, and then turns around.

Furud faces him fully, "Ok what do I do?"

Heka takes his hands. "Close your eyes." There's a small rustling as the glass shards fall off Heka's face and land in the grass, while several marks appear on Furud's. Blood runs between his eyes. Then the marks close up, and Heka releases Furud's hands. The cuts are still there, but now they are on Heka's arm instead.

Furud grits his teeth at the pain, and then it fades. He reaches up gingerly to feel his face. "What'd you do?"

Asterope raises her eyebrow.

Heka "Uh, you know...moved the wounds. It's what I do."

Furud "Huh... how long have you known?"

Heka "Pretty much always, but I didn't used to know how to do it. Sometimes it would just happen."

Heka "That was no fun let me tell you."

Furud makes a sympathetic face. "I can imagine."

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