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Heka The three friends wander into Wired, the local coffeeshop. Some of the other kids are playing Wiisports in the corner, but it's relatively empty. They get some drinks and settle into one of the overstuffed couches.

Asterope "So, um, Furry? Can I say something without you getting like, suuuuper mad at me and storming off again? Because I really truly honestly SWEAR for serious I do not mean like, anything by this at ALL"

Furud looks at Asterope with trepidation. "No guarantees, but sure."

Asterope "So, uh.." she glances over at Heka before fixing back on Furud. "When you were like, brushing the glass off of Heka's forehead, it was very like.. you know.. um.. like, you know how in John Cusack movies there's like the last five minutes where Cusack runs up to the petite brunette girl he's been chasing around for two hours and they stop and catch their breath and look astonished at each...

Asterope ...other and then he reaches up and suuuuper gently just like.. brushes her hair from her face, and.."

Furud stares at Asterope.

Furud "What the fuck?"

Heka stares at Asterope.

Asterope looks genuinely offended.

Asterope "So what, we all have SECRETS all of a sudden?"

Asterope "Can't we talk about stuff? Like, this is high school, not the CIA."

Furud "There's nothing to talk about." He says this flatly, while avoiding looking at Heka.

Heka "Furud and I go back like carseats, 'member? But he doesn't like to talk about how he CARES about his FRIENDS." Heka punches his arm.

Asterope "Oh, okay." There's no sarcasm in her voice, but her face paints a different picture.

Furud "Ow!" He says, and laughs, halfheartedly. "Look, I care. I just care in a FRIEND way. OK?"

Heka gives Asterope another verbose shrug which might have meant, like, 'We'll talk about it later.'

Asterope nods, almost imperceptibly.

Asterope "Holy cats, when is someone going to take our order?"

Heka "Woman keep your pants on." Heka grins at a passing waitress and she meanders over to the table shortly.

Asterope laughs. "That's the first time you've ever said THAT to me."

Heka pretends to be scandalized. "SHHH! Not in front of the children!"

Furud starts coughing for some reason.

Lindsay approaches the table. "Evening, folks. Rough night?"

Asterope "Mmmmmmhmmmmmmm."

Lindsay "So. What's your poison?"

Lindsay smiles at Heka.

Heka "Two double espressos and a scoop of gianduja gelato, turkey and brie sandwich, fruit cup, and a smile, please?"

Lindsay scribbles for a solid twenty seconds and reads the order back to him. "For you, ma'am?"

Asterope "A butterscotch latte, greek salad and some water, please?"

Heka "Make that two waters."

Furud clears his throat, and glances at Heka, then looks up at the waitress. "I'll have a Caramel Macchiato. Double strong. And one of those blueberry scone things."

Lindsay "All out of water for the night, actually. New shipment comes in tomorrow."

Lindsay smiles at Heka again.

Heka "What? I'm a growing boy."

Heka grins at the waitress some more. "I guess we'll have to survive on coffee and smiles then."

Lindsay Looking back down, Lindsay scribbles some more, reading the orders back. "That does it, then?"

Asterope "Mmmmmmhmmmm."

Lindsay "Don't run off, fellas." Lindsay sashays off with a tray pressed against her hip.

Furud watches her go appreciatively

Heka quietly plays footsy with Asterope.

Asterope flashes a brief smile and plays back. "So, Furry.. what's new? Did you and Lacey ever get together?"

Furud leans back, lazily draping one arm over the back of his chair. "Yeah, after detention. It went great, of course."

Asterope "Awesome! So did you like, you know.. unlock the HOT COFFEE minigame?"

Furud "Do you even have to ask?" He grins.

Asterope "I applaud your efforts accordingly!"

Heka clears his throat. "I believe, my good man, details are in order."

Furud "Hey I only kiss and tell, I don't kiss and describe."

Heka nuzzles Asty's ear while raising an eyebrow at Furud. "Do you do reenactments?"

Lindsay brings a tray with four waters. "Coffees and food just about ready. I'll be right back."

Asterope squeezes Heka's knee and laughs. "I'd say something, but I think I hit my gay joke limit for the night, amiright?"

Heka "Whoa there..."

Heka "Oh hey that reminds me. Breakup bear? I didn't know you guys used to hit it."

Furud chuckles. "I could, maybe with her." He gestures to Lindsay. He sighs at Asterope's comment, and grips his water glass.

Heka ((reorder those lines maybe))

Asterope clears her throat.

Furud "Yeah... it was really something wasn't it."

Furud takes a drink of his water.

Heka chugs a glass.

Heka "So, uh, this is weird."

Furud laughs akwardly. "Yeah, pretty weird."

Asterope "Sooooo."

Lindsay Lindsay shows up during the silence. "Scone, salad..." Lindsay begins distributing the food. "Anything else?"

Heka looks at Asterope, then Furud, and then gratefully at Lindsay. "Take a load off? No one's around."

Furud "Just coffee."

Furud "Yeah, sure, join us." He kicks out the chair next to him.

Lindsay "Um..." Lindsay looks around the table appraisingly.

Asterope snuggles a little closer to Heka, just because girls do that kind of thing.

Lindsay "Tim." Lindsay hails a passing waiter. "I'm on my ten, okay?" "Sure," he says.

Furud gives her a charming smile, perhaps the slightest bit tainted with 'help me'

Lindsay takes a seat, awkwardly. "Hi."

Asterope "Hi! It must be like, totally fantastic to get off your feet, huh?"

Furud "Hi. Lindsay, right? I'm Furud, that's Heka and Asterope."

Asterope wiggles her fingers at Lindsay by way of greeting.

Heka goes through his mental catalogue of faces... "When did you get the braces taken out? You used to sit a couple of rows away in my history class last year, right?"

Lindsay "Nice to meet you all. I honestly don't remember much from history. Last year was a bad year for me."

Lindsay "What'd I miss?"

Heka makes a face of extreme distress. "Um, Louis XIV, a bunch of revolutions, quadratic theorem, the colonisation of Africa...I dunno. Stuff. Sorry to hear your year sucked."

Heka "I hope this one is better?"

Lindsay "Eh. Just getting by, dealing with parents, about to be a senior. You all?"

Furud "Sounds about right." He says, though his thoughts stray to all the things that never happen to the Sleepers. Principal Johnstone's face looms in his head and he shudders, disguising it with another sip of water.

Lindsay notices the tears in Heka's shirt again. "So how's your night been?"

Heka "Kinda harsh. We had a bit of a fender-bender."

Lindsay "Oh, wow. I'm sorry."

Asterope "We're none the worse for wear, though. We're lucky."

Lindsay "Who'd you hit?"

Asterope "We were just discussing that."

Lindsay Lindsay takes the hint and changes the subject. "Well, at least it's a nice night. The stars are out." She looks out the nearby window.

Furud smiles wryly. "It's a good night to see stars."

Furud is unsettled to find he can't think of anything to say. Meditatively, he picks apart his scone and eats the pieces.

Lindsay ((possibly end scene, maybe return to scene later))

Lindsay ***

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