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Antares didn't take very long to find the roof, or to retreat up there when things got a little weird down below. She's perched on the crest, smoking and staring out into space.

Altair walks under the moonlight, dressed still in his trophy army jacket to find Antares in the roof. Warm summer air whispers by them, forming question marks from the swirling smoke "Evenin'."

Antares slants her eyes sideways at Altair, then nods. "Hey. Thanks for letting them hide here, by the way."

Altair smiles. "Thanks for noticing. Not that I asked for that, but your friend seemed to be fuming at that. Wanting to go to the hospital and all. Not that I blame her." He makes a gesture to his forehead. "Just... I don't think it'll be good, there. Not with him."

Antares laughs a bit, blowing out smoke. "Sure. Guys like to feel in charge, especially when shit is getting crazy."

Altair "Nah. I just wanted to help." He sits down close to her. "You can feel at home, here. Really."

Antares glances over at him, fishes out her pack of cigarettes to offer it. "I'll keep it in mind."

Antares "Your parents going to show up wondering what the fuck?"

Altair "No chance." He picks one up. "They're busy right now."

Altair pulls out a lighter and ignites his cigarette, thinking for a moment

Altair "And what do girls like to do when shit is getting crazy?"

Antares "Some of them find some asshole to take care of them, some of them take care of themselves, and the smart ones head for the door." She takes a drag, smirking out over the view. "I'm mostly not too smart."

Altair grins. "Lucky us."

Antares "Maybe." She's quiet a bit, then says, "Not that I really care, but were you kissing me earlier just to piss off Furud?"

Altair cocks his head so as to get a better view of her, and smiles. "No."

Antares "Cool."

Antares "Mero still freaking out?"

Altair "She seemed calm enough. I need to talk to her..." He stopped, then, smoke wisping out.

Altair "I meant what I said earlier, you know."

Antares "Which part?"

Altair "The part where you are a goddess." He whispers, deadpan.

Antares looks over at him, and doesn't smile. "You don't have to say shit like that to me, but do it if it makes you feel better." Then she sighs, looking away. "Look. I'm not, uh, trying to be a bitch."

Altair "I'm not trying to come accross as a complete weirdo - or worse, B-movie romantic male lead - either, so I guess that makes two of us, huh?" He grins, landing a hand light on her shoulder. "It's just that... you sound so bitter. So..." He looks up. "What happenned to you?"

Antares "Bitter? Huh, maybe. I don't really feel it right now. I feel kind of like... I'm floating above all this shit, and I haven't decided whether to come back down and care about it or not."

Altair "You don't come down. You look from above. We are stars." He says as if he had been granted an epiphany. "We are above all that."

Antares "Furud talks like that, sometimes. I never thought about it much before." She shrugs. "Doesn't seem like other people have to play by the rules with us, though."

Altair "They don't. And we shouldn't, either."

Altair "Why should we care about THEM?"

Antares "Not seeing a whole lot of reason to, right now."

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