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Antares stomps into the kitchen from somewhere deeper in the house, setting her beer can on the counter and slamming her fist down to crumple it. Then she mutters, "Oh fuck, I forgot to count to five." She closes her eyes and counts, her lips moving, only then opening her eyes to see Polaris.

Antares "Uh, hey."

Polaris is in some kind of ornate armor, with a rather exagerrated mask of a Japanese man. She also has a sheathed sword.

Polaris "Nani?"

Polaris stares at Antares oddly

Antares squints, thinking about the voice and holds out her hand at the height of Polaris' head. "Pol?" she hazards.

Polaris "Pol dess"

Antares "I'm gonna take that as weird nerd for 'yes'," Antares says with a grin, grabbing another beer from the cooler and sitting on the counter. "How's life?" she waves one arm expansively, either a total lightweight or on more than her second beer.

Polaris "Pol dess is a kind of convention for Pol desu, an informal way of stating a fact. Fact <desu> or, <thats the case>.?

Polaris "Life? Its a stream of somewhat linear events that are not prone to making me happy."

Polaris "Have you seen Maya? I want to show her my katana."

Antares thinks about that for a second, forehead wrinkling as she cracks the beer and takes a meditative sip. "So it sucks, huh?"

Polaris draws the blade a bit to show its quality

Antares Asked about Maia, she slides her eyes sideways. "We're between sets."

Antares "But, woah. Sweet." Hopping off the counter, she comes over to investigate.

Furud enters the room with a plastic smile on his face, and grabs a beer from the cooler. He smiles at Polaris, then tosses a quick glance at Antares and looks down at his beer. "Hey, look, a beer. It's just what I've been looking for. Isn't that great?"

Polaris "Traditional katana's were folded more than one-hundred times. This one is a knock-off, but pretty good."

Polaris "Hey cousin. How is it, uh, hanging?"

Polaris stands rather emotionless through the whole exchange so far

Furud "Oh, you know. Great." He waves the beer around a little. "It's a party after all."

Antares Next to Polaris, Antares bends over to examine the sword and murmurs somewhat beerily in her ear, "That means I should leave so he can complain about what a bitch I am, right?"

Polaris responds loudly, "Uh, no? He doesn't complain much."

Polaris shifts a bit in her faux armor, "This is heavy, even when fake."

Antares Her previous spot by the counter now occupied by Furud, Antares looks at him a little uncomfortably and then perches on a stool. "So take a load off and talk."

Polaris "Can't sit. You can't sit in this."

Polaris shows her armored ass

Polaris "Though I can kneel quite readily."

Polaris kneels by Antares

Furud raises a brow and leans against the counter, knocking the cap off against it. "Well. That's kind of weird." He looks from Pol to Antares and back

Polaris looks up at the stool based Antares, "If you like my cousin you could say to him: Daisuki Da. Its the common Japanese for 'I really like you.'"

Antares gives Furud a 'don't ask me to explain your cousin' shrug, then takes a stabilizing drink and says to him, "Hey, sorry for getting pissy at you back there."

Antares She peers down at Polaris. "You aren't tryin' to get me in trouble, are you? That doesn't really mean 'I wanna hump your dog' or anything?"

Polaris "No, 'dai' means great, 'suki' means like, and 'da' applies the whole statement to the target."

Polaris "So, its like saying: "I have a great like for <person>.""

Polaris nods confidently

Furud 's fake smile melts into a genuine, if guarded one. "We're all pretty stressed out right now. I haven't exactly been the easiest person to get along with either."

Polaris "If you are more readily fluent, change suki to 'sss'+key."

Furud looks speculatively down at Pol.

Polaris looks up to Furud blankly

Polaris "Wanna duel to the death?"

Furud "Do you have another sword?"

Antares looks away, not expecting Furud's concession, then gets control of her expression and looks back with a grin at the impending duel. "House like this, they gotta have golf clubs."

Polaris "There are large knives in the kitchen. You have reach advantage naturally, that would balance the odds."

Furud "I think Mero and Heks would be pretty pissed if we bled all over their parents' house.

Antares "So do it outside, duh."

Polaris "Heka, hrms. I dunno. Maybe Mero."

Furud "A duel on the roof, at midnight."

Polaris "Hot."

Polaris "We could duel for Mero. Loser backs off."

Antares chokes on her beer.

Polaris smiles

Furud snorts and takes another chug of his beer. "I'm pretty sure that if you keep flirting by calling her fat, I'll win even if I don't try. Besides, we're friends. That's all."

Polaris "They don't have any vodka or bourbon? I could use a shot."

Polaris "Friends, FAT chance."

Furud digs in his toga and lifts out his favorite flask. "What?"

Polaris tosses a sneer Furud's way

Antares hops up and rummages in the cabinet, not wanting to interrupt this fascinating conversation.

Polaris "I mean, Furud, you better do something before you lose her to Ras. Unless you really don't care."

Furud "Listen, I've dated her before. I mean, she knew the whole time that thing wasn't real and she held it against me for months. I don't think I should date her anymore." He looks over at Antares, then back at Polaris.

Polaris flips up her Musashi mask, "Man thats hot in there." She is sweating.

Polaris waits to see if suitable liquor is procured

Antares "Found it."

Polaris beams. Though just for a moment.

Antares thumps down a bottle of bourbon, grabs a couple of Dixie cups, and pours shots for herself and Polaris.

Polaris "Sure, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night."

Antares "You two sure you don't want me to leave so you can have this talk?"

Furud "I'll have one too, if you don't mind."

Polaris "You are like family Ant, I mean, wait I said too much. uh, BOURBON NOW."

Polaris slams a shot

Antares snags a third cup with an elaborate flourish, almost spoiled by dropping it, then recovers and presents it to Furud.

Polaris coughs and kneels again

Antares Then she looks askance at Polaris. "Yeah, I'm everyone's favorite red-headed stepchild."

Furud blinks at Pol, "How much have you had to drink anyway?" He grins at Antares and takes the shot, then lifts it in a 'cheers' gesture.

Antares "Figuratively speaking, or something." She toasts Furud and downs it, swaying a bit.

Polaris "Well you know very well that I copied the key to my dad's liquor cabinet. So uh, take a guess."

Polaris smiles, "fiery red head?"

Antares "Fwoosh," Antares says to Polaris with an expressive wave of her hand, eyes glittering above her grin.

Furud closes his eyes, feeling the liquor burn. "Mm. Not bad." He breathes out. "Stick around, Antares. I like having you here." He opens one eye, then the other, and smiles a little.

Polaris laughs

Polaris moves between them and shows the hilt of her faux Katana

Polaris "Look at the kanji here. They are amazing."

Antares turns her grin on Furud. "Good, because listening to Pol grill you about your exes is the high point of my day so far."

Antares She leans forward to peer at Polaris' sword, then overbalances and staggers off the stool against the counter. "Ow."

Polaris frowns

Polaris thinks fast and casually stumbles, tripping Antares as she falls into Furud

Furud laughs, then looks down at the hilt, then quickly moves to catch Antares as she staggers into him with Pol's assistance. "Are you okay?" He is acutely aware that his arms are around her.

Antares "'M fine." Antares looks at Furud, face inches from his, and murmurs tipsily, "You are so beautiful."

Furud brushes his fingers through her hair softly, looking into her eyes. "I..." He leans in closer, his breath hot against her lips.

Polaris smiles

Antares "This is a bad id--" Antares says, but she was swaying forward as she said it, and stops when her lips meet Furud's.

Furud "I know" he murmurs, against her lips, and kisses her, holding her closely.

Polaris sheaves the katana and does another shot, murmuring to herself, "Victory."

Antares wraps her arms around Furud's waist, leaning into the kiss and pressing him up against the counter, then Polaris' comment recalls her to reality. She pulls back a bit, looking a little dazed.

Polaris leans against the counter

Polaris "Either of you two saliva-exchangers seen Yed?"

Furud smiles a little, looking into Antares' eyes and says quietly, "I've been wanting to do that since you came back." He looks over at Polaris and shakes his head, "Pol, one of these days... "

Polaris "Yes, you owe me a vacation cruise across the florida keys."

Antares coughs and leans against the counter with elaborate casualness, next to Furud but not actually touching. She looks at Polaris. "Yed? Uh, yeah, he played with us before Denny's the other night. Why?"

Polaris "Oh. I meant tonight."

Polaris rolls up a costume sleeve

Furud "I saw him in the living room a bit ago."

Polaris notes the time, "This is about the time."

Polaris listens to Montel Jordan's 'This Is How We Do It' cut in over the playing music twice as loud.

Polaris "There it goes."

Polaris "Thanks."

Polaris heads out of the kitchen, for the living room

Furud "...what are you up to NOW?" He offers a fresh beer to Antares.

Antares takes it from him, watching Polaris go. "Your cousin, she's sorta crazy." Antares takes a half-step to follow and see what Polaris is doing, then looks back at Furud, her cheeks reddening. "Hey..."

Furud "Yeah... she is. Aren't we all?" He looks at her, waiting for her to finish.

Antares "I, uh, I'm sorry about that." Antares focuses on her beer, still uncharacteristically blushing.

Furud "Don't be." He takes a swig, sticking his free hand in a pocket in the folds of his toga to have something to do with it, trying to look suave and only partially succeeding.

Antares "Oh, man." Antares steps closer to Furud then stops, a little unsteady on her feet. "You confuse me so much," she admits, looking up at him in time to catch the suave expression.

Furud "I've been trying to..." he gestures with the bottle... "I don't know. I wasn't sure what you wanted. I'm still not."

Antares "You aren't sure what I want?" Antares leans heavily against the counter for a second, laughing, then recovers herself. "Oh shit, I didn't mean to talk to you about this so drunk. Or, like, at all."

Furud "Well that's why I don't know what you want!" he protests, grinning.

Antares "See, here's the thing," Antares says, waving her beer with one hand. "I dunno what you want, but you're not gonna find it with me. I know that."

Antares "But goddamn if I don't want to crawl all over you anyway."

Furud "If you don't know what I want, how do..." he chokes on his beer.

Antares "So uh. That's kind of a problem." Antares looks like she hadn't really planned on spelling this out, but isn't sure how to back out of the conversation.

Furud coughs and wipes his eyes, grinning. "You have the best problems."

Antares narrows her eyes at him. "Ass," she says, non-beer hand clenching, then she sucks in a breath, closes her eyes, and starts counting.

Furud looks instantly contrite, "I didn't mean it that way. I meant that I mean it's a... uh shit I can't talk today. I just meant that I want you to craw.. well shit that's not coming out right either. What if I don't try to make you the answer? What if we could just be together like, you know." He sighs. "Just pretend I said something that made sense, and that I want to be with you and I won't try to make you something you don't want to be."

Antares Antares, who stopped midway to five to listen to Furud, opens her eyes and looks at him helplessly. She steps closer, grabs a handful of his toga, and kisses him, hard.

Antares Then she steps back, breathing fast. "Oh shit. I'm sorry. I wasn't going to..."

Antares She bolts for the door.

Furud After a fraction of a second of surprise he kisses back passionately, then finds himself staring after her as she leaves at high speed. "Antares! Wait!" He runs after her.

Furud catches her arm just before she runs through the door, and swings her around to him, kissing her again, then he releases her. "Sorry."

Antares backs up against the door, looking at him wide-eyed, then feels for the knob with her hand and lets herself out with a stumble.