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Merope "Heka, hey, Heka! Do these boxes have to be in the corridoor?"

Merope is shouting over loud music.

Merope "If the beer is for the party, we said we would keep all that in the garage!"

Heka comes singing down the stairs, "Oh my darling, Oh my darling, Oh my darling corridor, you are full of football stuff, dreadful sorry corridor..."

Heka "Hey it's my baby sister! What's up? I'll move the beer in a little bit."

Merope "Half an hour doesn't make me the baby, Furud." She smiles, though.

Heka is about to rattle off a snappy rejoinder, but instead he pauses and melodramatically raises his wrist to his forehead. "Oh do you still pine for him?"

Merope "Heka. I meant Heka. You know I meant Heka."

Heka "Whoa okay. Can you gimme a hand with the keg bits? Just grab the pump and things."

Merope "You're taking a keg? Where are you even going? I thought all the beer was for the party?"

Heka picks up the keg and kicks open the garage door. "So, are you guys cool?"

Heka "Uh, my car is IN the garage, right, I figured I could make at least one trip before I go."

Merope "Oh. Right. I thought you were taking it with you." She shakes her head. "Sorry, long day. Are which guys cool?"

Heka "Uh, you and the boy."

Heka "Want to come with? I'm meeting some of the cheerleaders at the ice cream shop."

Merope "Which boy? And no. I'm meeting Asty later, maybe."

Heka puts the keg in the beer fridge. "Furud. Are you? My heart burns with jealousy." Heka grins.

Merope "I dunno. I mean, I have homework." She looks away. "Furud is...."

Heka sits on the roof of his car and dangles his feet like a little kid. "Yeah, I know. He's like that sometimes." He sends a text message somewhere. "What's really on your mind?"

Merope Merope leans against the car. "Have you spoken to him much since Tuesday night?"

Heka "Not, like, -about- things."

Merope "Oh." Merope seems suprised. "Well, we uh, spoke. Then. There was... kind of an argument. But then we patched it up."

Heka "Oh, that's...a thing."

Heka "What'd you argue about?"

Merope "Usual." She clears her throat. "About star stuff."

Heka "That is a definition of usual with which i was not previously familiar."

Merope "Usual for us, I mean."

Merope "The kiss thing," her she pauses meaningfully, "wasn't really why we stayed broken up."

Merope eyes Heka for any reaction to this.

Heka raises an eyebrow. "Is Furud a bad kisser?"

Merope "You tell me, Heka. Is he?" She locks eyes with him meaningfully for a moment, then lets it go. "Anyway, that wasn't really why."

Heka "Ooooh, you know. Yeah anyway. What happened?"

Merope "You know what happened. All the star stuff, and you two always running off together and gabbling about constellations and your special destinies and that. It sorta drove a wedge..."

Merope "So last night it all came up again.. but then recently I'd..."

Merope struggles to put the next bit into words.

Heka nods. "Ho-ho?" He has a package of them in his pocket.

Merope rolls her eyes. "No. Look, I'm trying to say something here."

Heka "Listening."

Merope opens her mouth again. "... I can't think of a way to say this which doesn't sound stupid."

Heka "If it helps I will save you the trouble and call you stupid right now just to save you the effort of trying to sound cool."

Merope narrows her eyes at him. "This is why I can't talk to you about this stuff. You never take anything seriously."

Heka spins around so he is hanging off the edgs of the car, with his upside-down head next to Mero's head. "I'm listening! Seriously."

Merope sighs. "All right. I've been... I've been flying."

Heka looks at her funny for a second. "Like Amelia Earhart or like Mary Poppins?"

Merope "Uh... Poppins. Only without the umbrella."

Heka "Hm."

Merope makes daggers at him again. "Yeah, hmm. Got anything to add to the hmm?"

Heka "Well, first off, I believe you and I'm not going to make fun of you so you can knock off the defensiveness. Did Furud give you the lowdown on the whole stars...thing?"

Merope "I dated him for months and he never shuts up about it, Heka. I could probably recite you chapter and verse."

Heka "Righto."

Merope "Furud knows. I... showed him."

Heka bites back the obvious, 'Ew I don't want to know what you've been showing him.' "Okay."

Heka "What am I supposed to say about this?"

Merope "You asked what's been happening. I'm telling you."

Heka "Oh, that's right. Please do continue."

Merope "So, I don't know, after that we sort of... patched things up."

Heka "Oh. Please don't continue."

Merope "What? Oh, hey, no, nothing like that!"

Heka "Anyway I'm glad you guys are cool. Ish. Thing."

Merope "I don't know what we are. But cool, I guess. Thawed somewhat, anyway..."

Merope "This has been a really confusing couple of days."

Heka rolls his eyes. "Tell me about it." He jumps off the car. "Hey, um, why don't we make some sundaes and do that homework... two heads work faster than one. You can go hang out with Asto sooner, and I wanted to talk to Furud anyway..."

Merope "Yeah?" She looks at him, slightly quizzically. "Ok, yeah."