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Altair looks for Furud, holding Aldy on his hands and petting the cat as he goes.

Furud has moved to a quiet bench outside. He has his hand out, palm up with a smoky black stone on it.

Altair "If that's how you reacted to being called a fag, remind me to never say you're a wimp."

Altair says that out of the blue as he approaches.

Furud clenches his fist over the stone, and looks up with a scowl. "YOU kissed ME you know."

Altair "Did not!" He sits close to Furud, "Interesting lil' pebble?"

Furud tenses, then shrugs, letting it drop. No sense in getting angry again. "I guess. Apache's Tears. You can see through it if you hold it up to the light."

Altair "Neat. Where'd you get it?"

Furud rubs his thumb over its smooth surface, a little dip that his thumb fits right into. "Got it on vacation when I was a kid. One of those souvenir shops."

Altair "Huh, and I'd never seen it..."

Furud frowns a little. "Yeah... well it was back when things were good. I guess I was maybe 5 or something. My d... father gave it to me."

Altair "Where were you?"

Furud "Somewhere in the north woods. I don't really remember." He rubs the back of his neck

Altair finally lets go of the cat, Aldy jumping off of him and nuzzling to Furud's leg. "Y'know, I remember something we used to do when we were 11, at least." He puts a hand inside his jacket, and pulls the DVD case of 'King of Fighters 2002' "Got a PS 3? in there and everything."

Furud smiles, and pockets the stone, leaning down to pet the little cat. "Wow, never thought I'd see that game again! You're on."

Altair "'course you're on, I've got a few years' worth of rematches to cash in!" He gets up, walking to the house, "You can even pick that cheaty team of yours', you'll see, it won't go like old times!"

Furud follows him in, somewhat slowly. "Pfft. I'll show you a cheaty team."

Altair "See? See, you always cheat." He grumbles in mock-sourness.

Furud gives him a friendly shove and flops down on the couch in front of the wall-sized TV.

Altair starts the game, almost falling on the couch and lighting a cigarette, feet on the crystal table in front of them, next to a mandala. Versus match chosen, he begins to choose his team's characters, "So, why'd you leave?"

Furud shrugs. "Had to get away for a while"

Altair "You always did that. No wonder you used to get lost so often..."

Furud "I don't like being... trapped."

Altair "That's because of that time, right?" Rings of smoke come out of his lips, "When they locked you up?"

Furud shudders. "Don't remind me."

Altair beats one of Furud's characters! "Woo!" He turns to Furud with a 'V'

Furud takes the opportunity to get a few extra hits on Altair's team

Altair "Hey!"

Furud "told you i'd show you a cheaty team" He grins

Altair throws a pillow at Furud, "Bastard!"

Furud ducks away, still pummeling!

Altair "Y'know." The fight continues, both sides keeping the other at arm's length! Only half life bar on this character thanks to Furud's cheatyness, though! "That's what we should do."

Furud "Cheat or leave?"

Altair "Fight. And cheat like hell while at it."

Furud shakes his head. "They've got guns and soldiers and shit. What are we going to do against that?"

Altair is about to lose a character, with just a milimeter on his life bar... and just as Furud launches the final attack, he uses a special to sidestep, ignore, and then unleash a special attack to even the odds! "Cheat."

Altair ***

Altair **

Altair *

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