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Polaris The music classes rather small cadre of students, wedged like small flock of learning birds, are unnaturally quiet.

Polaris Today Mr. Dauby has stowed away all the instruments, hiding all the fun and replacing it with boring talk.

Polaris He stand behind the desk, enthusiatically talking about the life of Miles Davis while he makes notes on the board that look like it may never have been used. Ever.

Maia slouches in her chair, eating corn chips off the music stand in front of her.

Polaris pays more attention to Maia than Mr. Dauby, something Antares can't miss being right behind her

Polaris occasionally scribbles in her book, but its pretty clear that her writing has nothing to do with class

Antares thumps the back of Polaris' chair lightly with her boot.

Polaris peers around and sees whats up

Polaris "What?"

Antares raises her eyebrows and cuts her gaze at the back of Maia's head for a second, a clear 'something you want to say?' expression on her face.

Polaris speaks quietly, "Oh yea, you are her friend."

Antares turns one hand palm-up, her expression deepening into 'and?' territory.

Polaris eyes Antares like she is sizing her up

Antares gives her usual response to that, a teeth-baring grin.

Polaris "You may wish to consider your standards of friendship."

Maia leans back in her chair, irritating the guy behind her.

Polaris almost looks mad, which is very non-Polaris indeed, "A killer, however indirect, is still a killer when all is said and done."

Polaris notices the two other students around her perk up at the last comment and stays quiet a bit

Antares "The fuck's that supposed to mean?" Antares murmurs in a mild tone, her eyes glinting.

Polaris looks up at Dauby, apparently still locked into Miles Davis world and facing the board before turning totally around to face Antares.

Polaris "You didn't hear about Mr. Henley?"

Antares "In two days back at school I haven't heard everything, no."

Polaris "Well he was sacked, something to do with an 'incident' with our action-oriented guitar hero Maia there *throws thumb her way*"

Antares "Waiting for the point, here."

Maia seems unusually still, head cocked.

Polaris "and then. . . now I hear that he hung himself. Claiming nothing left to live for, everything ruined or something."

Polaris "Obviously she was lying, that is the whole point. Mr. Henley would never be anything other than dignified in action or word, as I see it."

Antares looks like she's about to say something when the bell rings. Instantly she's on her feet, looking down at Polaris. "Maia wouldn't do that," she says under the noise of other people packing up books.

Maia steps calmly out the door without looking back, then settles against the wall immediately next to it and waits for Polaris to emerge.

Polaris just stares at Antares, wondering if she is that dense of just that attached to Maia, she stares a long time

Polaris wanders out of class, well after everyone else, once again sculpting something as she goes

Maia grabs Polaris by the collar as soon as she shows her face outside the room and hustles her viciously against the wall, and then through the door of the girl's bathroom.

Antares slips in after, casting a quick glance around for teachers, and braces against the inside of the door.

Polaris "My work in progress."

Polaris is oddly free of any natural reaction one might expect, more like a limp puppet tossed about

Maia "Listen to me, you crazy-ass bitch. You have no idea what happened between me and Mr. Henley, all right?"

Polaris speaks without much emotion, "I seem to have a pretty good idea actually. How did you make out?"

Polaris "I mean, did someone pay you to lie like that, or is this a favor kind of deal?"

Maia "No. I don't think you DO know. I really..."

Polaris "Well how about you tell me then?"

Polaris "Then I will know too. And you know I don't talk idly."

Maia "Why?"

Antares resettles herself against the door as someone makes a brief attempt to open it. She doesn't take her eyes off the other two.

Maia "It's not really any of your goddamn business, now is it?"

Polaris "Sure its my business, its everyone's business now. You made it so when you involved the school, the prinicpal."

Maia "I involved the principal. No, that's not how this shit works. If you want to..." she stops, and redirects.

Maia "If I'm really a killer," she twirls a butterfly knife out of her pocket, "shouldn't you NOT be fucking with me?"

Polaris "Oh, I don't think you'd kill me. No one is paying you, or compelling you too, or whatever. Unless Antares had a twenty in her pocket or something, maybe she would pay."

Polaris "I can only imagine its something like that, since what did you have to gain from getting rid of Mr. Henley?"

Antares The bell for start of next period rings. Antares doesn't move from her spot.

Maia breathes heavily, doesn't move.

Polaris "The whole harrasement story I hear makes no sense either, anyone that knew Mr. Henley knew he only liked boys."

Polaris studies Maia

Polaris looks around for her scuplture work on the floor, but apparently its out in the hall

Maia "He liked me. We were friends."

Polaris "Yes, I was his friend too."

Polaris begins to wonder when she will be let out of the bathroom, "We should be in class now."

Maia "Oh, you don't know shit. What were you, like, eleven? Twelve?"

Polaris "Something like that, though age has little to do with wisdom or knowledge really."

Polaris "Obviously I'm not old enough. Not old enough for a punk rock band, mean attitude, and my own little private rebellion."

Polaris "However, I am old enough to be in class RIGHT NOW."

Maia "As opposed to what? Sitting around, bouncing from foster home to foster home, carving little sculptures and trying to sound so much more mature than I am?"

Maia "Don't you dare think you're better than me."

Maia "You don't have any idea what's going on."

Polaris "Well I haven't got anyone to kill themselves yet, though I suppose I could for the right amount."

Maia flips away her knife and turns for a moment, then turns back and punches Polaris in the face.

Polaris sprawls out backwards off the sink and onto the floor, knocked out cold!

Antares looks at Polaris, then Maia. "We done here?"

Maia blinks down at her, then kind of looks at her fist, then back at her, then at Antares.

Maia "Does she have, like, a disorder or something? I didn't hit her THAT hard."

Antares shrugs. "Some people can't take a punch."

Maia stands indecisively for a moment, then grabs Polaris's backpack.

Maia "Uh, let's go."

Antares "Sure." Antares finally steps away from the door, standing over Polaris for a second and looking at her calmly. Then she takes one booted foot and stomps on Polaris' whittling hand, hard.

Maia gulps a little.

Antares "K." Antares walks out without a backward look.

Maia looks down at the body for a moment, then turns and runs after Antares. "Hey. Let's...go to Seven-Eleven."

Antares "Sure. I gotta be back by 3:30, though. Can't miss detention." Antares gives Maia a crooked grin, though it's down a lot from its usual wattage.

Maia reaches out, then stops, then leans in and grabs Antares and hugs her as they walk.

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