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Furud After a while, when both of them have run out of tears, Furud runs his fingers through her hair once more, then pulls back a little and looks at her. "We have to get out of this place," he says quietly, despairingly.

Antares Wiping a hand across her face, Antares sits back and grimaces. "Yeah," she says a little rustily. "There's plenty of people out there, though. Janitor I whacked, couple of doctors or something, and some big meaty guys."

Furud leans on his hands heavily, contemplating the steel door glaring balefully back at him. "Did they have guns or anything?"

Antares thinks about that. "No one pulled one on ME, but I didn't exactly stay around to ask. Maybe one or two of the big guys had a holster, I dunno."

Furud "Damn."

Furud rubs his face ineffectively, and scowls. "If they had them I could have stolen one... I wish I could think. Damn them all to hell."

Antares casts a look sideways at him. "I think I'm in better shape than you right now, although maybe not by a lot."

Antares "I... they don't want us dead, right?"

Antares "I might be able to make a mess that would get us out of this room. But I dunno if I could make it safe for you."

Antares She looks away, obviously uncomfortable talking about it openly.

Furud shakes his head slowly, "Not unless they just like to torture us first..." He looks at her, "You're not talking about... no. No, I don't want to see you hurt anymore, and screw /my/ safety. There's got to be a better way."

Antares "Like what? 'Oh help, Miss Evil Scientist, my friend seems to be sick'?" Antares sounds closer to normal as she gets annoyed at his protectiveness.

Furud snorts. "Ok how about I attempt to blow myself up again instead and you can call them for ME."

Antares "Ass. I'm thinking, okay? Don't rush me." Antares manages a half-smile at him as she starts pushing herself up to stand again.

Furud doesn't bother trying to stand this time, "Yes Ma'am." He pulls his knees up to his chest and crosses his arms over them, resting his chin on them in turn. "Antares..." He says after a while. "Do you remember when we'd stolen Dad's whiskey, and we'd gotten so drunk we couldn't stand..."

Antares takes a couple of wobbling steps, nodding to herself as if mostly satisfied, then grins at Furud. "'Course I do. We were stupid young for that."

Furud smiles, "We were hiding in the basement, so scared he'd find out." He glances at the door, and then gives her a significant look. They had both been thoroughly drunk, and then when his father had come back... Antares had seem feverish to Furud, and he was concerned until she had stood up, clear-headed again, and gone upstairs to distract him. "This reminds me of that night."

Antares "Yeah, although these fuckers are even creepier than your dad." Antares leans her head back, resting it against the wall, and takes several deep breaths.

Furud "Got that right," he agrees, watching her, and stretching the muscles of his back a little with a groan.

Antares "Did I ever tell you what he said?" she says absently, straightening up a few seconds later. She walks to him, keeping one hand on the wall and leaning on it, but her eyes are much clearer. She holds a hand out to Furud. "C'mon, it'll be good for you to stand up. Probably."

Furud grasps her hand and levers himself to his feet, with her help. He bites back another groan of pain, and leans on her shoulder for support. "What did he say?"

Antares "What? Oh, uh, I guess it wasn't that important, really." Clear-headed now, Antares looks like she regrets mentioning it. She walks him for several steps, then leans them against the wall next to the door as if needing a rest.

Antares Turning her head as if to whisper into Furud's ear, she instead starts humming softly, feeding him the thread of the music that she can now hear clearly.

Furud closes his eyes, and shudders a little as the music slips into him like a thin tracer of fire, burning its way through his blood. His breathing becomes less shaky after a few minutes and he opens his eyes. They glitter in the dark as he moves his hand to the door for support.

Antares Giving him a squeeze with her supporting arm around his waist, Antares kisses his cheek, still humming. Her lips are very warm, and he can feel the same heat in her hand through his toga. "Hurry," she whispers.

Furud concentrates, through the unfamiliar steel, much thicker than he'd tried this through before, and encounters the lock - electronics of some sort. He waits until he feels like he can focus long enough, and then... subtle manipulation be damned, he just rips the wires apart from eachother. Then he turns, and catches the end of her kiss full on the lips.

Antares "My hero," Antares murmurs as the door makes a clicking noise and swings in just a fraction. She steps back, catching the edge of it with her fingers, and flashes a look at Furud to make sure he's ready before throwing it open.

Furud nods slightly and steps to the side so the door won't hit him

(Continued in HSoS 84)