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Antares Antares came to the SA Ts? to keep the peace with her mom, and has spent the first half of the morning making swirling dot-patterns on the bubble sheet. During the break she heads over to Heka before the hang-out knot of football players can form. "Hey."

Heka "Hey pretty girl, what's up?"

Antares grins. "Two things. Thing number one is, your sister invited Maia's band to play at the party tonight. Was she for reals about that, or just trying to be polite?"

Heka tilts his head at Antares, with the sort of expression of mild puzzlement one might give to someone who has suddenly grown another head.

Heka "Well, would YOU 'just try to be polite' with Maia? I'm not sure it would get you anywhere."

Antares "Haha, fuck no, but I suck at polite anyway. Merope might be a different story. I'm gonna guess from the funny look on your face that's a 'no,' though."

Heka "Yeah, I think she's for real." He pulls out a chair. "Have a seat? I'll trade you my pudding for that Jello."

Antares drops into the chair bonelessly, sliding her Jello across the table to Heka. "I think my sister added some raisins or something, so just work around those parts if it's gross."

Antares "Glad about Mero, though. Be a shitty start to a show if no one really wanted us there."

Heka pokes at the Jello as he tosses her his pudding cup. "Yeah, I don't think she'd have asked if she did't think you guys were cool. She's kind of crazy about her parties and all."

Antares peels open the pudding and takes a bite immediately, just in case Heka decides it was a bad swap. "Good," she mumbles around the first bite.

Antares "Anyway, that was the first thing."

Heka "Okay..."

Antares taps her spoon against the cup, staring at it for a second, then looks back at Heka. "So I dunno what happened with you and Maia, and it's none of my business, but... thanks."

Heka "What?" Heka pauses to read her expression. "Oh yeah, that. I'm over it."

Antares Antares' expression at that exact moment is a mix of guilt and determination, which shutters closed when she realizes he's paying attention, and then opens up a bit in a crooked smile at his answer. She shrugs.

Antares "Okay. Still. Not that it's likely, but... you ever need it, I got your back."

Heka gives Antares a long, slow, appraising look. "Thanks, man. Um. Dude. Girl? Whatever. I appreciate it." He pauses to eat some Jello. "You okay?"

Antares looks like she doesn't have much practice at thanking people, but clearly feels it's owed here. "Sure," she mumbles around another bite of pudding. "Why, you got a funny feeling says otherwise?" Half joking, half suspicious.

Heka "It's just, 'I got your back' is something people say when they need someone to say it to them."

Heka looks at his feet for a second. "I got your back, by the way."

Antares had a too-cool-for-this expression half in place, starting to slide her chair back, then stops when Heka finishes. She scowls down at the pudding cup for a second.

Antares "Well."

Antares "School bullshit is hard to take sometimes, is all. What are you gonna do, though?" She shrugs, eyeing Heka, still feeling out how serious he is.

Heka shrugs. "Man I wish I knew the answer to THAT question."

Antares "From what I hear, you're gonna go someplace on a nice football ride." Antares points the spoon for emphasis, then, "Which is nice for getting laid, or so I hear, but bad for keeping your old friends."

Antares "Speaking of, you and Furud are tight, right?"

Heka "Yeah, we go way back."

Antares "So, uh, what's his deal?" Antares looks like she has something more pointed to ask, but can't decide whether to say it.

Heka "Huh. What do you mean? Like the weird necklace and stuff? I think he's kinda trying to stick it to The Man. He and his father don't really get along."

Heka "They had a fight a long time ago about his mother and haven't really patched things up yet."

Antares "Yeah, his dad's an asshole. But..." Antares looks frustrated for a second. "What is he looking for?"

Heka "Answers...I don't think he even knows what the question is yet, but he sure as hell thinks something weird is going down and he wants to know what."

Antares sits back, with an expression like she's fitting Heka's answer against some puzzle pieces in her head. Finally, she looks like she's come to a bitter but expected conclusion. "Yeah, that makes sense. That would explain it."

Antares "Thanks," she adds, flashing a brilliant if brittle smile.

Antares The proctor leans into the lunch room to call everyone back to the test. "They're playing our song," says Antares. "Thanks, Heka. See you at the party."

Heka "Yeah, let's go dance." He grabs his pencil case and follows Antares.


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