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Furud sits down wearily on the couch in his basement and flips on the TV for random noise. He looks at Antares, not sure what to say. He settles for, "Do you want some pop or something?"

Antares slumps down on the other end of the couch, looking ready to slide off and puddle on the floor. She rolls her head to look over at him and smiles tiredly. "I think you should keep your ass on this couch until you can walk steady again."

Antares "And then when you can walk, put some damn pants on. Worst kidnapping costume ever."

Furud looks down at his rather battered and stained toga. "I guess they just couldn't resist me."

Antares echoes his move, glancing down at herself, and grimaces. "Still got a first aid kit in your bathroom? I fucked up my arm a bit." Sitting up with a grimace, she throws a sharper look at him. "How are you doing?"

Furud rubs his forehead, and leans his hands forward on his knees. "Yeah, hang on." He pushes himself to his feet, and walks over, slightly unsteadily. "I'm doing fine. I mean, we won right?"

Antares "Goddammit, I said sit down," Antares says, but there's no real bite in it as she drags herself up to follow him.

Antares "And... I dunno. Truth? I don't think it's over."

Antares "I mean, I hope it is. But..." She shrugs, then winces.

Furud rummages around in the medicine cabinet, freezing for a second when she says that, and then... taking out the kit.

Antares "Sorry," she says softly, watching his back as he freezes and then moves again.

Furud "You're probably right..." he says quietly, and he sags a little. "They'll know what to expect next time, too."

Antares "I did what I did when we were leaving because I want whoever owns that place to know that it's more trouble than it's worth to fuck with us. But people who are used to being big, that's all they know how to do."

Antares looks sorry she's saying it, and reaches out to squeeze his shoulder lightly.

Furud "You destroyed the records and everything, but... I have a feeling they'll remember us. I wonder if they'll want revenge instead of being smart and leaving us alone."

Antares "I dunno," she says. "I could guess, but I'm stupid tired right now."

Antares "Also my arm's started bleeding again, so pull up a toilet lid if you want to keep pondering."

Furud looks around, "Let's go back to the couch." And he follows his own advice.

Antares settles back on the couch with a more determined look on her face this time, making a grab for the kit.

Antares "Are you really okay, or is that just macho guy bullshit? Let me see your wrists."

Furud is startled as she grabs it, but shrugs and sits down next to her, looking at her arm. "My wrists are fine.. I just rubbed them raw is all."

Antares looks dubious but decides to let it slide for now. There's a messy-looking graze on her upper right arm, and she scowls at it for a second before jerking that sleeve to widen the tear. She makes a grunting sound, and blood starts trickling down her arm again, but now she can see to clean it.

Antares "Talk about something, distract me," she says as she reaches for some tissuess.

Furud "Let me see it," he gently pulls the cloth away better

Antares looks briefly mutinous, then says "Fine," with some surliness. "Ruined my damn costume, and I spent hours on it. I don't even remember what happened to the eyepatch or the ears."

Furud "Um," He thinks. "The party was pretty fun right?" He takes the tissues from her, and dips them in alcohol. He waits til she's ready, and then dabs them against the wound. "You looked h...great in the cat costume."

Antares Talking through clenched teeth as the alcohol bites, Antares says, "Pretty good party, yeah. Just missing a couple of good screaming fights, and I bet they had those after we left."

Antares "I worked on the costume to surprise Maia."

Furud winces a little, and carefully tapes a gauze pad over the wound. "Well, I hope she liked it."

Antares "Yeah," Antares says, wincing herself and passing it off as just the bandaging. She shakes her arm a bit, grimaces, then nods. "Thanks. Now sit still and let me look at you."

Furud sighs, and presents his wrists for her inspection. "I'm going to have to wear long sleeves on Monday. The other kid'll think I... well." he trails off akwardly.

Antares smirks as she takes her turn cleaning. "Just make up some kinky story, they'll believe you." She looks bemused at the idea of school on Monday as she checks his other cuts.

Furud takes his turn gritting his teeth; the wrists are mostly deeply bruised, with livid red weals where the handcuffs bit into his skin. His other wounds are mostly bruises as well, with some scratches from where the ceiling hit him. There are a couple bad ones though. "Yeah huh. Do you think they'd believe me if I told them it was with you?"

Antares "Huh," she says, pushing his toga back a bit to gently wipe a slash on his collarbone. "You look worked-over enough, I guess. It'd ruin my rep as the nice new girl, though."

Furud cracks a smile, and then turns solemn. "That would be sad."

Antares "Made you laugh," Antares says, flashing a grin to echo his. "Don't worry, a week wouldn't even be my record."

Antares She applies some gauze then sits back to consider his injuries. "You look like shit, but you're not going to bleed to death before sunset."

Furud laughs at her comment, then leans back on the couch. "Maybe not til sunrise then?"

Antares "No promises--Mom's the nurse, not me." Antares sets the first aid kit aside and slumps down next to Furud. Her silence is sort of heavy now, like she wants to say something but doesn't think she should.

Furud "Thanks," he says quietly, and studies her, waiting to see if she's going to say what's on her mind, and trying to drag his mind away from the images she'd just conjured up.

Antares Oblivious to Furud's internal struggle, Antares glares at the TV for a while more. Finally she says, "On the school roof, Saturday morning."

Furud "...yeah?"

Antares "I think we were, well. I mean." She frowns as she tries to find the right words. "I think I was hearing something that wasn't what you were actually saying, and I almost hit you over it, and I'm sorry about that." She cuts her eyes sideways at him to catch his reaction.

Furud looks surprised, then thoughtful. "Oh, well that explains...something. I wasn't sure why you were so mad. I just wanted to try to help."

Antares "Yeah, I get that. It was just..." She closes her eyes. "You didn't want to talk about it, and then you did, when you had the file. Any time someone wants to talk with a file in their hand, it's 'cause they think they're better than me."

Antares "Fuck, I'm no good at explaining myself. Anyway, I'm sorry."

Furud shakes his head, looking contrite, "It wasn't that. I mean, I read the file to see if Johnstone knew what happened. And he didn't, know everything, I mean. He'd made some guesses. But I was just... worried, after what happened with Johnstone and Maia. It took me ages to figure out how to control my music, and I didn't want you to have to figure things out on your own, like I did. I just didn't know how to tell you right, I guess

Antares avoids the subject of Johnstone and Maia. "'Sokay, I'm not too great at listening. I hear you now, though. Thanks." Eyes still closed, head lolled back against the couch, she reaches her hand out to squeeze his.

Furud squeezes back and leans back, acutely aware that his arm is brushing against hers. "I..." He swallows and closes his eyes. "You're welcome."