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Maia leans exhausted against the stage, drinking a beer and looking around. Not seeing Antares, she stops and goes through some kind of inner struggle before mounting the stage again, several minutes before the planned start of their next set.

Furud finds himself back in the room with the music, not having found what he was looking for outside either.

Maia "Okay, guys. We've done pretty much all the songs we know now....a few times...so I thought I'd try out some new material. I haven't really...I haven't played this for anybody. So I'm kind of trying it out here. I hope it works."

Maia "This is a song for someone...for a friend of mine."

Maia "It's called Superstar."

Maia takes a ragged breath and begins strumming.

Furud kind of regrets coming in to listen now.

Antares came in at the end of that intro, temporarily out of Maia's line of sight. She leans against the doorframe, catching Furud's eyes briefly before looking away.

Antares She looks a little shaky and possibly like she's just finished throwing up, but she downs a swallow of beer with a grimace.

Furud gives her a confused half-smile, his gaze lasting longer than hers.

Maia begins singing. "The night is dark/and I can't say/there's anything/to light my way/except for one/star in the sky/watch it go by..." She goes on in this vein.

Antares inches into the room and sort of hides in a corner near the door, keeping people between her and Maia but obviously listening.

Furud disappears in the direction of the kitchen.

Maia "When I see you/you burn so bright/I don't need nothing/but you tonight/And though your flames/glow like the dawn/I'm holding on..."Antares catches sight of Furud leaving and winces a bit, hunching a little lower.

Maia "Oh there is nothing/like what you are/my superstar/my superstar/if I can't have you in my arms/I'll love you from afar/my superstar..."

Furud returns a little later and makes his way over to Antares. He drops a bottle of ginger ale on a table next to her, smiles lopsidedly, and keeps on a going.

Antares Staring up at the ceiling, Antares looks down just in time to catch Furud turning away, and manages a half-smile herself. She gropes for the ginger ale and takes a long swallow.

Maia goes into a big guitar solo.

Maia I mean a heartfelt guitar solo!

Maia It's not really that big.

Antares cradles her new, improved, non-vomit-making drink in her hands, looking down at it and wiping her eyes.

Maia "The sky is full/of stars you see/but there is only/one for me/I'll follow any/where it goes/God only knows..."

Antares pushes herself up and heads for the kitchen, which wasn't really a good idea last time but provides the closest escape.

Maia does the chorus again.

Maia catches sight of Antares crossing the room as she finishes the chorus and stumbles, missing her entry. She plays the verse around again, watching her go.

Antares makes it to the kitchen, looking around for signs of anyone she knows before slumping next to the fridge.

Maia "They say love hurts/they say I'll learn/I only know/that my love burns/but though you said/to go I stayed/I'm not afraid..."

Furud isn't in the kitchen. No, he's at the door to the kitchen, still listening to Maia and contemplating his sandaled feet.

Maia takes it to the bridge, her voice rising. "Because no matter what you do to me/you can't do worse than leave again/no matter how it hurts it can't/be more than it's already been/and I don't know if I preferred/it when they'd taken you away/to when I had to see you every single day/and couldn't say..."

Antares "Oh shit, I'm sorry," Antares says to the person she runs into, then gulps when she blinks her eye clear and realizes it's Furud.

Furud catches her by the shoulders, then lets go with a guilty look towards Maia. "It's okay..."

Antares flinches back a bit and slouches against the wall next to the door. She can't figure out what to say, swaying a bit with the notes that fall into the pause.

Furud "I'll be outside." He ducks his head and slinks on out.

Maia "That in my eyes/there's so much light/when I'm near you/I lose my sight/but I don't need/to look at you/to know it's true..."

Maia gets way louder and does the chorus again.

Antares watches Furud go but doesn't follow, listening to Maia and hugging herself.

Maia slowly quiets down, picking carefully. "The night is dark/and I can't say/there's anything/to light my way/except for one/star in the sky/watch it gooo by........" the last note rings out.

Antares looks at Maia across the room, smiling shakily and then starting toward her through the crowd.

Maia smiles tentatively herself. "Thanks...thanks a lot, guys. We'll be back in a few minutes." She steps off the stage.

Antares goes slow, giving Maia plenty of time to avoid her or maybe just trying to figure out what to say. She squeezes between the last couple of people, one of whom is complementing Maia on the song, and jerks her head at the nearest door with lifted eyebrows.

Maia blinks in some perplexity, then smiles to the people she's talking to. "Hey, I gotta take a break. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it." She walks with Antares, a little fearfully.

Antares In the hallway, Antares turns to Maia. "That was amazing," she says, her voice shaky.

Maia smiles. "Thanks. I, uh...I've been working on it...secretly. I thought...well, yeah. I'm glad you liked it."

Antares blinks furiously, wiping at her uncovered eye. "I don't... Fuck. I dunno how to say anything important. I'm sorry." She hugs Maia, suddenly and hard.

Maia squeezes her back, and doesn't really let go.

Antares Not looking at her face, Antares finds it a little easier. She murmurs in Maia's ear, "There are things I don't tell you 'cause I'm scared you'd hate me."

Maia "I could never hate you, no matter what you did."

Antares laughs but it comes out like a sob. "I'm not really a good person, you know."

Maia "I think you're a better person than you think you are."

Antares Still mumbling in Maia's ear, "I got a rotten temper. I can't say what I feel. When I lose it and the fire comes, I feel like an angel."

Antares "I kissed Furud in the kitchen."

Maia turns to look at her. "You kissed Furud? Why?"

Antares winces, closing her eyes. "It uh... well fuck. Because he was right there and for once he wasn't pissing me off and it just happened, I guess. I knew it was a bad idea but I fucked up." She cracks her eye open, looking at Maia.

Maia looks at her and thinks.

Maia "Well...uh..."

Antares "I don't know where I'm going. I'm a fuckup, Maia. You know that, right? You get that."

Maia "I mean...if you're apologizing to me because..." Maia makes a snap decision. "It's fine. Don't do it again. Kiss me instead."

Antares catches her breath, starting to pull back, then stops and slowly leans in. "I never..." she starts to say, then her lips brush Maia's.

Maia tightens her arms, kissing back hard.