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Antares steps into the hallway, head weaving in confusion for a few seconds, then says to Furud over her shoulder, "I think she went that way," and heads off in pursuit.

Furud follows closely at Antare's heels, looking through the partying masquerading masses for sign of Maia.

Antares As she looks into the kitchen, Antares says, "So, uh, what're the odds of getting through the night with you two still friends?"

Furud "I guess that depends on her." He takes the opportunity to snag yet another beer - three in fact, and passes one to Antares as they head onward. "Well, I mean. What do you think... of the idea?"

Antares cracks it and downs a swallow before answering, heading out through the back door. "I think you guys'd both hate me by the end of it. But I figure I'm a short-timer here anyway, so I dunno." she shrugs choppily, not looking back to meet his eyes.

Furud "What do you mean, short-timer?"

Antares Halfway across the backyard, between the noise of the party and the empty dark of the night, Antares stops and turns to face him. "What do you think it means?"

Furud "Well that depends. Are you planning on getting taken away, or leaving on your own?"

Antares has the familiar stance, like she's not sure whether Furud is looking for a fight but doesn't intend to be surprised by it. "I don't make plans. I trust shit to break down."

Furud rubs his forehead. "Okay."

Antares "I mean."

Antares Antares' voice gets quieter as she visibly struggles. "You saw what happened Friday, right?"

Furud nods, not sure whether looking into her eyes would be taken as a sign of connection or challenge.

Antares "Now tell me with a straight face that was the end of it, that Johnstone's not starting someth--" Antares breaks off as a branch snaps out in the dark. "Maia?"

Furud "You're right, it won't be the end. But we can get the upper hand. Just because we're young doesn't mean we can't take care of ourselves." he speaks as he heads towards the branch.

Antares follows him. "Sure, but--hold on, I think I hear something over there." She melts into the darkness, boots audible as she stomps away through the trees. "Dammit, Maia, talk to me."

Antares A few seconds after she steps away, someone grabs Furud from behind and presses a sweet-smelling cloth over his mouth.

Furud jabs his elbow backwards, connecting with flesh, and inhales to yell "A Nt?..." he sways as the world starts to swim...

Antares The attacker grunts, but doesn't loosen enough to drop the cloth, and unconsciousness follows quickly.

Antares *

Mystery attacker Furud wakes with a splitting headache, blurry vision not helped by the blinding light shining in his eyes, and handcuffs holding him to an uncomfortable chair.

Furud squeezes his eyes back shut against the light and turns his head. He pulls at the handcuffs, twisting in the chair. "Who the hell are you? You can't do this!"

Mystery attacker A woman's voice comes through on a speaker that he can't see through the glare. "State your name for the record."

Furud "Fuck you." He squints, trying to see the room he's in.

Mystery attacker The voice sounds bored. "I can have this conversation with your friend, instead."

Furud "What friend." He runs his fingers down the metal of the cuffs that bind him. Not doing anything - not while they're watching, and damned if he can concentrate with this headache anyway.

Mystery attacker "It's a little late to play stupid, kid. What do you remember about the morning of February second, five years ago?" Trudeau Bridge.

Furud closes his fists around the arms of the chair. "Nothing."

Mystery attacker "Amnesia, or just bad with dates?" The voice drips with scorn. "Nine schoolkids, one bus driver, one kid walks away. What do you remember that day?"

Furud "Shouldn't you have asked this five years ago, and not now?"

Mystery attacker "Why did you break into Mattias Johnstone's office yesterday?"

Furud "Because it sounded like fun."

Mystery attacker "What do you know about the death of his son?"

Mystery attacker The voice is bored, patient, and the light in Furud's face is very bright.

Furud "Nothing. I don't know anything, stop asking me questions." It was so long ago... and... "Go to hell." he adds helpfully.

Mystery attacker "Are you covering for your friends because you're loyal to them, or afraid of them?"

Furud "I'm not covering for anyone. I don't know anything."

Mystery attacker "What do you know about the Pleiades occultation project?" The name's familiar--something in Polaris' papers, back when she was doing that thing for NASA.

Furud feels the anger welling up with each of the questions, and fights it back down. This is just like being called into the principal's office - he didn't know anything, and he sure as hell wasn't going to learn it from Furud. "Nothing."

Mystery attacker "Shoplifting, driving under the influence, theft of classified documents, manslaughter. Nice set of friends you have."

Furud "I'll let you know when I add kidnapping to the list."

Mystery attacker "Aggravated assault, arson... where were we? Ah, you. Not in jail, not flunked out, frankly astonishing given your family background and the company you keep. Are you some kind of throwahead, or just too dense to see what's going on around you?"

Furud "what are you, my MOM or something?"

Mystery attacker "Oh, you want to talk about her?" Distant amusement. "What's it like not being able to protect the women in your life, Furud?"

Furud "Shut up." He tugs at the chains in frustration. "Who the hell are you? Why are you doing this? Where's Zavi?"

Mystery attacker "You'll have to pull a lot harder than that to be interesting, kid. But tell me about your mom."

Furud imagines a dozen 'interesting' things he'll do to her when he's free. "No."

Mystery attacker "What's the matter? Scared that Daddy will find out and be angry?"

Furud glares at the light as well as he can before he has to look away again. "No." Scared that Daddy will find out... and I will be angry. Like the last time I saw him. Too many years afraid... "Go to Hell," he says again. And fuck fathers anyway.

Mystery attacker The voice sighs patiently. "I can do this all night. Thirsty?" A beat, then she laughs. "Kidding. I don't care. So, what do you remember about the morning of February second, five years ago?" Back to the beginning...

Furud "I think I remember something this time... oh yeah... Fuck you." He twists his hand up enough to flip her off.

Mystery attacker "I'd ask if you said the same thing to the police at the time, but they didn't know it was a homicide investigation, did they? Not too late to fix that," Voice muses.

Furud "Oh yeah? What are you going to tell them, that you kidnapped a minor, handcuffed him to a chair, and asked him stupid questions until he told you everything? Is this part of the Patriot Act?"

Mystery attacker "Hm, the whole youth rebellion thing is sort of cute, but you'll have to change ponies in another year or so. Is that why you broke into Johnstone's office?"

Furud "I told you. It sounded like fun. And guess what? It was fun."

Mystery attacker "Fun enough to be worth a criminal record?"

Mystery attacker "Or are you planning to admit that you didn't /pick/ any locks, exactly?"

Furud 's reply is a second or two too slow, as he has to gather himself to find a reply after her last question. "I'm a regular locksmith. See that's what I want to be when I grow up. I was practicing." It sounds hollow, even to his ears, but he grins viciously anyway.

Mystery attacker ...