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Merope - Tom "Meserach" Lawrence

casting: taylor momsen. dresses like her imdb page

  • Merope wants to be liked, but always finds herself on the edges. She dresses awkwardly in too much white
  • Merope snogged Furud last semester. This led into a bried but intense relationship, which is now OVER. For a bunch of reasons...
  • Merope is the twin sister of Heka.
  • Is great friends with Asterope.
  • Maia used to be part of Asty and Mer's friends group, but they've fallen out in high school..
  • Is a hottie. Or so says Ras.
  • Ras and Merope are totally into each other.
  • Was supposed to be on the Trudeau Bridge bus when... "it" happened.
  • Works at a clothing store.
  • Went to magic camp with Yed, once.

Furud - Char

casting: jensen ackles.

  • Furud is the kind of lone wolf, moving between groups of friends but never actively part of a group. He likes to dress in dark clothes, purples and blues and has thick silver torque.
  • Heka is Furud's buddy.
  • Furud and Merope used to date, but not anymore. Her parents found his pants!
  • There are rumors that Furud is gay (maybe bi!)
  • Furud is an only child.
  • Not talking to his dad.

Lacerta - dindenver

  • Lacerta is a chicky babe, all she cares about is computers She probably won't end up taking anyone from school to the prom cuz she is searching myspace for her prom date
  • Is going to go and get "coffee" with Furud.
  • Goes back "like carseats" with Asterope.
  • Relationship with Merope is a bit tense.

Zavijava - matt "mte"

  • Zavijava is a quirky guy, quiet and mousey, but when he speaks he's forceful and important sounding. He wears a pocket protector and glasses. He carries around a copy of the Elements of Style in his back pocket
  • Some girl named Molly left him a note.
  • He is learning to make balloon animals.
  • His laptop has an embarrassing screensaver.

Ras Alhague - Alex "Lxndr" Cherry

Asterope - dissolvegirl\Elizabeth

casting: gabrielle union

  • Asterope is always warm and friendly; she talks a little too fast and seems easily distracted, but she's always got a look on her face and a tone to her voice like she's secretly smiling. She'd seem a little ditzy if it weren't for the good grades; but when she focuses in on something, her focus is scarily absolute.
  • She is friends with Merope and a bit of a gossip.
  • And Heka dated or are dating.
  • Does not get along with Maia.

Heka - Shreyas "willows" Sampat

casting: eric mabius. has jock hair. probably ripped jeans, beat-up sneakers

  • Heka is always the center of attention. It's not because he's pretty or clever or smart; it's because he's always doing something dangerous or messing something up or otherwise getting in trouble, and no one wants to miss it.
  • Is Merope's twin bro
  • Claims to have dated Maia, and dumped her for being frigid
  • Is a football jock

Maia - passengerpigeon

casting: possibly m.i.a. but with short emo girl hair

  • Maia is a dark short-haired girl who plays guitar in a punk band.
  • Sucks at badminton
  • Used to be friends with Asterope and Merope in middle school, but they haven't been getting along now
  • Her mom and Merope's mom work together
  • Claims Heka made a move on her and turned him down; claims this is the reason he started the "frigid" rumor
  • Tyler is the bassist in her band
  • Carries a knife and shoplifts
  • Is NOT FLAT-CHESTED, just boyish
  • Has some kind of crush on Zavi
  • Scared the crap out of a palm reader once
  • Dated a cheating bastard whose house coincidentally burned down
  • Can fight (has a "mean left hook"), beat up Furud for making fun of her Halloween costume
  • Seems oddly well informed about Principal Johnstone. She claims to have a source in the school's offices (according to Antares).

Yed Prior - Scurve

  • A band geek who left the band to try and become cooler, unsucessfully.
  • Is fat. LOL!
  • Is Ras' cousin. And is probably therefore the source of all those nasty, untrue rumours about him killing all those people.
  • Stole the answers to a test in third grade and tried to put the blame on Maia.
  • Went to magic camp once with Merope.

Polaris - JP / Jason P

casting: Bonnie Wright, a lot of downplayed sexuality and skirts

  • Is a young girl who is always sculpting presents for others.
  • She is cute but oddly serious.
  • Can be easily confused.
  • Skipped a bunch of grades, wrote a paper on spec for NASA
  • Antares "So when I was eight, right, I tried to walk the church roof blindfolded because of this bet with Furud. And when I fell off into the bushes and broke my arm, the first thing I see is [Polaris], pulling off my blindfold and looking down at me. And she says, 'That'll teach you to listen to him,' and walks away."

Betelgeuse - Darcy Burgess

  • An awkward, chubby guy.
  • Rich! Eager to please!
  • Plays a mean trombone.

Antares - Adrienne

casting: a less outrageously hot monica bellucci, dresses like veronica mars

  • Antares just transferred in; she used to live in the area but was gone for several years, coming back after a mysterious "accident." She's very good at sports. She has a serious look but a brilliant smile.
  • The "accident" was on a bus at Trudeau Bridge (exact nature still unspecified). Antares was (mysteriously) the only survivor, although she had to spend time in hospital. The incident was famous enough for people at the school to remember it.
  • Antares and Maia are good friends. They have matching tattooes!
  • Has a super fancy guitar that was a present from "somebody real special"
  • Tyler sez she was just let out of "the madhouse"--the Academy, or something else?
  • Lives with her mom (who's a nurse?) and sister.

Algol - Chris Weeks

  • Metal shop is Algol's favorite class and he misses a fair amount of school to do weird extracurricular stuff. He has a hard time with small talk and always tries to discuss /stuff/ instead of nothing.
  • Was friends with Principal Johnstone's kid before he died (71)
  • Fakes handwriting well? (71)

Altair - Daniel

  • Altair de Castelo Bianco is a foreign student from Italy who just transferred in.
  • He's from an affluent family, currently living alone in a house his family fixed up in town.
  • He's rough around the edges - a smoker and drinker (and maybe worse!) and a violent, agressive person. That is due in part because he is spoiled out of consequences, in part because he thinks he is the only one like him.
  • He hates Johnstone for some reason. And seems to know him alot!
  • Was actually responsible for the death of Johnstone's kid in a car accident.
  • Which he did on purpose, though the kid was not the target.
  • Has an older sister. Furud was sweet to her and so he wants to kill Furud.