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Principal Johnstone

  • Wears galsses, possibly just for effect.
  • Seems to know about the kids being stars

Tyler "Ty" Buffet

  • Tyler plays bass in Maia's band.
  • Carries knives to school.
  • Something of a loudmouth.


  • Works at a bowling alley.
  • Early 20s.
  • Has agreed to meet Yed for coffee on Tuesday. (It looks as though its a pity date, though).

Miss Heather Rose

  • Hottest (female) teacher in school, apparently.
  • On first name terms with Ras.
  • Takes after school detentions.
  • Had some trouble when first applying.

Mr. Bieswahx

  • Science teacher.

Mr. Dauby

  • Music teacher.
  • Plays Sax almost professionally.
  • Big on Jazz, loves Miles Davis.

Sergeant Parks

  • Creepy, always wears long sleeves
  • Connected to Jessup military school in some way
  • Obsessed with becoming Sleepless
  • Is able to do so, temporarily


  • First NPC Sleepless
  • Was "Station Cassiopeia" for 4+ years
  • Rooming (kinda) with Ras
  • Technopath?
  • Didn't talk until she was 5