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A bunch of high school kids who never sleep. Sounds like a good time, right?


So way back two or three years ago, this kid Maia lied about being sexually assaulted by the music teacher Mr. Henley to get him fired (H So S 25). Remember that, it'll be important later. I think she lied, anyway, it's all a bit mysterious. Maybe Principal Johnstone asked her to do it...

Furud and Merope started making out last semester. At first they were like, totally into each other (H So S 12), but then Furud started getting a bit weird with stuff about his destiny (H So S 11), and then he threw up on her (H So S 10), and then he "accidentally" kissed her brother (H So S 39). So THAT led to a huge argument (H So S 65). Anyway, they aren't an item any more.

Two people I haven't introduced to you yet, Antares and Ras Alhague, met in a hospital a few weeks ago. (H So S 35) They used to play kickball together. That probably won't be important later.


So Merope meets this guy Ras, and she's kinda digging him, even though he's a bit rough-looking and there's these rumours he killed a guy. Her twin brother Heka plays matchmaker a bit and they swap phone numbers, and she invites him to their birthday party on the weekend. (H So S 3)

Meanwhile, Furud, Merope's best friend Asterope, this quiet guy Zavijava, and this geeky computer chick Lacerta are doing science class. Lotsa gossip going on - a girl named Molly has a crush on Zavi - according to this note, anyway - and Furud's taking Lacerta out for coffee. Good for Lacey, I guess. (H So S 1)

That lunchtime, Merope tells Lacerta to avoid Furud, so she's still pissed at him about - whatever it was. Despite that, it looks like Furud is coming to Heka's side of the party. Those guys are tight, probably because they're gay lovers. What? Oh, it was just one kiss. Apparently. Whatever.(H So S 2, H So S 4)

So after lunch, Merope's playing dodgeball in gym, and wile there she catches up with an old friend, Maia. She's kinda bitter about something, though, probably because Merope's being kind of a snob.(H So S 7)

Anyway, Furud, Merope and Ras wind up in detention together. (H So S 5) Ras was in a fight, ugly scene, and he near enough gets in another with this guy Tyler, who comes within a whisker of pulling a knife on him - except that Ras calls over a teacher (Miss Rose, whom he calls Heather - don't know what THAT'S about), and also Furud steals his knife, because dayum he is FAST. Maybe that's something to do with all this Fallen business he keeps narrating to himself about. He reckons Ras is one of the fallen too.

Anyway, once that's over, Ras and Merope walk to the mall, and chat about how they're incapable of sleep (H So S 6). Looks like Furud was right, and Merope's one of these Fallen thingummies too. Whoda thunk it, right? Furud, on the other hand, goes off for "coffee" with Lacerta. I didn't hear how that went yet.

After his hot date, Furud goes to knock over some pins with Heka, and maybe make out a little (Okay! I'm kidding! They just look at each other lustfully). They bump into this fat kid, Yed, who bowls a real good game, and they convince him into asking out this older girl Jenny who works at the alley. She accepts, and they fix a date for tomorrow night. I dunno, maybe she has a thing for pudgy highschoolers. Oh! And Yed is Ras' cousin, too. I swear, everyone in this town is related. (H So S 9)

At the mall, Asty and Merope are shopping for party clothes. They bump into their old friend Maia, and much bitchery occurs. Maia's totally a shoplifter, and they nearly turn her in but cover for her at the last minute. Some sort of reparations are made. Maia's invited to the party, but who should she be bringing but Tyler, the guy Ras nearly threw across the detention room a few hours earlier. I know, right? He's the bassist in Maia's band. (H So S 8)

So, after that Maia runs into Furud. They shoot the breeze. Maia's pissed at Heka for making a move on her, getting shot down and then calling her frigid. Yed's there, trying to buy clothes for his big date (poorly). Maia's pissed at him, too, over him framing her about a test in thir grade! That girl needs to bury some grudges, yeah? (H So S 15)

Finally, Ras and Merope go skinny-dipping! Over at the local lake, Lake Artemis. (H So S 32) I was as surprised as anyone. Ras claims that he didn't send a text to call her over (yeah right). Anyway, they talk, Merope has super drowning skills, so Ras has to be all Hollywood heroics, and nude smoochies ensue. Excuse me while I throw up.


Ok, so, the following day. Merope's all clingy after last night, so she's calling Ras 'cause she needs to know where he is at all times. On the phone, Ras is evasive, the reception is awful, and there's some bizarre interference with a message from "Station Cassiopeia".(H So S 27) Turns out THAT'S because Ras is on a rescue mission, ans Cassiopeia is actually the name of a girl he used to know. He pulls it off, and Cassiopeia (you'll recognise her, she's the one with fiberoptics coming out of her head) is freed from her mysterious captors. (H So S 60) I know, who expected plot?

There's this girl Polaris, right, bright kid, skipped a coupla grades, but totally weird. She's Furud's cousin. She takes lunch with this rich kid Betelgeuse. (H So S 13) After that, she's got science, with Merope, this kid Algol who's hardly ever at school because he knows it already or something, and this new girl Antares. Turns out Antares used to live in the area coupla years ago, but she disappeared in a hurry after she was the only survivor of a horrible bus accident of some sort on Trudeau Bridge. She's super sensitive about it, though, and runs off leaves with dignity as soon as she's asked questions. (H So S 14)

Antares goes to catch up with Maia, an old friend of hers who's still Maia's actual friend (she has some after all!). They talk about guitars, but Yed spolis the party by showing up, trying to ingratiate himself, and getting his face cut by a broken string. (H So S 16) Antares takes pity and gets him a bandage, and meanwhile says she'll help Yed with his outfit for his date that night. (H So S 17)

Before she meets him, she catches up with Maia again, over the phone this time. They talk about times past, including a dare Furud made Antares do on a church roof which caused her to fall and break her arm. (H So S 19)

Anyway, Antares gets to the mall and helps Yed. Of course, they go the clothing store Merope works at! (H So S 20) So Yed gets a shirt and a party invite (Mero just can't say no, huh?), Antares and Merope apologise to each other a bit, and it's all super awkward. And then Merope levitates off the ground. No, I'm serious. She doesn't notice, but the others do. Meanwhile, it sounds as if Ras is in trouble at a bus station somewhere. Antares then goes off to meet Maia and the rest of her band, and they rock out. (H So S 26)

And while all THAT was going on, Algol and Polaris are over at Furud's house playing videogames. Polaris is acting super weird, like always, but she's also prattling on about this star theory that she and Furud have. Algol isn't really buying. Polaris has theories about Miss Rose, too, says she's got no teaching records prior to the school. Polaris tries to demonstrate that Furud can play videogames with his mind or something, but Algol doesn't even see it. Then Polaris faints, cause she doesn't eat. Crazy girl, huh? (H So S 18) Once she's safely fainted, Furud shows Algol his telekinesis thing properly this time. Algol's still skeptical, and accuses Furud of being all elitist and shit, which is totally true, but they're still guys so they end up talking about sex. (H So S 70)

Merope, worried about Ras, gets her mom to drive her to pick him up from the bus station. However, in the mean time he's already called Furud, who brings his own car, and Polairs. (H So S 29) Merope's forced to go back with Furud. Polaris is being as wierd as ever, alternating between RUDE (but funny) remarks, and some kind of bizarre ESP. Much teasing ensues, with Merope getting increasingly pissy toward Ras for some reason, until she starts blabbing about Station Cassiopeia and how Ras is lying to her. Girl has some issues. She gets all dramatic and leaves the car and breaks down into tears, saying she's done with all the star bullshit. Furud goes out to calm her down, bless him, but then she shows him what she's so upset about: she's realised she can fly, so she can't get away from it after all. And she gives him a demo, right there. On the drive back an emotional Merope admits that Furud was right, and apologises, and he's all sweet to her. LOVE TRIANGLE! (H So S 66)

I guess Yed must have gone on that date with Jenny. She lets him down gently, poor kid. He takes it well (though I'm sure he's just dying inside), but then gets scared because of some military school dude, Sgt. Parks, being after him (H So S 28).

Anyway, after Furud gets away from THAT whole scene, he meets Antares back on that church rooftop she fell offa all those years ago, and they catch up. He talks a bit about his torc, necklace-y thing, that he found over in this local crater, The Hole. (H So S 22)


So, the day after that was Wednesday!

Merope is still all pissed at Ras for not standing up for her during the drive last night, and they argue via text message. They come THIS close to breaking up, but Ras is all grand romantic gesture and it works for now. (H So S 52) Then he goes to lunch, and finally realises Antares is here! They catch up. (H So S 58)

Antares got called into a meeting with the principal. he was interested in her old school records; this really pissed off her dad, who was trying to do the best for her, so he says. Anyway, the principal knows why: the Academy, her old school, doesn't officially exist, and is super sinister. But not quite as sinister as Principal Johnstone himself, who goes on to reveal he knows about the star stuff. Antares bugs out and runs for it. (H So S 21)

She runs into Furud, who drives her, shaking, to The Hole for a chat. (H So S 23) On the way, they talk about fathers - seems Furud's is a drunk and a womaniser who's rarely there. Gosh, and Furud seems so well adjusted, who woulda thought? At the Hole, (H So S 24) they meet Maia, and the three swap notes about Johnstone and plan to break into his office on Friday, something that Furud's tried before without success...

Antares and Maia are still dead set on being rock stars, so they're all practising when Merope shows up! She's all kinda contrite, listens to them play, and then invites them to play at her party, and they say yes. Yay, all friends again! BIG HUGS!

...yeah, right. Merope goes, so Antares and Maia then have a little chat about, inevitably, boys. (H So S 30) Gee, looks like there's some tension there. Antares gets home late and is chewed out by her mom. (H So S 33) They live in a trailer, looks like.

Meanwhile Merope goes off to a date with Ras, which is derailed by that shadowy Sgt. Parks showing up and being creepy, so they relocate to Ras' room, and on the way Ras opens up a little. (H So S 59) Oh, and points out that he's got that girl Cassiopeia lying on his bed, which goes down as well as you might expect.


Wow, am I up to Thursday already?

Ras hits up Anatares for girl advice in shop class, sorta (H So S 63). I mean, clearly he needs it.

OH! It came out on Tuesday evening in the car with Ras that Mr. Henley had committed suicide (Remember him?). Heavy, I know. Polaris is pissed about that, and blames Maia, so she starts being snide to her and Anatres in music class. This quickly leads to her getting he clock cleaned by Maia and her hand stamped on by Antares, and Pol's bag being stolen. (H So S 31)

Furud, of course is none too happy about people brutalising 'lil cousin Polly, so he and Anatares face off After school. (H So S 34) They don't come to blows, though. Furud goes to see Pol herself instead. She's all fixing to get Maia expelled, but he talks her out of it, so she reveals that Maia should really not open her bag. (H So S 37).

Antares chats to Maia on the roof of the school. Antares reveals her old school, the Academy, were trying to push her deeper into rage because of the whole Trudeau Bridge thing. Maia reveals she was blackmailed by Johnstone because her mother is actually still alive. I'm not sure who wins in that one. (H So S 36)

In less dramtic territory (for once), Merope tells her brother Heka she can fly (H So S 68). And they make sundaes, as you would in such a scenario.

Earlier Yed and Asterope, erstwhile orchestra buddies, had lunch (H So S 40). Yed needed a fake break-up to get rid of his fake girlfriend that he invented for his parents. Asty was only too happy to oblige, in her own inimitable style (H So S 41). As she flees from the aftermath, Asty's car gets smashed into by a partying Heka and Furud (H So S 45). Everyone's ok though, thanks to Heka's magic hands. So they go for coffee. (H So S 46) Hang on, if Heka and Furud have forbidden lust for each other, Heka's dating Asty, and Furud still wants Merope, who is on-again/off-again with Ras... LOVE PENTAGON!

Maia and Asterope are cruising, drinking and playing guitar. They decide to add Yes to their festivities, poor kid (H So S 42). They all go off to "pick up guys" (yeah, Yed too). That goes as well as you'd expect, and Maia and Antares having ditched poor Yed, pile into the late night Denny's. So do Ras and Merope, and Algol and Furud. The mother of all drunken table conversations takes place. (H So S 71) In summary: Maia and Antares are giggly drunks, Merope's Jewish, Algol is kinda quiet and formal, everyone ignores Furud, Merope and Ras seem more than a little on the rocks and Merope and Maia are as frenemies as ever.


Principal Johnstone calls in Furud, who flips him off, and Merope, who doesn't, into his office in turn. (H So S 38) Furud won't talk, so Johnstone makes vague threats about Polaris.

Furud goes to tell Antares about his Johnstone experience, and they patch things up after the Polaris incident. Mostly. (H So S 43). Except then they nearly screw it all up again over by Trudeau Bridge. (H So S 44) Antares seems set on leaving town after the raid this evening - Furud quasi-talks her out of it. Things are mighty tense, y'all.

So, school gets out. Polaris gives a gift to Yed, but he freaks out. (H So S 50) Then it's raid time! A dejected Pol runs into Antares as she's one her way to set things on fire. An awkward conversation ensues, but then all conversations with Pol are awkward, amirite? (H So S 51) Antares finally gets to hear about hwo they shouldn't open Pol's bag, though, and Pol asks a very good question: where the hell is Zavijava?

Anyway. The raid. (H So S 47). Antares sets the girl's bathroom on fire. Maia goes to tell Johnstone she's doing it, and it's totally obvious now that Maia's working with Johnstone. Johnstone goes to check it out, and Furud gets to slip into the office using all the telekinesis he can muster. Antares is walking away when Johnstone grabs her and pins her against the wall, talking about the fire. Antares gets mad, and his flesh starts to burn... Maia shows up and tries to restrain her, getting burns in the process, as Johnstone taunts antares about Trudeau Bridge, suggesting it was her fault... Antares breaks free enough to knock the principal out. Furud photocopies all the files on the stars at the school, and one mysterious letter, too. He gets out in time to hear Maia tell the furious, burning-hands Antares that she loves her. LOVE HEPTAGON! Furud dumps the unconscious principal in the burning bathroom and kicks him a few times, and they all flee.

Furud calls up Heka to help as they all drive to the Hole. (H So S 48) There's some tension between him and Maia, but he still heals her burns at the expense of some tomatoes. The four of them discuss the files. Items discussed: the missing Zavi, the magic camp Merope, Zavi and Yed attended being in Johnstone's files, Maia NOT being in Johnstone's files, the relative sizes of the boy's penises. Maia finally promises to tell all.

Maia admits to Furud that she's Johnstone's spy. She won't tell Furud why, but Furud thinks she has told Antares why, because she LOVES her. And Maia realises that Furud loves Antares too! LOVE HEPTAGRAM! (H So S 57) Furud gets away from that whole conversation to speak to Antares himself, bringing up the whole Maia-love thing (H So S 56) which makes Antares need to go see Maia. (H So S 57) Maia finally explains, if only to Antares: she's working with Johnstone to try and protect everyone from kidnapping - just like what happened to her mother, and Cassiopeia...