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The stable boy is a quivering wreck when he thinks he's done something wrong.


(Starting dice are three packages: d12 d8; d10 d6; d6 d4)

  • Action d10 d6
  • Maneuvering d6 d4
  • Self-Protection d12 d8

Particular Strengths

(Write your particular strengths here. Check the boxes that apply, one check per significance, to a max of 4 significance)

Horsemanship (Significance: 1)
Potent [ ] (Doubly Potent [ ]) Broad [X] Consequential [ ] Unique [ ] Far-reaching [ ]

Description: The ability to care for horses.

Form used: 'Directly' and 'With Love'
Die size: d8


You can calm horses, feed them, groom them, prepare them to be ridden. You probably can do a bit about their medical issues, and break them in, too. You're probably also OK at riding them.

Best Interests

It is in the stable boy's best interests:

  • to obey her ladyship
  • to obey his lorship