Name: Anyon


The head of the priesthood


(Starting dice are three packages: d12 d8; d10 d6; d6 d4)

  • Action d6 d4
  • Maneuvering d12 d8
  • Self-Protection d10 d6

Particular Strengths

(Write your particular strengths here. Check the boxes that apply, one check per significance, to a max of 4 significance)

Righteousness (Significance: 1)
Potent [ ] (Doubly Potent [ ]) Broad [X] Consequential [ ] Unique [ ] Far-reaching [ ]

Description: When matters are of grave importance, when you know what's best, when you act from a position of arrogated moral authority, you are righteous.

Form used: With Violence AND for others Die size: d8


Best Interests

(List them)

It is in Anyon's best interests:

  • that Malcolm join the priesthood
  • that Brigid should marry Morgause as soon as possible