Name: Laudegrance, the theologian

Player: Graham Walmsley


A theologian.


(Starting dice: d4 d6 d6 d8 d10 d12)

  • Covertly d8
  • Directly d6
  • For myself d4
  • For others d10
  • With love d6
  • With violence d12

Particular Strengths

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THEOLOGY (Significance: X)

Potent [ ] Doubly Potent [ ]) Broad [ ] Consequential [ ] Unique [ ] Far-reaching [ ]

Description: Good at theology

Form used: With violence

Die size: d10

Effects: I can convince people of the power of god. Or God. Or similar.

(If you get a second particular strength, put it here)

Best Interests

(List them.)

It is Laudegrance's best interests:

  • to keep the natural order
  • to support myself in my old age

A character
In A Wicked Age