Name: Morgause

Player: Charlotte


The dangerous gentleman the happy girl is promised to. Also the Jealous and vengeful rival with the terrible temper.


(Starting dice: d4 d6 d6 d8 d10 d12)

  • Covertly d6
  • Directly d8
  • For myself d10
  • For others d4
  • With love d6
  • With violence d12

Particular Strengths

(Write your particular strengths here. Check the boxes that apply, one check per significance, to a max of 4 significance)

Swordsmanship (Significance: X)

Potent [ ] (Doubly Potent [ ]) Broad [ ] Consequential [x] Unique [ ] Far-reaching [ ]

Description: A master duelist, Morgause is not above a bit of dirty fighting in the alleys.

Form used: With Violence

Die size: d8 (d8 normally, d10 for Potent, d12 Doubly Potent)


I hit people with swords! It damages their love.

(Describe what it does. Include the form and NPC form it damages if it is Consequential, and just how it is Far-Reaching, if it is)

(If you get a second particular strength, put it here)

Best Interests

(List them.)

It is Morgause's best interests:

  • to marry the happy girl - and take her lands and holdings as his own!
  • to defeat his rival - and grind his good name into the dust.

A character
In A Wicked Age