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Basic Lunar Soak Monkey charms

Hide-Toughening Essence

  Cost: 1 mote per point
  Duration: One scene
  Type: Simple
  Minimum Stamina: 2
  Minimum Essence: 1
  Prerequisite Charms: None

When using this Charm, the Lunar thickens and strengthen's his skin and makes his bones stronger and more resistant to breaking or shattering. While there are few outward effects of this charm, this charm can have an impressive effect on the Lunar's ability to withstand damage in either human or other forms. Every mote of essence commited to this charm adds one to the character's Stamina for the purpose of resisting damage alone. Thus a character with Stamina 5 who spends 5 motes on this charm gains a Bashing soak of 10, and a Lethal Soak of 5. In addition, any Stamina-related rolls that directly involve resisting damage would operate as if the character had a Stamina of 10. These changes last for the rest of the scene, and the character cannot more than double his Stamina when using this charm. The soak added by this charm is considered natural for all purposes, and inflicts no limitations on the Lunar's overall soak score (though the limitations imposed by any Gifts or other Charms the character might still apply). This charm stacks with the use of armor.

Armor-Forming Technique

  Cost: 5 motes, 1 willpower
  Duration: One scene
  Type: Simple
  Minimum Stamina: 3
  Minimum Essence: 2
  Prerequisite Charms: Hide-Toughening Essence

The Lunar creates bony plates just under his skin, hides vital organs behind multiple layers of toughened skin and hard bone, and laces all his bones with trace amounts of Moonsilver making then flexible and yet inhumanly strong. These defenses allow the Lunar to bolster his resistance to even the most deadly of damage, and provide numerous benefits. First, the Lunar uses his full Stamina (including any boost from Hide-Toughening Essence) to soak lethal damage if he was not already doing so. Second, the Lunar gains a hardness score equal to his Essence rating and can roll Stamina + Resistance at difficulty 1 to ignore any non-perfect effect that inflicts permanent harm on his body or form. The Lunar is considered to be wearing armor for the purposes of attacks that are less effective against armor, but does not actually have an armor-based soak from the use of this charm. Lastly, the Lunar reduces his minimum damage to one for the remainder of the scene -- attacks that pierce his soak only roll a single die, rather than an amount equal to the attackers Essence. This charm stacks with the use of armor.

Invulnerable Moonsilver Carapace

  Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower
  Duration: One turn
  Type: Reflexive
  Minimum Stamina: 5
  Minimum Essence: 4
  Prerequisite Charms: Limb Shield-Growth, Scales of the Dragon

When she activates this charm, the Lunar covers himself in a thick and resilient sheath of Moonsilver that is nearly impenetrable. For the remainder of the turn, the character adds 15L/15B soak to his totals as well as an equilivent amount of Hardness. This extra hardness adds to any existing Hardness that the Lunar might already have from other charms or the effects of Deadly Beastman Transformation. The Lunar can only be damaged by attacks that inflict more damage than his newly inflated hardness score, and otherwise completely ignores all attacks which do less than this amount of damage. The Lunar benefits fully from any soak enhnancing charms or effects he might have active. This extra soak and hardness is a perfect defensive effect and cannot be circumvented by any means.

Other Charms

  • Scales of the Dragon: This charm is treated as armor for all purposes, and is not compatible with armor. It allows the Lunar's soak values to raise above 12, with no effect on hardness. Lunars, page 167.
  • Limb-Shielding Growth: This charm provides +2 difficulty against either melee or ranged attacks and +1 difficulty to the other. Lunars, page 167.