New Mage spells

The Arcana

Magical Proficiency

One Dote -- Initiate
Initiates of an Arcana can perform magics of Knowing, Compelling, and Unveiling.

Two Dots -- Apprentice
Apprentices of an Arcana can perform magics of Ruling, Veiling, and Shielding.

Three Dots -- Disciple
Disciples of an Arcana can perform magics of Weaving, Fraying, and Perfecting.

Four Dots -- Adept
Adepts of an Arcana can perform magics of Patterning, and Unravelling.

Five Dots -- Master
Masters of an Arcana can perform magics of Making, and Unmaking.

Example Spell Writeup

Spell Name (Arcana *)
This is a general description of the spell in question, mostly from a flavor point of view, but possibly including a few notes about some of the mechanics of how ths spell functions (but no mention of dice pools or what not). Use this section of the spell to explain what the spell is for and why it might be used.

  Practice:  ??????
  Action:  ??????
  Duration: ??????
  Aspect: ??????
  Cost: ????

This is a specific discussion of the game mechanics behind the spell, from a purely OOC point of view. It doesn't bother explaining exactly what the spell is for, and assumes that you've read the material in the top of the spell description, getting right into the juicy tidbits of how ths spell functions. List what happens with various grades of success or failure in plain text, instead of as a subsection of its own. Be sure to note how the spell might progress as you gain further mastery of its arcana, or any spellcasting merits that might be available.

  Order Rote: Name of the Rote
  Dice Pool: Attribute + Skill + Arcana