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Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Justice, Prudence, TemperenceEnvy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath
Acanthus, Magistos, Moros, Obrimos, ThyrsusAdamantine, Free, Guardians, Mysterium, Silver
Experience0 History of0
Attributes (5/4/3)
Mental Physical Social
Intelligence1 Strength1 Presence1
Wits1 Dexterity1 Manipulation1
Resolve1 Stamina1 Composure1
Skills (11/7/4)
Mental (-3) Physical Social
Academics0 Athletics0 Animal Ken0
Computer0 Brawl0 Empathy0
Crafts0 Drive0 Expression0
Investigation0 Firearms0 Intimidation0
Medicine0 Larceny0 Persuasion0
Occult0 Stealth0 Socialize0
Politics0 Survival0 Streetwise0
Science0 Weaponry0 Subterfuge0
Specialties (3)
Combat Stats Other Advantages
Health5 Wisdom7
| | | | / | | | 
  Gnosis 3MP per1
Size5 3 Hours per roll
S. Factor0 2 Mana per turn
  1 Paradox die
Initiative0 Willpower0/0
Speed0 Mana =Wisdom7/7
Notes: Def=lowest of Dex or Wits, Health=Sta+Size(5), Initiative=Dex+Com, Morality(Wisdom) 7, Size (5 for most humans), Speed=Str+Dex+5, WP=Res+Com
Arcana (2, 2, 1)Rating(max)Improv. Roll
Death0( )0
Fate0( )0
Forces0( )0
Life0( )0
Matter0( )0
Mind0( )0
Prime0( )0
Spirit0( )0
Space0( )0
Time0( )0
 0( )0
Rotes 6 dots
(Rote Specialties: Investigation, Occult, Survival)
NameSphereShort DescriptionRollPage
Merits 7, 5th dot costs 2Value Notes
Special Mage MeritsArtifact(3+), Destiny(1-5), Dream(1-5), Enhanced Item(1+), Familiar(3/4), Hallow(1-5), High Speech (1,free w/Order), Imbued Item(2+), Library(1-5), Occultation(1-3), Sanctum(1-5), Sleepwalker Retainer(1-5), Status(1-5), Consilium or Order, Thrall(3)
Personal Weapons - Melee
Personal Weapons - Ranged


Experience Point Costs
AttributeN x 5
SkillN x 3
Skill Specialty3
Ruling ArcanaN x 6
Common ArcanaN x 7
Inferior ArcanumN x 8
Rote per highest dot2 per dot
MeritN x 2
GnosisN x 8
WisdomN x 3
Willpower restore lost8
I Spent XP On:
Path']['Res. Att']['Arcana
AcanthusComposureFate, Time, -Forces
MagistosResolveMind, Space, -Matter
MorosComposureDeath, Matter, -Spirit
ObrimosResolveForces, Prime, -Death
ThyrsusComposureLife, Spirit, -Mind
Order']['Rote Specialties
The Adamantine ArrowAthletics, Intimidation, Medicine
The Free CouncilCrafts, Persuasion, Science
The Guardians of the VeilInvestigation, Stealth, Subterfuge
The MysteriumInvestigation, Occult, Survival
The Silver LadderExpression, Persuasion, Subterfuge
Morality - Wisdom and Hubris
Wis']['Acts of Hubris']['Dice
10Using magic to accomplish a task that could be achieved just as well without it. Selfish thoughts5
9Magically coercing another so that he acts against his free will. Minor selfish act (witholding charity)5
8Magically coercing another so that he violates his moral code. Injury to another (accidental or otherwise)4
7Laying a curse on someone. Petty theft4
6Forcibly binding an unwilling sentient being or spirit to a place or task. Grand theft.3
5Magically transforming a person into a lesser being against his will. Intentional, mass property damage (arson)3
4Using magic to harm someone. Draining another's mana against his will. Creating a soul stone. Impassioned crime (manslaughter)3
3Forcefully abducting and/or exiling another person into the Shadow Realm, or causing her to become posessed by a spirit against her will. Planned crime without using magic (murder)2
2Intentionally preventing an Awakening. Using magic to murder someone. Casual/callous crime (serial murder)2
1Stealing a soul. Utter perversion, heinous act (mass murder)2