A slightly modified Torpor Chart, and which is used identically to the on page 175 of Vt R? with the one exception of it having an extra column. If you are going into a voluntary torpor, you can pick which column to use. If you go into a involuntary torpor due to starvation or for any other reason without having enough blood (as per the guidelines on page 176; this takes the place of the "+1 BP guideline"), then you use the 'Long Sleep' column automatically.

10One DayThree months
9Two daysSix months
8Three daysNine months
7One weekOne year
6Two weeksTwo years
5One monthThree years
4One yearFive years
3One decade
2Five decades
1One century
0One Millennium

Once you reach humanity 3, the duration of Torpor remains the same regardless of rather you go into a long or a short sleep. Lastly, time spent in Torpor for purposes of lowering blood potency is considered cumulative. I.e., 1 twenty-five year torpor will lower your blood potency by one but similarly a total of 25 one year torpor's will have the same effect. Your 'torpor count' resets whenever your blood potency increases, however.