Blood is Thicker than Water

The Modern Game of Mysterious Ancestry, in the World of Darkness.

The Kin

They exist throughout the World of Darkness. They are scattered, forgotten, orphaned. The lost bloodlines of...something. They do not know their ancestry, only that it offers them power, and the promise of a distant transcendence. They are the Kin.

Not all Kin are the same, but some seem more related than others. These are called lines, and there are commonly known (among those who collect lore on the Kin) to be four such. Each line has various similarities, and probably descends along a common branch of the overall family tree.

Lines of Kinship

  • The Lost? often grow up ostracized and set apart, for they are the most alien of the Kin. Their mind doesn’t work the way others minds do, and they are often precocious and prone to unusual insights and even prophecy.
  • Orphans? have the easiest time fitting in with society as a whole, though they are often marked by their unusually charismatic and slightly touched demeanors. Many find themselves, almost unconsciously, at the center of cults of personality.
  • Forgotten? tend to be the simplest of the Kin, their gifts straight-forward and easy for others to understand, being overwhelmingly physical in nature. Many try to fit in but find their prowess and ability inevitably set them apart.
  • ???, who have yet to be revealed!

Rules Stuff

  • Kin Traits? is a single page for new traits that the Kin benefit from.
  • Powers Of The Kin? is the overall page for the Powers of the Kin.
  • Kin Systems? is the page where the various systems specific to the Kin are detailed.
  • Kin Merits? gives us more merits specific to the Kin.