The Muskagoo bloodline have dwelled within the Everglades for a considerable amount of time, at least as far as the experiences of the European Kindred that came to dwell in South Florida can tell. When Julia Harton first claimed her domain within Miami, the Muskagoo were already present though their numbers had been curtailed significantly by the Indian Wars and general upheavel of the time. The exact origin of the Bloodline is particularly hard to pinpoint, even as contact became greater with those native Gangrel who were not of the Bloodline -- most of them had heard tales of the bloodline drifting back some time, though most such tales are suspect since the ultimate source of such could very well be the mad dreams of torpid Elders. None the less, the Muskagoo are a presence in the area, and one that the Kindred of Miami have had to deal with since the area grew into a powerful domain.

As far as most Kindred of Miami know, there are not many members of this reclusive Bloodline. Most suspect that the total number is less than a dozen. While it's hard to directly divine such a number, one can divine roughly how many Kindred a domain the size of the Everglades would be able to support in terms of feeding. Most Kindred who are interested in the question imagine that the Bloodline's numbers have increased in recent history due to the availability of better hunting grounds. Indeed, more than a few disappearances in the Everglades might be attributed to the reclusive bloodline.

What is known about the Bloodline, mostly from contact with Gangrel, is that the Bloodline is formed around an ancient elder called Tenaq. This elder is said to sleep within the depths of the Everglades, and to date back to the time when the empire-building Tequesta people's ruled over most of South Florida. Generally referred to as a Blood-drinking God of the Swamp, Tenaq has not been seen in many centuries but plays a large role in the activities of the bloodline and it's infrequent gatherings that are occasionally whispered of within Miami.

In addition, while the Gangrel themselves have branched out since the 50s, the Muskagoo are exclusively American Indian in their composition -- specifically recruiting from the various tribes that were amalgated as the "Seminoles" by the United States. Their customs and beliefs are those of the Indians from which they come and the Bloodline as a whole is very heavily affected by such beliefs -- though they have, of course, added their own twist to such things.

The Muskagoo see themselves as children of Tenaq, and protectors of his domain, the Everglades. While the violence that once reigned between the Gangrel of the Everglades (headed by the Muskagoo) and the Kindred of Miami have long since died down to a dim memory, thte Muskagoo still maintain such beliefs and act to protect their land and it's peoples. While they have largely not been successful in this endeavor as noted by the numerous successful projects at draining and developing the Swamp, they none the less make their presence felt. Sometimes entire work crews vanish, and as noted above, unexplained disappearances are quite common among those that linger too long in the Swamp after night falls.

While the Muskagoo have always been active, they appear to be in a somewhat strong phrase right now. In addition to their influence over the indigenous peoples of the Everglades, it is generally known that the bloodline has gained a large amount of influence over the Park Service that watches over the Everglades. Indeed, much to the unease of the Archbishop and John Hawk (the Gangrel Primogen), the Bloodline seems to be making inroads toward taking a greater place within Miami itself.

Parent Clan: Gangrel

Nickname: Gators, or Injuns

Covenant: Most of the Muskagoo tend to be Unaligned, but of those that do follow a Covenant most are members of the Circle of the Crone. Some of the older members of the Bloodline hold some interest in the Invictus, but lack much of the political backing or standing to gain much support from that covenant at least for the time being. The Carthian Movement has attracted some of the younger Muskagoo, a move that does not endear them with the Archbishop. The Ordo Dracul and the Lancea Sanctum have more or less been ignored by this native bloodline.

Appearance: The Muskagoo tend to look and often dress like native Seminole Indians, as almost all of them are Indians born among those tribes still living in the swamp according to their native lifestyles. A few Muskagoo have adopted more modern fashions, these being those young members of the bloodline that are somewhat more used to modern ways. This includes traditional clothing and jewelry, and the Vampire also often shares various scars, piercings and other markings of his local tribe.

Haven: Some of the older Muskagoo have found a safe haven within the Everglades, a hollow cove or some part of the swamp where they can find security and safety from the light of day. Most, however, simply know and practice Protean 2 in order to meld with the swamp for the day. Even these Vampires usually have a hidey-hole somewhere within the swamp (a hollow log, or dry spot) in which to keep needed belongings that they don't commonly carry with them. It also bears noted that, outside of various meetings that gather the bloodline together, Muskagoo tend to be very territorial.

Background: The Muskagoo are a small bloodline that has once known greater times but are currently rebuilding strength. Even so, the Elders are quite picky about who is and is not embraced or inducted into the Bloodline. Non-Seminoles are simply not allowed; until recently, only natives who still lived in the fashion of their ancestors were embraced, but lately natives and Gangrel who simply have the proper bloodlines have been embraced or inducted into the bloodline. At least one recent Muskagoo embrace is a Casino Owner with contacts in Organized Crime, for instance, but he's still a full-blooded Seminole Indian from one of the 'proper' tribes.

Character Creation: Younger Muskagoo tend to be more modern than their Elders, and as a result can vary significantly in terms of their traits. However, there is not a single member of the Bloodline who doesn't have at least a single dot in Survival and most develop more dots. The Physical Attributes and Abilities are also considered quite important, for the life of one of the Muskagoo is typically quite involving and demands such skill and potential.

Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience, Cacique?

Weakness: Muskagoo share the same basic primitive and instinctive urges of their Gangrel forebears, but in addition they are strongly linked to the Everglades. Every day, a Muskagoo must sleep in close contact with the domain of Tenaq -- the mud of the Everglades, kept wet from the sacred water of the Swamp that is the bloodlines only home. While a member of this Bloodline can range a ways from the Everglades if necessary, bringing with him some of the necessary mud and some water to keep it moist, they find it generally impossible to leave South Florida in general and most never go more than 50 miles or so from the Everglades themselves. Every day that a Muskagoo spends without contact with his life-giving mud, he takes a -1 penality to all rolls. This penality accumulates daily, until it reaches -5 dice to all actions that the Vampire undertakes. Once it reaches this point, prolonged distance from the Swamp will induce insanity and eventual torpor.