Vampire-specific Merits

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Blood Affinity (*, ***, or *****)
Prerequisite: Medicine 1+, with "Blood" speciality

You have developed a deep and natural affinity toward the Blood that most Vampires can never quite understanding, gaining an appreciation for it's texdture and subtle variations and a great affinity for the way that power is ripped from it. You are something of a connoisseur of blood, and your understanding of the various nuances of Vitae are without peer. While you're knowledge of the blood is quite broad, your tastes themselves are quite discriminating and personal -- focusing on one particular vintage of blood, which you favor over all others.

Everyone who purchases this merit develops a close relationship with one particular type of kine. These types, often called "Vintages", tend to be fairly narrow and specific. They could be humans who work for a specific profession (doctors or bankers), with certain physical (children or diabetics) or mystical (virgins or close friends) qualities. Some favor particular lifestyles or circumstances, but all such vintages tend to be easily definable and narrow down a specific section of the overall herd. No one manifests an affinity with the vintage of "women", for instance, except as a personal quirk. Any affinity that the storyteller rules is too broad should not be allowed.

This affinity manifests in a deep understanding and almost mystical bond with vessels of the proper vintage, particularly where matters of the blood are concerned. Many such Vampires also become interested or even obsessed in other matters related to their favored vessels however.

* Blood Sensitivity
The palatte of a Vampire with this level of the Blood Affinity merit is especially sensitive, able to detect subtle qualities and variations in blood. He can identify unusual traits and other interesting facts about his vessels with a Wits + Composure roll. This roll is at -3 if only a very small amount of blood is being tasted, and rolled at +3 if used on a vessel of one's favored vintage. This is sufficient to detect minor physiological cues that might be present in the vessels blood, and can often detect such things as pregnancy or the precise nature of any drugs in the blood stream. An exceptional success on the roll will can discern the nature of a ghoul or a blood-bond, and even determine who holds the vessel in thrall if the Kindred has ever tasted the blood of that Vampire.

With this level of command, the affinity toward one's favored vintage is little more than a preference and confers no especial advantages other than those mentioned above. However, neither does the Kindred suffer from any especial drawback.

*** Lore of the Blood
A Kindred with this level of command has deeped his affinity for his chosen vintage, more fully understanding the ins and outs of his chosen prey and the best methods to hunt them. In fact some express an almost mystical bond with vessels of their chosen vintage, drawing them to such prey and letting them ascertain their nature at a distance. The veracity of such claims is hard to ascertain however. Regardless, the Hunter can halve any penality to his hunting rolls that would normally be associated with hunting Vessels of this type.

In addition, he becomes supernaturally acute at locating and finding vessels of the appropriate type. If he tastes the blood of his prey, he can automatically make the determination. Other circumstances require a Wits + Composure roll. This roll is made at -1 if the Vampire is operating off the smell or sight of blood, and -3 if the Vampire must make a 'blind determination' as to a vessels suitability. Even a single success will allow him to ascertain rather or not a vessel possesses the proper traits.

This level of affinity comes with a Drawback however, as the character becomes less accustomed to hunting normal prey and suffers a -1 penality on any hunting roll that does not involve hunting his favored type of vessel.

***** Obsession of the Blood
The Kindred at this level of affinity has become consumed with his own favored type of Vitae, which tastes sweeter to him than any but the vitae of another Kindred. So great is his bond with his chosen vintage of vitae that he can squeeze extra power out of the blood. The bond between Kindred and Vessel is so close that the blood is simply more powerful to him than it would be to other Vampires. This allows the Kindred to gain an extra point of Vitae whenever he consumes three or more points of blood. He gains an additional point of Vitae if he should completely exsanguiate the vessel.

This level of affinity comes with a Drawback however, as the character's beast becomes more accustomed to the favored blood. A Vampire's beast is now considered "hungry" if he has less than four points of the chosen vitae in his system. This penality overlaps but does not stack with the normal penality for hunger, and gives him a -1 to all appropriate frenzy rolls.

Brutal Affinity (****)
Prerequisite: Blood Affinity *****

Many truly ancient Kindred loose the ability to consume the blood of mortals all-together, having to subsist off the vitae of their fellow Kindred or succumb to the long sleep of Torpor. Many Elders have spent great effort trying to find a way to cheat the curse of ages, and this is one of those methods though it is a dangerous one indeed. A Kindred with this merit looses all benefits from an Obsession of Blood, exchanging them for the ability to draw three extra points of Vitae from a victim he totally exsanguiated past the point of death itself. The subject must die during the feeding for this ability to function; if even a total blood transfusion could save him, then the Kindred has not drained enough vitae.

These extra points of blood can even be gained by those unable to consume mortal blood, though in such a case any other blood drained from the vessel is wasted. In addition, as a Drawback, this weak mortal blood cannot totally offset the hunger of the beast. A Kindred unable to consume mortal blood without at least 4 points of Vampire blood in his system is considered "hungry", regardless of how much death's blood he might have consumed, and takes a -1 to all rolls to resist frenzy. This blood will fend off starvation, however, provided you have at least one vitae point in your blood pool.

Inhuman Appearance (*****)
Prerequisite: Blood Potency 6, and Striking Looks 4.

You are inhumanly attractive, in some fashion that with mundane humans simply cannot fully comprehend or match. Some Elders of especially potent blood and great beauty find their bodies slowly twisting into this inhuman beauty. While it's power is great, it also brings with it attention, as the Vampire cannot help but draw the notice of those who are entranced by his beauty.

Whenever making a Presence or Manipulation roll to entertain, persuade, distract or decieve you gain +3 dice to your pool due to this merit. Everyone who see's you, however, cannot help but notice your appearance and sometimes such attention might be unwanted. You have a -1 to any roll to hide your presence or blend into your surroundings.