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There once was a man locked up in a mental hospital with only a mirror and empty books to keep him company. He had watched them from the window of his house, when they had crossed arcane blades and fought under the rising moon. When the first blow was struck, he cringed, but did not retreat from his window. It was fascinating to watch them, ducking and weaving. A swipe from a sword split the ground for fifty feet in all directions, while a punch collapsed a car around its middle. Then their blades met with their full gathered forces, and the man ducked away from his window just as it blew inward and his house rattled. He looked out of the window and saw them lying broken and bleeding on the ground. Instead of taking up the phone, he grabbed what meager medical supplies he had and rushed out the door. He knew where they both had fallen, but only saw one - the other, with eyes darker than midnight when there was no moon nor clouds in the sky, was gone. The remaining one lay sprawled on the ground, and the man tried to help the wounded. He only remembered hearing a voice in his head that said, "Give in kind with a gift received." A million thoughts burst through his mind, of things that happened, were happening, would happen, and never happened or would never happen.

A higher power watched him, asking him questions through the mirror in his cell. The guards thought nothing of him talking to himself in the mirror - all things considered, it was about the least harmful thing he could be doing. The creature in the mirror asked him what must have been a thousand questions - had he ever attacked anyone? Did he remember the name of the woman who'd spoken to him in the hallway at his job twelve years ago? Had he ever eaten chicken and green telephone ice cream? Did he live in a prison? Was this a trick to keep him from seeing? Had higher things been revealed to him? Did he want to see them for himself? He chose to do so, and walked through the mirror one night. It is unknown what he thought of the guards who witnessed him climbing up on a sink and crawled through a mirrored surface that bent and rippled as a pond's water. His reflection walked out, more stately and dignified than the man had been in his entire time locked up. The reflection of the man disappeared from the asylum that night, but soon after it was visited by higher state officials and many of its officers were given treatment themselves for the things they had seen. The man's reflection, almost as human as everyone around him, freed by the man's choice at the prompting by a higher power, was then gifted with the soul-shard of Revelation. He has served to the best of his odd abilities ever since.


Aspect: 1: Metahuman (5 M Ps?) Domain: 3: Marquis (5 M Ps?) Realm: 3: Warden (6 M Ps?) Spirit: 0: Candleflame (5 M Ps?)

Affiliation: Code of the Wild


Shape-Shifting (Comprehensive): Because of John's odd origins, he is now able to shape-shift into veritably anything that has seen itself in a reflective surface and discovered something about itself that it did not know before. This encompasses humans, as well as many species of Prosaic animals (particularly the ones prone to attacking their own reflections,) as well as some few stranger creatures. He retains all of his normal Attributes in these forms, though, and frequently they appear to be slightly unnatural, as if they were being seen as a reflection of what they really are.

Gatemaker: Also because of his origins, John is able to move through the reflective tools of Revelation as easily as other people use doors or open windows. He does not need to know each individual surface that he uses - as they all have the potential to be tools of Revelation his Estate locates suitable surfaces to step through. He can only move himself through, however - a legacy of his mirror-self's decision to move himself through the mirror.

Boon of the Wild: As it was given to him, so can he give it to others. This Gift possesses the power to drive almost anything sentient insane, or at least to a mental state different than its norm. This is a Lesser Creation of Mental Disorder.


Light Touch: Even though he possesses no Spirit, when he does develop it he will be unable to force Anchors to do his will without their free assent to it. He will even be unable to give them the Boon of the Wild to more easily bend them to whatever will or whim currently dominates his psyche.

Respectful: Can do no harm to people who genuinely and freely choose to better the lives of the insane.

Revelatory Trait: Casts No Reflection/Does Not Show Up On Cameras. Another side effect of his origins as a mirror reflection. He is unable to see his own picture in a reflected surface, which renders it impossible for him to make the decision to free himself as his originator did. It is possible for others to do sculptural portraits or make sketches of him, or even take pictures of him, however.

Visible: As he uses his Estate and the Boon of the Wild, he takes on a patchworked appearance so far as Prosaic Reality is concerned. He sometimes appears to manifest things that aren't really there, or that really are there but are quite at odds with how he normally appears to be, such as the skin on the back of his hand becoming scaly like alligator skin.


Sanctity of Revelation: 5 Mount Kilimanjaro: 3 Baseball Mitt: 3 Plato Square: 2 The United States Federal Supreme Court's courthouse: 2 Washroom mirror from River-Pearl Restaurant in Hangzhou: 2 Aunt Mary: 2 Ruins of the Library at Alexandria: 1

Mount Kilimanjaro is where mirror-John once went to try to find himself, but what he mostly wound up finding was that he didn't like mountains where there was snow on the top year-round. The baseball mitt was given to him as a gift by his grandfather when he was nine, but mirror-John was too busy studying or being lazy to go play ball. John regrets that his mirror-self never really got to know his grandfather, who's been dead for some time now, and greatly values the glove as a result. Plato Square is a small out-of-the-way plaza in London where all sorts of people get together to exchange ideas. Thanks to John's attention, it's largely kept free of people who are mostly interested in hurting the people at it.

The Supreme Court building is because it's the highest source of revelatory truth in the United States judicial system - getting a decision from them is probably somewhat similar to Moses hearing the original Commandments. The washroom mirror is because mirror-John spent a few years working for a company in China and confronted himself in the mirror to find out what he should do about his job and the young Chinese woman he had been dating for about six months. He left shortly thereafter. Aunt Mary is another one of the relatives that John ignored, but Aunt Mary isn't exactly stable, either - she lives in Boston and takes care of all the neighborhood stray cats, though they don't stay in her apartment. She lives on a pension and the proceeds given to her from a lawsuit related to her husband's sudden death in a canning factory. Despite this, John likes Aunt Mary. The ruins of the Library are on account of the place's ancient association with learning, which is tied up closely with Revelation. Mirror-John once visited it and didn't think much of it because of it's current state of ruin, but John now laments its destruction.