And so our heroic (and evil mastermind) students returned to the school. They were shown to their rooms. While each of the girls (and Ruri) shared common areas (kitchen, bathroom, whatnot) with hallways leading to their rooms, Omar and the evil genius had their own rooms since Omar needed special size requirements for his rooms. Of course, there were incredible difficulties in this school.

Due to the newest in dimensional technology being used, the school was built of a number of seperate parts that moved independantly of each other. Seemingly, one could be traveling along the "top floor" of the school one moment, and go up a staircase that would lead to the basement of the opposite corner of the school. For some strange reason, only Ruri was capable of navigating the school with real ability.

While upset that he was tagged as a girl again, Ruri did appreciate the possiblities in his room assignment. Each room had been customized for it's occupant. The Kensai's room was covered in weapons and diagrams, with books of strategy and war. Kimiko's room was filled to the brim with stuffed animals, pink, fuzzy wuzzy things, and soon she was given a bunch of puppies and kittens. Ruri's room was (I don't remember, I'll fill in later.)

Omar's room was simple except for the refrigerator and pantry that dwarfed even him. His enhanced body had a metabolism to match and he was rarely seen without some sort of food in one hand or another (occasionally held in his mouth while beating down an opponent.)

The mad student cackled as he opened his door and saw a dream... a world of chemicals, lab, electronics, and even... dare he to dream?... nuclear materials. Ironically, he was doomed to fail in his plans, always seeming to have something go wrong at just the worst (and best for everyone else) moments.

Soon our new students heard the headmaster of the school giving her first talk over the school intercom. It seems that she had decided to institute a dress code. This would only affect the female students, but they immediately noticed. It seemed that they were to wear very tight blouses with skirts so short that if they had been invisible they would have covered just as much. The girls immediately were horrified and decided to investigate.

As Ruri was the first one to recieve the uniform, Ruri battled internally with feelings... Would he break the school rules, and not wear the uniform while enjoying the way the girls would look in this uniform? Or did he help them to battle and free the school from this abomination?

(More to come)