We had a number of students for one of the new classes at a school dedicated to producing the greatest soldiers and heroes the human race has ever known. A young woman (Man, I am a man!), I mean man, first name Ruri, last name Hibiki. Known for amazing resiliance in harsh environments, an inability to find her (his!) way almost anywhere, and potent but latent ESPer talents.

Next was Kimiko, known for both her amazing skill, power armor/mecha, and totally utter overflowing Kawaii-ness. Her small armor suit contained a sonic weapon, a powerful ability to jump, and was modeled as a kangaroo... both due to her love of all things "cute" and being from Australia.

We also had a young man who was a complete genius... but was also as mad as a hatter... which makes him very disturbed. His skills at electronics and almost anything he touched were perfect for his attempts at homicide, but unfortunately he never seemed to succeed.

Also we had the young Kensai sword mistress, whose skills were capable of amazing feats and even greater potential.

Another of the students was the giagantic genetically modified Omar. A prototype among his country's studies, he was given amazing strength and resiliance. It was said he could stop a bull elephant charge with a punch and do greater things. But the same genes that granted such super-human strength also had reduced him to a childlike intelligence and innocence. Ironically, this innocence often let him see things that others could (or would) not see.

Unfortunately, the Hibiki child was lost. Knowing the lack of direction, they had planted a tracker at the first chance. They had identified her location. She was walking along the depths of what is known as the Marianas Trench. And so, the classmates were sent out to bring her back. (Him, him!)

Kimiko and her mecha were the only things that were capable of dealing with the intense pressures without difficulty. Later she was joined by the sword saint, who was in a very heavy depth suit. Bringing the Hibiki child was difficult. He argued that he was not underwater, just breathing the "heavy air". Also, he wished to go home and said he was headed there (no, he was going the wrong way.)

Eventually, he came up with them... where Omar (who had listened in over the radio) kept dunking the new child underwater as they traveled to the school. He was both fascinated and confused by Hibiki's seeming inability to realized he had been underwater and that he shouldn't be able to breath there. Soon they reached the school, their first... and easiest mission accomplished.