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  • Birds is practicing fencing with a long wooden pole, jabbing at a straw-filled dummy. She pauses for a moment to drink some juice.

<Birds> She notices Markuran over there. "Hey, Marku, I have a favor to ask you."

  • Markuran looks up from under his shirt as he starts pulling it back on after noticing Birds. "I've never seen you in this room. What're you doing?"

<Birds> "Practicing. I think I learned a new thing about Essence today, but I'm not sure. Help me test?"

<Markuran> "Alright. What do you need?"

  • Birds picks up Reborn Ecstatic Plume from the ground and hands it to him. "Hold this. Don't let go."
  • Markuran blinks. "Why?"

<Birds> "I am going to stand at the other side of the room and try to take it from you."

  • Birds looks around, trying to get as far away from the burly man as possible. She ends up standing on top of a practice dummy.

<Birds> "Are you ready? You have a good, firm grip?"

  • Markuran shrugs and then nods. "Yes. Are you sure you won't strain your mind or something?"

<Birds> "We shall have to see."

  • Birds holds out her hand and watches it outline in black-and-bronze as her anima tries to pull the sword from Markuran's grasp. It twitches a tiny bit.

<Birds> "Okay. So, that is what happens when I try to pull the sword toward me."

<Birds> "Now, I'm going to try to /make the sword be in my hand./"

  • Birds makes a thinking face and a gesture like her fingers are wrapped around her weapon's hilt.

<Markuran> "That sounds more complicated."

<Birds> "It is."

<Birds> "LOYAL HAWK RETURNS TO NEST!" The transparent crystal blade lights up with gold for a moment, and fades away as though evaporating in the first rays of dawn.

<Birds> It reappears in Birds-of-Trinity's hand a moment later.

  • Markuran opens his hand and peers at his palm. "Well, that was interesting."

<Birds> "Hey, it worked!"

  • Birds dives across the room and gives Markuran a hug, narrowly avoiding slicing off his ear.

<Birds> "Now my plan is set in motion."

  • Birds smirks and makes to gaze off into the distance, as if looking upon future prospects.
  • Markuran pats Birds on the shoulders. "What plan?"
  • Birds chuckles sinisterly. "You will see, Marku. Oh, how you will see." She then collapses giggling.

<Birds> "Sorry...I read that in an epic once and it was so funny...it's not much of a plan. I'll tell you about it later."

<Birds> "Did I tell you about my oath?"

<Markuran> "No...what oath.."

<Birds> "I'm never going to touch a mortal again."

<Birds> "As a sort of exercise in restraint."

<Markuran> "That is a very strange oath, Birds. How are you going to...well. Do things?{

  • Birds shrugs. "You know...remotely."
  • Markuran shakes his head. "And what about non-mortals, you can still touch them, right?"

<Birds> "Right."

<Birds> "Just not those who are neither Chosen nor divine."

<Birds> "It thus behooves you to Exalt many, quickly, in order to broaden my social circle."

<Birds> "As a favor, you understand.'

  • Markuran snorts. "Amusing, Birds."

<Birds> "Speaking of amusing things, have we heard aught of the remaining Higher Hundred?"

<Markuran> "Not beyond those we have found already."

<Birds> "Hm."

<Birds> "I fear we are running short on survivors. Perhaps I should confer with Cerin again on the nature of the twelve worlds."

<Markuran> "Maybe. He'd know better then I. How long do you plan to keep this ban against touching mortals?"

  • alsoquin is now known as Ahina

<Birds> "Oh, you know...as long as it takes."

<Markuran> "To do what?"

<Birds> "I suspect something will happen if I keep it up long enough."

  • Birds shrugs.

<Birds> "You know how sometimes you bake a pie without tasting the filling?"

<Birds> "It's like that."

<Markuran> "You're even stranger then the Shaman that decided to take an oath never to touch the ground."

<Birds> "Hey, that's a good one. Let me note that down somewhere..."

  • Birds , failing to find a convenient sheet of paper, scratches a diagram into the wall. There is a stick-figure portrair of her, floating several inches above a horizontal line.

<Markuran> "Well, he did it with sticks. How would you do it?"

<Birds> "I was thinking I'd just sort of fall and not hit the ground."

<Birds> "Alternatively, I could become very light, and float like a wisp of steam on the winds."

<Birds> "Many options are available to the Chosen, my friend."

  • Markuran nods slightly and then picks up the light ninja and tosses her into the air to see if she can manage it.
  • Birds avoids landing, a little bit.
  • Markuran looks at the ninja on his arm. "Interesting, but I can't carry you around all the time."
  • Birds descends.

<Birds> "Yes. It seems that I will have to become better before I put this plan into motion."

  • Markuran nods. "If you need help being thrown around, I'm here."
  • Markuran begins his routine of stretches. "Where have you been recently, Birds?"

<Birds> "Visiting my relations."

<Birds> "I think that my generation is all dead, but I have some nieces and nephews and so on."

  • Markuran frowns, reminded of his own family. "I see. They are well?"

<Birds> "Getting older. Otherwise fine."

<Markuran> "But now you can't touch them."

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