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<Cerin> "Zahara, there is a messenger approaching. He appears to be from Thorns." He walks into her workshop.

  • Zahara and looks him up and down. "Are you ready for the messenger? I expect we should put on a bit of a show of strength and confidence, so he doesn't bring back the wrong idea."

<Cerin> "I shall go and change into my armour if you wish." He smiles

<Zahara> "I think that would be appropriate. We ARE speaking with him of matters of war, after all. Where's Marku? No.. nevermind. He'll hit the messenger."

  • Cerin nods "I will tell Birds if I see her. Should I find Kai?"
  • Birds encounters Cerin in the hall and nods briefly. "I'll fetch the bird and my outfit for impressing visitors."

<Zahara> "Yes, you might as well. If she is going to be scared off by anything, this will be it."

  • Cerin nods "I will see you out in the courtyard soon then." he kisses her, then walks off to don his armour, then to find Kai.
  • Kai is sitting in her quarters, replacing a mandolin string.
  • Cerin knocks on the door.
  • Kai looks up. "Come in!"
  • Cerin steps inside. "Good day Kai. I'm sorry to interupt again, but we are soon to be recieving a messenger from the Mask Of Winters. Zahara would like that you be there when we recieve him."
  • Zahara finishes up the necklace she was making out of platinum and sapphire, and fastens it around her neck, then heads up to her room to change. When she emerges she looks both beautiful and powerful. Her silken gown matches the depth of the sapphires, and sets off the ice of her eyes. She strides to the recieving area, and composes herself to wait for the messenger, meditating.
  • Kai puts aside the mandolin. "Oh. All right. Should I, uhm, wear anything special?"

<Cerin> "If you have anything special to wear..." he considers "Something more ..impressive?"

<Kai> "Well, I don't really have a lot of clothing available... But I may be able to muster something a little more... impressive."

<Cerin> "I'll be outside while you change." He steps outside again.

<Kai> "All right."

  • Kai closes the door. After a minute, Kai's anima can be seen leaking around the doorframe. When she emerges, her skin is made of shining bronze.
  • Markuran knocks on the door of Birds' room as she's changing. "Birds?"
  • Cerin smiles "That is more impressive, yes. I did not know you had mastery of the emerald circle." he starts to walk off, at an easy pace
  • Kai follows. "I know a couple tricks."
  • Birds opens the door. Markuran sees the tail end of her costume's reconfiguration process; it is making itself into a suit of stylized armour.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Yes?"

  • Markuran smiles at Birds. "I was going to speak with you further about the Ecliptic Faith, but it seems something has come up? What's going on?"
  • Cerin walks her out to Zahara "What the messenger says might be quite suprising, just to warn you."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Messengers."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Look impressive!"

<Zahara> "Why do you think that?"

<Markuran> "Ah...of course Zahara decided not to inform me. I'll meet you there, Birds."

<Cerin> "I was speaking to Kai. She does not know of the Equation.."

  • Markuran returns to his lair to properly attire himself.
  • Kai smiles. "I think I'll let you guys handle the talking this time."
  • Zahara nods and waits expectantly for him to continue
  • Birds , deciding to wait at the gates, jumps down the hollow stairwell and finds a seat in the Manse's entrance hall.

<Cerin> "Without your help last time I'm not sure it would have been nearly so successful. But anyway, the Shadowed Unlife Equation is a problem beseting the south of the world, though I am fairly certain it will spread further if not stopped. Those afflicted by it do not die and have no essence. The Mask Of Winters said he would provide a solution for it."

The messenger arrives at the gates -- a young woman, dressed entirely in purple and blue robes. Her dark red hair hangs forward, covering much of her lily-white face.

<Zahara> "Yes, so we know."

<Kai> "I'm sorry... It's a disaese? I thought you called it an equation?"

  • Markuran joins the other Solars on the meeting field in a fairly short time, having quickly donned his most impressive clothing. A shining white hrstal-fur cloak covers his broad shoulders, over the golden-tan hide vest that proudly displays many of the scars across Markuran's torso and arms. Even his tyrant-lizard skin boots are shining. Somehow he managed to trim his hair and beard as well, presenting the perfect image of the barbarian warlord.

<Cerin> "It is an Equation of essence. It functions like a disease in some ways though."

<Cerin> "The messenger is here now. We'll tell you more later."

  • Kai nods.
  • Zahara looks Kai up and down, raising a brow. "It is a bit like sorcery." she turns to regard the messenger, and signals for her to approach. "Welcome to the Sunlands."
  • Cerin stands beside Zahara, the silken ribbons on his armour billowing about them. "Greetings messenger from Thorns."

A mournful and tragic song seems to float by on the wind as the messenger addresses Zahara. "Thank you. I am Symphony of Crimson. I come on behalf of the Mask of Winters."

  • Birds waits for the messenger to elaborate.

<Zahara> "We appreciate your presence here, and the assistance of your Master. Would you care for a bit of wine, or would you rather get straight to business?"

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "I would... greatly enjoy wine."

  • Zahara signals to the servants who hurry to bring out a carafe of fine wine, and goblets for all. "A fine vintage, from the year the Sunlanders united under our banner."
  • Birds sips. "This is delicious. What corner is it from? It tastes of the coal cliffs of Chaya."
  • Zahara smiles, "Your palate is quite refined, Birds of Trinity. You are correct."
  • Symphony Of Crimson? accepts a goblet and sips, very lightly, at the wine within.
  • Markuran downs his goblet in a mouthful, pouring a second.
  • Birds sighs softly. "I once knew a vintner there..."

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "Do you have an enclosed location in which we can speak?"

  • Kai smiles and happily follows Markuran's example.
  • Zahara swirls the wine around her goblet, and takes a small sip. "We can speak inside the audience chamber, or in the White Room if you prefer more security."
  • Cerin sips his own wine slowly

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "The audience chamber will suffice."

<Zahara> "This way," she announces, and turns with a swirl of silks, leading the way further into the manse, where the Thrones sit, on a raised dais. Four ornate thrones sit, each detailed to match its owner, all on equal level and equal size.

  • Symphony Of Crimson? asks "Can these lights be hidden?"
  • Markuran shakes his head. "They serve functions beyond illumination. They must remain."
  • Zahara flicks her gaze at Kai, and contemplates bringing out Rannath's old throne. That would put her back in the center, properly. But not yet, she has not earned it yet. "They can be dimmed, however."
  • Markuran settles himself on his seat

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "Please do so."

  • Zahara seats herself in the middle-right throne. Hers is an intricate webwork of delicacy hiding runes of power. She waves her hand regally, and the lights dim.
  • Cerin takes his own seat next to Zahara, his own throne covered in a wealth of subtle detail.
  • Symphony Of Crimson? walks over to a blank wall, near the thrones. From within her cloak, she draws what looks to be some sort of exotically-plumed bird, which shivers and shakes in her hands.
  • Birds perches in her throne the way she always does, a bit restlessly, running her fingers around the carvings.
  • Kai stands next to the row of thrones, trying to look austere.

<BirdsOfTrinity> A dark shape uncoils from at her feet and lands on her wrist, a bird made of black glass.

  • Zahara inspects the bird, shifting her sight into the realm of Essence

With one swift motion, Symphony draws a deep black dagger out from one sleeve, cuts her bird's guts open, and splashes its blood out in a broad circle upon the wall.

  • Kai 's eyes widen.
  • Zahara frowns slightly at the redecoration
  • Cerin focuses on the blood as it splatters over the wall

Within moments, the blood begins to glow a bright, brilliant red color, and Symphony stands next to it expectantly.

  • Birds watches impassively. The servant gods will clean this up, if need be.

After a few moments more, vague shapes begin to form in the glow, slowly resolving themselves into the shapes of terrifying ghouls like the one Cerin dragged back to the Cascade. In the image, they use their evil magics against a small village, whose population rises up to join their numbers.

  • Zahara watches intently, focusing on the images procured by the evil chicken.
  • Cerin watches the image impassively, having seen this with his own eyes before.

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "The Shadowed Unlife Equation. Even now, they draw near the large cities which line the Southern coast of the Inland Sea."

<Zahara> "Do you know their final purpose?"

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "Yes. To consume all of Creation within the necrotic boundaries of their master, so that all may finally sink into the Abyss."

<Zahara> "Ah, and your master does not agree with this end coming so soon?"

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "My master has his own reasons for this action."

<Markuran> "Then what does he wish to gain from sending you to give us old news we already have?"

  • Zahara eyes Markuran, "The messenger brings the cure."
  • Symphony Of Crimson? casts a withering stare at Markuran. "I am not finished, knave."
  • Symphony Of Crimson? straightens her robe and continues. "As the Equation continues to gather new bodies, it gains in strength and speed. However, its fundamental weakness remains."
  • Symphony Of Crimson? waves her hand and the image fades, though the blood continues to glow. She reaches up with one hand and scrawls a single character in it, which appears in a deep black.
  • Markuran snarls, returning the Abyssal's stare with a glower that carries the wrath of one of the Sun's most powerful champions. For a moment her mind is filled with the violent fury of solar fire and she can almost feel its warmth upon her, stripping away her precious shadows
  • Zahara studies the character like a starving prisoner studies a rich steak.

<Zahara> "Markuran, behave!"

  • Symphony Of Crimson? spends a few precious motes of Essence and finds herself utterly disinterested in Markuran's display.
  • Cerin curiously studies the sigil. Is it one of the equation? sigi;s

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "Each of the characters in the Equation was one of its component souls when it lived, a spirit of tremendous power. This symbol" -- she gestures helpfully -- "was its heart."

<Zahara> "Ahhh, I see." she leans back in her throne, contemplating the revealation.

  • Cerin nods.

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "The symbol still forms the core of the Equation's being. If an opposing pattern of Essence could be introduced to the heart of the Equation's manifestation in Creation, it would counteract the binding and cast out the Equation. The difficulty, of course, is reaching that heart."

<Zahara> "Does the heart exist every time they complete the Equation, or is it kept elsewhere?"

  • Cerin considers..
  • Birds pets Smoking Mirror and tells him to take careful notes.

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "When the Equation is manifest in Creation, the heart is buried within one of the forms it has animated."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "How can the presence of the heart be discerned?"

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "If you wish to banish the Equation, one of you must immobilize the Heart and apply the anti-symbol to it with Essence."

<Zahara> "So first, we must seek the heart, before we can destroy it."

  • Birds glances at Kai to see what her reaction to all this is.
  • Zahara turns to regard the Barbarian, "You're good at immobilizing things. Will you do this, once we find the correct ghoul?"

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "Yes. Its presence should be relatively easy to discern -- it will keep to the center of the roving pack, and bear this symbol most visibly in its markings."

  • Kai watches patiently, having overcome the shock of avian disembowelment.

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "Do you expect that you can accomplish this?"

<Cerin> "I believe we can, yes."

<Zahara> "We can."

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "Good. We must make haste to the South, then."

  • Markuran gives the Abyssal one last glower before nodding to Zahara. "I can stop this beast when we find it."

<Zahara> "It will require some small time to prepare."

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "I will await you at the place of your choosing."

<Zahara> "Await our coming at the Gate in three days time."

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "I shall do so."

<Cerin> "Zahara, we would be better flying there. We will need mobility to find the heart."

<Markuran> "We should take the Airship. We fixed it, I believe."

<Cerin> "The Gates are too sparse in the South." he nods to M Arku? "The airship is what I used to hunt them."

  • Zahara signals, and a servant brings a sealed bottle of the Wine, "For the Mask of Winters. I hope he enjoys it. He has been most helpful." she turns to Cerin and Marku, "It will be cramped with all.. six of us."

<Cerin> "It has room enough, and it is much faster than the wasps."

  • Zahara smiles slightly, "Perhaps Marku can ride on the top, like old times."
  • Kai has resolved to no longer be surprized by phrases like "It's much faster than the wasps".

<Markuran> "I have things to work on as we travel."

<Markuran> "I will collect them, then we can leave."

<Zahara> "I will need the three days to design the opposing essence signature in a way that will be easily applied to the Heart."

Three days later.

  • Symphony Of Crimson? patiently awaits the arrival of the Solars.
  • Cerin brings the airship he and Zahara found in Rathess down a short distance from her at the gate.

<SymphonyOfCrimson?> "This is an impressive device."

<Zahara> "A First Age airship. It is quite comfortable inside. We spent much time restoring it." She gestures toward the door. "Please, seat yourself." She sits next to Cerin in the copilot seat.

  • Symphony Of Crimson? gingerly climbs inside and seats herself.
  • Cerin takes it off, then makes the ship rise again, after closing the door. He flies up high over the mountains, before dropping towards the desert, flying fast and low, though not so low he disturbs the sands.
  • Markuran stays in one of the quarters below decks, making loud hammering noises and chanting occasionally.
  • Kai has prepared the Bornze Skin again, and is wearing her breastplate and helmet.

<Zahara> "Kai, and Symphony of Crimson, Our aim today is to clear a path for Markuran, and to make sure the circle is never completed. Do not try to kill them, merely move them out of formation in any way possible, and try to cripple them so they cannot return." she says over her shoulder

 A dark cloud of dust can be seen on the horizon -- far away, the crowd of ghouls advances across the sands. 

<Kai> "Can they die? What about beheading?"

<Cerin> "They do not die. The seperate bits will still move."

<Zahara> "Be-legging would be more effective."

<Kai> "Hm. How do they normally fight? Will they be armed?'

  • Zahara looks to Cerin

<Cerin> "They were armed with knives of black metal. They fight well, though they should not be a match for you individually."

<Zahara> "Oh, I forgot to finish fixing the Ship's cannons. I'll be right back." She pushes the autopilot for her half of the controls, and heads into the back. Several minutes later, she reappears, looking annoyed.

<Cerin> "What is it love?"

<Zahara> "I tore my dress." she frowns, and slumps into her seat sulkily.

  • Cerin kisses her cheek "I'm sorry to hear that." then he looks up "We'll be over the hoard in about 2 minutes."

<Zahara> "And," she holds up her hand dramatically, "I broke a NAIL." there is the tiniest chip off of the edge of her otherwise immaculate manicure.

  • Kai focuses for a moment, and fashions her solar sabre.
    The dust moves quickly across the desert, moving rapidly towards a nearby oasis settlement.
  • Cerin sticks his own controls on autopilot, getting the craft to follow them at a distance, safe within its camoflaging bubble of essence. Then he calls his essence to his eyes, starting to scan the horde before him

<Zahara> "Cerin, do you want to stay here and fly the ship, or shall I let you out with the others?

As the ship crests over the cloud, Cerin gazes down into the crowd of bandaged ghouls running beneath. His eyes search furiously for the symbol that Symphony drew. After some fruitless searching, he is almost ready to give up, when suddenly he notices a thicker part of the cloud....

Gazing in, Cerin makes out the figures -- large figures -- within. A creature standing almost fifteen feet tall, in the vague shape of a man but bearing numerous bony protrusions and six great curling horns stands, wrapped in similar cerements -- and on its chest, the symbol....

Around him are others who were never men in life -- a tyrant lizard, a yeddim, what must have been some sort of bulky Dragon-King -- each bearing another symbol emblazoned on their own skins.

  • Zahara begins to prepare her spell while the ship is on autopilot, chanting runes that turn red and flicker in the air, taking on a life of their own. She waits for Cerin's direction on where to release it.

<Cerin> "The heart is within that cloud." he points "It is not alone."

  • Markuran joins the others at the helm. "What is with it?"

<Cerin> "Others the equation has wrapped. A tyrant lizard, a yeddim and some kind of Dragon King. The heart itself stands twice your height marku"

  • Zahara gives the slightest nod to acknowledge the direction, then releases the spell. The Essence flies faster than the Ship, and the ground begins to tremble and crack. Three writhing tentacles of living magma erupt from the center of the circle, while the other seven spring up in a ring 14 yards away, outside of the inner circle, in case the center of the battle should shift.
  • Markuran shrugs. "I have killed greater things. Its height is immaterial."

The ghouls instantly stop their incessant charge as the tentacles begin to swipe at them, sending ghouls flying in every direction.

  • Cerin drops the stealth field, directing the cannons of the ship to start blasting a clear area below the ship to set it breifly down in

The beasts clear a space as the Essence cannons blast uncompromisingly into the dirt.

  • Cerin sets the ship down. "I'll stay on here and try to keep the bulk of the horde away from you."

<Zahara> "I plan on blasting the things from the air, unless you'd prefer to."

<Markuran> "Let Zahara remain here. Her spells will be better aimed from the air and she will be in less danger."

  • Cerin shakes his head "No, you stay on here."

<Markuran> "If I stay, who will capture the heart?"

<Zahara> "You go, don't forget the Brands. I made two, just in case."

  • Markuran waves them, already having gathered the weapons. "I think these would be better with someone else. I'll need all my strength to hold the Heart."

<Cerin> "I'll take one."

  • Zahara slides into the pilot's seat when Cerin vacates it, and gestures lightly. Outside the window, a Bell, a Sword, a Hammer, a Chain and a Staff flare into existence, hovering in front of the window eagerly.

<Zahara> "No, take the other one.. that one's modular, and you can affix it to an arrow."

  • Cerin nods and takes the other one.

<Kai> "Brands?"

<Zahara> "They contain the opposing Essence signature to the Heart." She says, watching one of the tentacles sweep an area clear in front of the door. "Now, out with you! This battle must begin before it ends."

  • Kai draws Daybreaker.
  • Cerin kisses her, then flows out of the door, and then up the side of the ship.
  • Birds climbs the opposite side of the ship, gauging whether she will need to descend to do war.
    As the two Solars climb to the top of the ship, ghouls about its perimeter draw out their black swords and begin to scrawl in the sand.
  • Kai steps out into the light, bronze skin gleaming.
  • Markuran hurls himself downwards, toward the massive beast that Cerin pointing out as containing this "Heart" they need to destroy. The Reminder tightly lashed around his arm, Marku falls. In mid-descent the warlord flares into radiance, blinding the unclean things below with his presence. His brawny frame hammers the Heart to the ground and he wraps his arms around it, squeezing it until it falters and fails in the light
  • Birds picks a ghoul and flings an Essence arc at it, to see whether it cuts or burns.

Kraken tentacles beat down to prevent the completion of the Equation circle, keeping the Solars safe for the moment.

  • Zahara fires the left cannon at the closest one, carving a path through the ghouls
  • Kai keeps close to Marku, clearing a path, a whirl of dakr steel and solar light.

<Cerin> "Break that circle!" Cerin shouts as he starts to send motes of sunlight towards the ghouls surrounding the hear, the broad heads of his arrows cutting limbs

 The Heart brings up a bony sword to defend itself, batting away Marku's blows with quick, precise motions.
  • Markuran manages to duck under the bone-blade and tackle the beast to the ground, struggling with it mightily. Tendons stand out on Marku's neck and he grunts as he struggles to hold the massive beast. "CERIN! KILL IT!" after that, even Marku can't manage more bellowing, his breath pants as he struggles with the Heart
  • Cerin changes his tactics as he sees Marku's clinch, and leaps from the top of the ship, landing lightly on top of the ghouls, running with grace and speed across the horde, drawing out the brand and plunging it into the symbol of the heart...
  • Birds steps onto the sands and cuts through the crowd, setting ghouls aflame with her darkly luminous anima.

As Cerin plunges the brand into the Heart's chest, bitter smoke begins to rise up, and the brand itself glows a brilliant white-hot. In an instant, the other unusual ghouls swivel and turn to face the Solars -- the Dragon-King and a ghoulish tiger turn upon Markuran, while the tyrant lizard and yeddim bear down on Cerin.

  • Zahara 's eyes widen as she sees Markuran in a vulnerable position, and her weapons hesitate for a fraction of a second, then fly over to surround him in a flash, picking up the lights of the flaring animas and sending sparks of light back as they intervene to save his life. For some reason.
  • Markuran makes a note to thank Zahara later

Marku and Cerin each find themselves lightly wounded, though they avoid the brunt of the ghouls' assaults.

Meanwhile, the faceless mass of ghouls turns to carve the sigil into the sand surrounding Marku and Cerin.

  • Kai slip through the horde, intent on the Dragon creature that looms over Markuran. She spins around it, lashing out with both blades.
  • Zahara fires the Essence cannon as she pushes the ship forward, and upward, circling to gain height. The Kraken tentacles leave her a path, laying into the creatures on either side of themselves. Behind her, the Bell tolls its shattering song.

The ghouls within the bell's range clearly reel at its sound; though it can inflict no true harm on them, it stuns them for a moment nonetheless. The Essence cannon shot shoots forward and knocks over the Dragon-King hanging over Marku, which the Kraken then proceeds to mercilessly pummel.

<Kai> Her target at least temporarily displaced, Kai turns her attention to the ghoul tiger. She slips in toward the forelegs, attempting to catch them between her two blades, a savage celestial scissor.

The tiger's legs are neatly removed from its body, though this unsurprisingly fails to cause it any serious difficulty.

  • Cerin remains pressing the brand the heart, ignoring the corruscating arcs of essence welling up from it. He waits for the next attacks from the yeddim and the lizard, his body flickering like a dream as the claws come slicing in, not moving from their path, simply letting them pass through.

The great ghouls redouble their attacks on Marku and Cerin, in the hope of freeing the heart from the brand....

With Zahara's weapons spinning in a protective pattern around him, Marku once again escapes with merely a scratch.

With a sudden burst of strength, the Heart bursts out from under Marku, sending the barbarian flying backwards.

Cerin barely manages to hold on to the beast's wrappings, still holding the brand deep within his chest.

  • Zahara flies agilely above the battlefield, suddenly arcing back towards the fray, and takes several long seconds to zero in... then looses the Essence Cannon at the Heart's Head, angling so that it should pass right by Cerin. She hopes.

Zahara rings her bell once again as she pilots the craft, but the distraction of so many tools drawing her attention at once seems to have gotten the better of her -- it peals out a sour note, and the front window of the skycraft shatters into hundreds of pieces. Zombies begin to leap up and pull themselves into the ship, gladly taking the opportunity presented to them.

  • Kai looks up. "Shit!"

<Zahara> "Shit!"

Zahara's blast strikes the Heart square in the face, knocking him back onto the ground, Cerin atop his chest.

  • Cerin remains balancing on the beasts chest, pushing the brand down with all his strength, a hazy blur of red essence as he is thrown about by the creatures movements. He isnt conciously aware of the attacks against him, his body flickering and twisting of its own accord
  • Kai backpedals towards the Heart, setting herself between Cerin and as many of the big ghouls as possible, bracing for their onslaught.
  • Symphony Of Crimson? can be spotted, chopping ghouls on the perimeter of Cerin and Marku's area cleanly in two.
  • Zahara tenses as the ghouls climb through the window at her, and instantly draws her Daiklave, frantically whacking the autopilot button as she lifts her sword to bat them away, fine traceries of Essence leaving blue trails behind it.
  • Markuran lunges for the Heart as it tries to deal with Cerin. As the beast rears into the air to throw Cerin off the big Solar barrels into it from behind, his own Brand thrusting deep into its back, meeting Cerin's in the middle of the beast. As the brand sears the beast terribly, Marku uses his free limbs to pummel the Heart into submission
  • Birds seeing that Zahara is surrounded by zombies, runs to her defence! She slides under the crowd of them, kicking up dust, and comes to her feet at Zee's side.

Birds interposes herself between Zahara and the ghouls, fighting to keep their cruel daggers away from her. Just as she does so, Marku slams the second brand into the Heart with incredible force -- the two brands drive through its flesh, meeting in the center, and there is an explosion of brilliant light, so bright that all vision is obscured....

When the light dims, the Solars find themselves in a field of corpses, a dark black smoke rising up from the dead bodies that are scattered across the sands.

  • Kai looks around. "Uhm. So that... did it?"
  • Cerin relaxes "That did it."
  • Markuran stands up from where he'd been sprawled in the ground from the sudden disintegration of his foe. "HA!"

<Zahara> "Thanks, Birds." she stands and starts flipping the dead bodies out of the ship as it cruises along.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "At your service."

  • Symphony Of Crimson? stands amidst the dead bodies, and begins to perform a slow, graceful kata.
  • Cerin turns to watch her, looking for essence surrounding her...
  • Markuran peers at the sand beneath his feet as it begins to grow dark. Then moist. Then wet. And finally, water begins to emerge from the bottom of the massive crater Marku's attack formed in the desert ground. "Um. I think I broke the desert."
  • Zahara sighs in relief, and guides the ship around to land in its original position once more. The wind is warm and gritty on her face. "How the hell am I going to replace that window?"
  • Kai looks down. "whoa."

Meanwhile, at the cascade....

Somewhere, deep within a treasure vault, somewhere in the deepest parts of the manse.

A single, perfectly round sphere of metal sits; polished, smooth.

Then, suddenly.

A red outline appears on its surface -- the shape of feathers.

In one swift motion, a single wing of shiny metal pulls away from the sphere and spreads out into the air -- and the rest of the sphere begins to unfold....

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