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<BirdsOfTrinity> "I look forward to meeting him some time, Kai."

  • Zesty Zahara? idly finds herself mesmerized by Cerin's hair.
  • Zesty Zahara? is now known as Zahara
  • Birds-of-Trinity sets down her tea and gazes out the window.

<Kai> "Well, next time we're in Nexus, we'll stop in."

  • Cerin lies back on the cushions, idly smoothing his hair behind his ear again. He yawns softly

Birds notices a slight commotion near one of the gates -- a figure in reddish robes, apparently requesting admittance to the Manse.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "What's that? Someone is at the gate."

  • Birds-of-Trinity gets up. "I'll deal with it." She steps out the window.
  • Zahara blinks and glances over at Birds, "I... well okay."
  • Zahara steps to the window to watch.
  • Cerin perks up a little looking over to the gates, trying to work out who it might be.
  • Kai moves to the window to watch.
  • Markuran joins Birds on her way down to greet their new guest. "Good morning."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Good morning!"

As the Solars approach, the figure finishes its conversation with the guards, who step aside to give it passage.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "The lords of the Sunlands welcome our guest. What business have you here, sir or madam?"

  • Cerin carefully listens to the conversation as he watches

As the Solars approach, the figure pulls back its hood, revealing the bald head and severe features of the one and only Cathak Relovia.

  • Markuran smiles bright at Relovia. "You are welcomed back to the Cascade, Relovia. What has returned you from the Isle?"
  • Birds-of-Trinity looks pleasantly surprised.
  • charlequin is now known as Relovia
  • Kai leans over to Cerin. "Who's this?"
  • Zahara murmers to Cerin and Kai, "Do you think we should join them?"
  • Relovia has a serious look upon her face. "Grim tidings, Markuran. We should speak within the manse."

<Cerin> "It is Relovia. She is an Immaculate Master we converted to our cause. Perhaps we could, though I can relay to you the conversation from here."

  • Markuran nods. "We can speak in my rooms. They are far from ears and eyes not our own."

<Cerin> "Oh...they are coming inside. With bad news."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Cerin will indicate to the others where we are. Let's make haste."

  • Relovia nods at Markuran. "Lead us, if you would."
  • Markuran nods and starts toward his rooms at a fast pace

<Zahara> "I love bad news." she says drily, regarding Relovia with curiosity.

  • Cerin turns from the window, his hair shimmering as he does "They are going to Marku's quarters, we should meet them there I think."

Soon, all the circle are sitting in Marku's workshop, on the variety of cases, chests and chairs about the room.

  • Relovia nods. "I am glad you are all here; I feared I would not be able to reach you in time."
  • Zahara takes the bed, arranging her skirts around her like a cloud.
  • Cerin sits next to Zahara, bunching her skirts up alittle so he can sit close.
  • Zahara is briefly annoyed, and rearranges her skirts accordingly.
  • Cerin whispers "sorry", and kisses her cheek.
  • Relovia looks at Kai with curiosity. "Who is this?"

<Cerin> "Ah Cathak Relovia, this Kai, Kai, This is Cathak Relovia"

  • Kai smiles cheerily.
  • Relovia raises an eyebrow. "She is to be trusted?"

<Kai> "Pleasure to meet you."

<Zahara> "I'm not entirely sure, actually." she regards Kai for a long moment. "But if not, there are ways to correct that."

  • Kai pretends she didn't hear that.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Zee, you're so... forward."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "At any rate, Relovia, Kai is one of us."

<Zahara> "Well, if the information we are about to recieve is of a sensitive nature, it may not be best to have her here. If it merely important and not sensitive, then please go ahead."

  • Markuran glowers at Zahara. "Have a little of that..um." he pauses. "Tact. You keep telling me to have some."
  • Zahara appears unmoved. "If the security of our ENTIRE NATION is at stake, I would prefer to prevent leaks."
  • Cerin puts his hand on Zahara's "If she wished to do us harm we would be dead in our beds now."

<Zahara> "My statement remains. Relovia, is this information secretive or not?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Cerin's right. Maybe bringing Kai into the Unity of Dreams would assuage your worries, Zahara?"

<Zahara> "Hardly."

<Cerin> "Kai, do you have any intention to betray us or our nation?"

<Zahara> "There are many forms of harm. Information in the wrong hands can be as deadly as a sword." she gives Cerin a meaningful look

<Kai> "None whatever."

  • Birds-of-Trinity passes a note to Markuran.

<Cerin> "She speaks the truth."

  • Relovia , who has been following the argument with a strange look, pipes up. "Time is of the essence. I will speak now, with her present or not."

<Relovia> "I bring two pieces of bad news.

<Zahara> "Truth or not, she came upon her power in a way that she should not, and until I find out who granted it to her, and how, I cannot trust her."

  • Cerin turns to listen to Relovia

<Relovia> "First, open fighting has broken out upon the Blessed Isle. And second, a group of elite Dynasts, armed with incredible weapons and with the aid of mysterious allies, have already entered the Sunlands with the intention of wreaking havoc upon your people and lands."

<Cerin> "LAI! May he burn for all eternity in the fires of the sun.."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I am not a statesman, Relovia. Could you explain why the first news is bad?"

  • Zahara looks entirely annoyed now.

<Markuran> "It means that the Realm is no longer stable. And that much chaos will be caused as it struggles to shred itself to bits.

  • Birds-of-Trinity considers what to do about the second tidbit.

<Markuran> Smaller states will break away. Wars will rise. And the true threats to Creation will be ignored for selfish greed."

<Relovia> "Largely, I suspect that the armies of the Realm will spend themselves against one another, which will leave them no strength to fight the coming war."

<Zahara> "Aren't *we* considered a true threat to Creation?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "As for the Dynasts, we should remove those."

  • Relovia leans down and looks even more serious than before. "The Realm is corrupt and decadent, yes, but it would have fought against the coming tide."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "How many are there, and what are these weapons?"

  • Cerin nods to Birds. "They will have essence feedback weapons. And other things."

<Markuran> "Or take them. They will be an asset. We can ill-afford to waste trained lives in the face of what comes against us."

<Cerin> "Capture..kill..they cannot be allowed to roam."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "We cannot trust that they are not prepared for us to do that to them, Marku."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I recommend a more decisive action."

<Zahara> "We should try to capture at least one, for information."

<Relovia> "I am uncertain how many. There are several groups of them, likely to have been sent to different areas. The weapons are unlike anything I have ever seen before... they tear the soul out from within."

<Zahara> "Ah, I have one of those. It's broken, however."

<Markuran> "Do the Monks come against us, Relovia?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I don't suppose that you can throw Erembour at them, Zee..."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Or Ligier. Ligier would be good."

<Zahara> "I've got Lucien around, but not those yet."

  • Relovia looks at Markuran. "No, though their power is broken, and the Palace Sublime lies in ruins."
  • Markuran shrugs. "Gather what you can. We need to deal with these incursions instantly....is it? That is most interesting."
  • Markuran smiles broadly, rubbing his hands together, almost gleeful.

<Cerin> "What happened to the Palace Sublime?"

<Relovia> "A faction in pursuit of the throne has... strange allies. They percieved that the Order posed a threat to their plans. That accursed bitch Linaya convinced the Mouth of Peace to call a meeting of the Order's highest levels, supposedly so we could find a way to end the senseless fighting that had erupted. (...)

<Relovia> "With much of the Order gathered, they struck with the weapons I have described to you. We had little time to react. Cinerea and I managed to fight our way out, but most of the monks were slain where they stood. We were forced to retreat, though I was able to drag one of their number away and force him to admit to his purposes before he died. (...)

<Relovia> Afterwards, Cinerea brought me to a secret portal underneath the remnants of the Palace and instructed me as to its operation; that is how I was able to arrive here."

  • Cerin nods
  • Zahara mutters imprecations about eyes that can pierce sorcery and how they can in turn be pierced by various implements.

<Markuran> "And where is Cinerea now?"

<Relovia> "He stayed behind to search for survivors and gather what remained of the Order. He said he would contact me soon."

  • Markuran nods. "I will leave a watch for him. But we must all go to deal with these invaders. Now."
  • Cerin nods in agreement.
  • Relovia nods. "From what my captive told me, they are likely to strike in these areas." She unfurls a map and points to locations in Melekin, Jakobi, and Marukan.
  • Markuran nods. "Logical. We can find them."

<Zahara> "Does he know you are working with us?"

<Relovia> "He did not identify you by name. He clearly knew I had allegiances beyond the Order, however."

<Cerin> "Well, that makes a certain amount of sense." He gestures to the portal locations on the map.

  • Zahara nods in agreement, putting aside her annoyance for the nonce. "Portals." she nods.

<Zahara> "It is a good thing I have been preparing for the war against the Dynasts."

<Cerin> "We should go, soon."

<Zahara> "I need to get some supplies. I'll meet you near the Wasps."

<Relovia> The Solars and Relovia regroup near one of the portals.

  • Relovia looks at it curiously. "You are familiar with these...?"

<Zahara> "We control one."

<Cerin> "And the principles of navigating by them are not hard to deduce."

<Relovia> "Did you discover the secret of their operation yourselves?"

<Zahara> "Cerin was the first of us to unlock one."

  • Relovia nods.

<Relovia> "Which area shall we strike at first?"

  • Markuran indicates the area closest to the God Exalt Manse. "Here. We can destroy the God-Exalts at the same time."

<Zahara> "Let's be off then. Treble the guard around our Gate while we are out."

  • Relovia nods, and activates the gate.
  • Zahara steps through, with Cerin and Tanty at her side. relatively.
  • Markuran is the last one through, having stayed in his quarters to retreave his gear.

<Relovia> The land beyond seems quiet and peaceful, in keeping with Melekin's typically reserved demeanor. A cool wind blows.

  • Zahara 's neck is adorned with several collars of 5-colored Jade, and three matching bracelets jingle on her wrist.

<Zahara> "Is that a rare seven-flecked purple-breasted egret?" she stares, wide-eyed at a vaguely purplish bird across the way. "I must have it!"

<Cerin> "Later my love, there is fighting to the north."

<Zahara> "No there's not." she advances in a vaguely catlike manner towards the bird

Quietly, Kai's solar sabre flicks into existence.

<Cerin> "There is fighting to the north, I swaer to you you, calling his bow, and shimering as he starts to flow like blood

  • Markuran steps through the gateway in armor none of the others have seen before. Fitted perfectly to his brawny form, the almost liquid Orichalcum covers many of Marku's more disfiguring scars and somehow emphasizes his best assets. Areas of shimmering glass armor other portions of his body, proudly displaying the scars from Selonis and other important battles. The armor lends a certain feel of effortless command to the big warlord.
  • Zahara darts forward suddenly, trying to grab the bird
  • Markuran seems undiminished in glory even by the dark weapon strapped to his forearm, the golden radiance out shining even the blackness of the Grim Reminder.

<Cerin> "Very impressive, Marku." he looks the man up and down.

<Relovia> "We must hurry." Me begins to move northwards, swiftly.

  • Kai follows closely.
  • Cerin waits for Zahara "Zahara, please."
  • Zahara scowls as the bird slips away from her, and sulkily follows her fellows. She does draw her blade, however.
  • Birds-of-Trinity whistles casually for a bit and her anima explodes around her in a whorl of gold and black. A column of smoke coalesces into a crystalline implement of war as she follows Relovia.
  • Cerin flows along the ground after Zahara.
  • Zahara covers her eyes as Birds blinds her momentarily. "Well, stealth is right out."

<Cerin> "Then speed."

<Relovia> As the Solars move northwards, they all begin to hear the sounds -- of screaming, of steel upon steel, and of stranger things.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Sorry, Zee. I don't have the spiritual advancement to do this quietly yet."

<Kai> Mishkin follows quietly along, keeping to the trees.

<Zahara> "Nice blade, though." she smiles slightly

A few minutes of running later, they come upon the scene -- a moderately large village lies, burning, on the horizon. Tendrils of opaline energy flail up and about from the ground, in the air above the houses. Corpses lie all about the borders, while other villagers flee out onto the plains.

  • Cerin redoubles his speed, soon overtaking Relovia and Kai, moving in a strange loping run that devours the ground. As he sees the village he suddenly stops, immobile, looking for threats

No Dynasts are visible from outside the village, though the tendrils continue to flail about.

  • Cerin ripples and shimmers as more essence twists about him. A Crimson shadow descends into the village.

<Zahara> "Okay, so you were right about the fighting to the North. I wouldn't advise getting close to those tendrils, though.. They'll rip out your soul like candy."

<Kai> "Noted."

  • Markuran glows a glorious bonfire, radiating the raw power and strength of the Unconquered Sun. The Shining Vison seems to give sight to the blind, allowing them to see the golden Essence flowing around and through Marku, enhancing his charisma, reinforcing his muscles.

As Cerin enters the village, he sees a horrific sight -- a cackling Dynast with a massive crystalline object enveloping his arm. A tendril of energy shoots out of each of the six prongs which stick out of its front end. One of the tendrils strikes a fleeing villager and pulls out his soul with no effort -- it simply peels away and the body collapses, lifeless."

  • Cerin looks around for more threats, then very carefully draws three motes of almost shadow from the air, stringing them across the bow.
  • Markuran nods, noting that Cerin has the first taken care of. With an air-shattering roar of fury, Marku charges the next closest of the Dragon-Blooded. The Grim Reminder blurs into a Shadow, enveloping the Dynast's entire body as Marku slams the smaller man to the ground with enough force to depress the flagstones several feet. The man's fear at the terrifing being above drives him back, exacerbating his wounds with unwise movement.
  • Zahara watches the others attack as she prepares herself, four jade rings, split in half like bizarre birds, flutter around her shoulders, and a single bell hovers in the air high above.
  • Kai strides up to the nearest Dynast, eyes locked with his. She brings her swords up in a wide, almost theatrical arc, and then slips in, fast as a bird. Her blades whirl, dark and bright, dark and bright, lashing at the Dynast unrelentingly.
  • Zahara flies atop Tantamount to the furthest part of the Village, the mottled Jade patterns of the Collars preceeding her. They dive as one, like a murder of bright ravens, aiming for the Dynast's neck.
  • Zahara dives down after the Collars, Tanty's claws wresting the weapon from his hands

Markuran and Kai beat their foes thoroughly into the dirt, while Zahara successfully swoops down and collars hers. As Marku stands up again, however, the other two Dynasts come running towards him, tendrils at the ready. The arcs of Essence leap through the air to strike at Marku's soul.

  • Birds-of-Trinity looks at her new Essence blade and shakes it gently, trying to see how it interacts with her Halo Technique. With hardly any effort, a hollow shard of hot light shoots out of it, right through a tree trunk, in the direction of a nearby Dynast. She chuckles grimly and twitches the blade a few more times.
  • Markuran snarls, turning to the attacks and hurling the lashing tentacles away with the hunks of flesh and stone still caked on the Grim Reminder. The blood from the dead Terrestrial sears into flames at the explosion of Markuran's power through his anima

As Zahara swoops down to collect her prize, she sees his lips begin to move, and he calls out -- "Come to us!"

  • Cerin 's eyes focus on the last remaining dynast, the crimson blur that marks his position rippling slightly as he releases the three arrows. They fly towards the dynast, cutting through the soulripping chains, their path swerving as the dynast flickers and dodges, then he spins to the south

<Relovia> Kai and Cerin both see something moving rapidly towards the city -- a swirling cloud of small, white objects, moving at a hefty speed.

  • Zahara frowns and Tantamount flings a paralytic spine at the man, which pierces his tongue as he speaks
  • Kai bolts back to the group. "Something's coming."

<Zahara> "Something is *always* coming."

<Kai> "Something SPECIFIC!" She points off to the south.

  • Zahara looks off into the distance, "Called by our friend, here. He'll regret that later."

<Cerin> "They are of hundredfold. Some of them have a greater command of essence than we do. I would advise against being caught in the open."

<Zahara> "We need to deactivate some of these Portals."

  • Markuran nods. "Then we subdue the rest and retreat."

The buzzing grows louder and more ominous -- everyone can hear it now. The cloud is perhaps a mile away, now, but growing rapidly closer.

<Markuran> "Time to retreat." ducking past Cerin, Marku scoops the maimed Dragon-Blood up and hauls shiney and attractive ass through the Gate.

  • Zahara notes the unconscious Dynast, and slips the weapon from his grasp, taking one of the collars form her neck and slipping it on his.
  • Kai follows Marku.
  • Zahara retrieves the other soul-sucking weapons, and any other interesting armor, baubles, or weapons, sticking them on Tanty's saddle, before following.
  • Birds-of-Trinity rolls her eyes... "Retreat this, subdue that..."
  • Birds-of-Trinity follows the others anyway.
  • Cerin waits until all the others have left. Then he releases a single arrow. The arrow heeds not the wind, nor distance, nor the speed of its target. There is just arrow and the target.

Cerin gets a good look at the oncoming beasts as he fires -- small spindles, made of what looks to be the purest white porcelain -- six insectoid wings beating frantically upon their backs, porcelain claws snapping below, vicious mandibles glowing with blue light.

The arrow flies up towards one of the larger, spinier porcelain beasts, which does not move to avoid it. The arrow strikes true, directly between the beast's mandibles -- and shatters into a thousand ting motes of light in a burst of blue flame.

  • Cerin nods to himself, then gestures and draws a very special arrow from his Cache Egg. He briefly primes the head with essence, opening up lethal pathways. Then he knocks it on the bow of light and it flies. Straight. True. Caring no more than the last arrow about anything but it's target. He watches once more.

The beast dodges from the path of the second arrow, but to no avail -- it strikes true regardless. There's a flash of brilliant blue light and one of gold and the beast swerves somewhat... pieces of porcelain tumble downwards towards the ground.

  • Cerin nods to himself. then he carefully moves from his snipers spot, a slightly crimson coloured patch of shadows amongst the treees and low bushes.
  • Cerin then starts to make his slow way back to the gates, watching the swarm as it flys over him.
  • Zahara considers flying demons to fight the Hundredfold as she exits through the gate with the two disabled Dynasts, along with random gear and armor, on Tanty.

The swarm begins to descend upon the village, and Cerin can see their strangely beautiful forms all the clearer as they do.

  • Cerin watches their actions briefly, then retreats quickly to the gate.
  • Zahara briefly calls to any survivors that they are welcome to flee through the portal for safety.

One or two villagers manage to crawl through the gate before Cerin passes through it; no others seem to have survived.

  • Zahara presents them to Markuran once on the other side, "I rescued these."
  • Cerin watches the gate until it closes.
  • Markuran gives Zahara a clap on the shoulder. "Good work!"
  • Zahara grimaces and feels a bruise begin to form

<Zahara> "Thank you."

  • Kai helps the villages to their feet.
  • Relovia seems disturbed. "What were those things?"

<Markuran> "Ancient beings of evil from before humanity."

<Zahara> "Of porcelain, it seems."

<Cerin> "They are strange creatures. Remnants of those who made creation. And they are not nessarily evil, Marku."

<Relovia> "And what in Creation were they doing there?"

  • Zahara hefts the Dynast, "This one called to them."

<Cerin> "They appear to be working with the Dynasty teams."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "I feel the chronicler's need to state the obvious."

  • Markuran turns to the survivors. "But we have saved you from them. You will be healed and once you are whole, we entrust to you a great task. You must go where we send you and spread a warning of the danger that comes here. Tell any you find that if they hear of the Dragon-Blooded or the birds they are to find a shaman and have them signal for our attention. We will hear and respond swiftly and with the Power of the Sun. Do you under

<BirdsOfTrinity> "This is perhaps the worst thing I can imagine happening."

<Markuran> "We will hear and respond swiftly and with the Power of the Sun. Do you understand?"

  • Relovia realizes something. "The ones who attacked the Palace had other creatures with them. Like wolves of stone. Are these similar creatures?"

<Cerin> "I stuck one of them with the feedback arrows too. It was not seriously affected. My normal arrows shattered to sunlight on it's carapace, though it cost it no small quantity of essence."

<Cerin> "Wolves of Stone? Mostly likely, yes. Can you describe them further?"

<Relovia> "They were dark, with spots of light -- like brilliant diamonds. They looked like crudely hewn statues, but moved like the swiftest of the Chosen."

  • Zahara sighs, "First the Gods, then the Malfaens, now the Primordials. This has been such a ...special...year."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Zipetok."

<Markuran> "Uh. Sure, Birds."

  • Markuran looks at the mortals. "Well?"

<Relovia> The survivors nod their ascent.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "No, I mean, that's what the stone wolves are. Look in that bit of the Taxonomy of Rexinus."

  • Cerin nods to Birds

<Relovia> "This is truly disturbing. Why would Dynasts be working with such beasts?"

<Cerin> "Power."

<Zahara> "We have two to ask." she says, casually running her nails over one's face.

  • Kai busies herself tending to the villagers, feeding them and making them comfortable. She does not, however, leave earshot, trying to understand as much as she can of the conversation.

<Cerin> "...All these things. The help of the hundredfold. Exaltations. Lai was mortal when he started out on this. These are not the actions of a mortal. There must have been someone, something, to help him in the first place."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Who would want to set these forces in motion?"

<Zahara> "Perhaps a friend of Herons."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Who CAN?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Because, I want to meet that man..."

<Cerin> "I do not know. The gods freeing their bindings, heavenly realms unvailable, there is something large about to happen. And I am not sure that this invasion is the end of it."

<Zahara> "You know what we should do? We should build a new Creation."

<Zahara> "This one is...flawed."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "You are right, Zahara. We need to start afresh."

<Cerin> "This one is Interesting."

<Zahara> "we can visit."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "We can find out enemy and slay him, and build the foundations of our new world from his lifeless body!"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "His ribs will outline the arch of the sky, and beneath it the earth of his flesh..."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "But more immediately, what were those porcelain things?"

<Zahara> "Sounds a bit messy, but definitely intriguing."

<Cerin> "That is a little morbid Birds. Not entirely sanitary either. I think I would like to live somewhere a little more beautiful."

<Cerin> "I don't know, beyond that they were hundredfold, and powerful."

  • Kai poker her head into the conversation. "Zahara, have you ever heard of the..." (she struggles with the pronunciation) "the Gha'bi?"
  • Zahara flips through her mental library

<Zahara> "No, what are they?"

<Kai> "I think that's what we just saw."

<Cerin> "Oh. Where did you hear of them? And what do you know of them?"

<Zahara> "The porcelain beasts?"

<Kai> "Yes. I think... I think they can... Merge, into larger ones, or break down smaller."

<Cerin> "That sounds fascinating."

<Kai> "I think they used to live in the North."

<Zahara> "I can't decide which would be better."

  • Cerin nods "Can you remember any tales of other such creatures?"
  • Kai seems to space out a bit, concentrating.
  • Cerin watches her sword as she does

<Kai> "mm, nothing else is coming to me.

  • Zahara regards the portal sulkily. "Gha'bi huh. Next time."
  • Birds-of-Trinity allows the humming nexus of Essence around her to recede. "Next time."
  • Relovia seems fairly unhappy about all that has occurred here. "I suspect we should be worried about the state of the Blessed Isle. With these beings assisting them, the Dynasts we fought today may be well on the road to securing control of the Realm."

<Zahara> "I think we need to remove an important piece of each of these Portals, that we can keep separately."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Can you do that without restricting our mobility?"

  • Markuran studies the portal. "And how do you find..pieces? They're just rings."

<Cerin> "That would not be good. I had plans for both the imperial library and city. I would have liked to return there."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "You are right, Relovia."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "But I think that we have to set our sights very carefully...if we wage war carelessly, we may destroy more than we save."

<Zahara> "We need to NOT let people into ours. While still being able to use them." she regards the portals with narrowed eyes. "There must be a way."

  • Relovia nods to Birds, thoughtfully.
  • Cerin nods to Birds. Then to Zahara "Perhaps the Xi-Mi-Taxi will know."

<Zahara> "My intention was to have it be a sort of physical key that we can replace to make it work again."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Didn't we discuss something similar, a mystical key for the Demesne of the machine fish?"

<Zahara> "Yes, but I built that with the key in mind."

<Markuran> "We will have to talk to the fish when we can. Until then, we should dispatch the other intruders."

  • Cerin nods to Marku.

<Zahara> "Try to silence them as quickly as possible to avoid undue meetings with the Hundredfold."

  • Markuran nods.

<Markuran> "Mine was silenced from the moment I saw him." The brawny warlord smiles grimly.

<Zahara> "Yes, but you also turned him into a fine pulp, crushing everything he had of value. Speaking of which, who wants a soul sucking weapon?" she asks cheerfully.

<Cerin> "Perhaps it might be better if it is I and the Dragonblooded attack. And you simply watch incase we become unstuck. That way is quiter."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Have those odd crystal weapons survived?"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Ah, Zahara, you are always a step ahead of me."

  • Zahara passes one to Birds
  • Birds-of-Trinity tries it on.
  • Cerin takes one, studying it carefully.

<Relovia> As Birds slides the weapon onto her arm, she feels the Essence within drawing, pulling at her life force, greedily seeking a hold.

  • Birds-of-Trinity drops the weapon in disgust.

<Zahara> "Don't break it"

<BirdsOfTrinity> "It's hungry."

<BirdsOfTrinity> "It bites."

  • Markuran glances at his own arm. "Sounds familiar."

<Zahara> "Such is the price for those who would steal souls."

  • Birds-of-Trinity covers her hand with a bit of skirt to avoid touching it again, and holds it up gingerly.
  • Zahara tries one on herself.

<Kai> "and everyone looks ay MY weapon strangely..."

She feels the same pull -- as if it is attempting to sink its teeth directly into her soul.

<Markuran> "The Reminder does not steal souls."

<Zahara> "Interesting... I wonder if this is the reason the Dynasts seemed a bit mad.."

  • Markuran strips the Reminder off his arm, carefully and extends a hand for the crystaline weapon. "If you'll hold this, Cerin?"

<Zahara> "No, the Reminder merely corrupts the one you HAVE."

  • Birds-of-Trinity hands hers to Markuran.

<BirdsOfTrinity> "Kai, after this, I can only look at your sword with respect."

<Zahara> "Let me see that sword of yours, Kai." she holds out her unweaponed hand.

  • Cerin picks up the reminder

<Markuran> "It no longer touches me, Zahara. The Vision holds its darkness at bay."

  • Markuran flexes his hand once the crystalline weapon is in place, feeling at it

The pull is incredible and visceral -- the weapon fights strongly to latch on.

  • Kai draws Daybreaker, and presents it to Zahara. She allows Z to examine it closely, but will not go so far at to release it from her grip.
  • Markuran shrugs. "It is different from the reminder. It is not malevolent. It simply is hungry. I'm hungry too...we need to get some so..food."
  • Zahara examines the runes along it with essence sight, trying to determine the source of its power, along with what she knew from before.
  • Markuran glances at the thing on his arm and quickly removes it.
  • Cerin returns the Reminder to him.
  • Markuran nods and sticks it into a heavy sack on his back
  • Cerin settles the souleating weapon over his hand.

<Cerin> He watches it carefully as he does so

<Zahara> "Hmmm. You are a puzzle indeed, Kai Buckthorn." She releases the sword, "Do you know its powers?"

Cerin also feels the pull of the crystal device.

  • Cerin lets it sink its teeth in a little deeper.

<Kai> "I beleive so."

<Zahara> "What does it do?"

<Kai> "Well, it's very... Defensive. And it can damage other weapons, and I think also deattune magical ones."

<Zahara> "I see." she nods thoughtfully, "And have you ever heard it speak?"

Cerin feels a wave of irrational fear wash over his body as he gives an inch to the device -- and he can feel it, nipping at the borders of his noble heart.

<Zahara> "Weapons of this material are known to moan and such."

<Kai> "No, I've never heard anything like that."

<Zahara> "I will show you another weapon made of such material that I took off the body of a Deathknight. It moans when it tastes blood."

  • Markuran watches Cerin closely..

<Kai> "Interesting."

  • Cerin considers things, then very deliberately pulls the thing off. "These weapons wish to bite too deep."
  • Zahara looks up to give Cerin a meaningful glance and finds him in a bit of a struggle for his soul. She watches with interest.

<Markuran> "I think we should destroy it."

  • Cerin finally pulls it off and throws it to the ground.
  • Markuran raises his fist and brings it down squarely on the vicious weaponl.

<Zahara> "Marku!"

  • Birds-of-Trinity is now known as willows

<Zahara> "I am going to fix them. Leave them *alone*"

<Relovia> ok, waiting for votes from birds and zee

<Cerin> "Zahara. You dont understand. I let that thing ...in. Nothing good can come of attuning to them. It was not after my essence, it was after my heart, my soul."

  • Markuran snatches another from behind Zahara and smashes it, nodding idly to Cerin

<Zahara> "I understand, which is why I was going to use a captive soul to harness it, once I finish showing it to Kai

<Cerin> "That would be interesting to watch."


  • Markuran wipes his hands of crystalline dust. "They are not to be trusted, Zahara. You felt them. One soul would never feed their hunger."

<Markuran> "How many did they devour here without hint of being sated?"

<Zahara> "You have no idea what you are doing. these are from the FIRST AGE and you destroy them so casually?"

  • Markuran nods.
  • Zahara takes the one she still holds, and turns on her heel, coldly leaving them behind.

<willows?> "Zee, can't you, like, wiggle your fingers and make them come back together?"

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