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  • Zahara is in her workshop, working on devising the Essence brands that will unweave the Shadowed Unlife Equation
  • Cerin finds her there, and greets her with a small kiss "Are you very busy my love?"
  • Zahara turns and embraces him, "Oh, no worries. I save the world in my spare time. I'm halfway through the design already, I just need to work out some kinks."
  • Cerin grins softly "Well, we all need a hobby. I talked to Kai a few days ago, just before the messenger arrived."

<Zahara> "Oh? Did you enjoy your conversation with her?"

<Cerin> "It was a pleasant conversation, yes. She could spread no more light on her rise to power, though she agreed to let us watch her channel."

<Zahara> "Ah, how nice of her."

<Cerin> "That's not specifically what I came to tell you about though. I also got to study her sword. And that is interesting."

<Zahara> "I barely got a glimpse of it, but it looked a dark thing indeed."

<Cerin> "It's called the Daybreaker. And it is made of soulsteel. Other runes on it proclaim it the scourge of mortal hope, and the tooth of netheos."

  • Zahara frowns, "Netheos.. that sounds vaguely familiar. I think I may have seen it in the library in the Vesathar Valley."

<Cerin> "Perhaps. I could not place the name, anyway. It is an artifact of immense power, overshadowing Marku's Reminder"

  • Zahara frowns in distaste, "She is either incredibly pure, or tainted, to carry such a thing."

<Cerin> "The taint doesnt show in her answers, if she is tainted. She has never tried to lie to me. Though the blade shows itself in her anima."

<Zahara> "The Reminder worries me enough. We must seek answers about this blade of hers. And her mysterious powers."

<Cerin> "There is one more thing about this blade that concerns me." he leans in to whisper.

  • Zahara listens intently
  • Zahara frowns

<Zahara> "That is disturbing indeed. Perhaps the source of her strangeness... especially with it showing in her anima."

  • Cerin continues murmuring in her ear

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