Splatter Exalted: Within Strange Aeons

an Exalted^2 and Exalted Modern Game
for a mixed group.

Throughout history, there have been forces aligned against the well-being of mankind and the planet of Earth itself. But there have stood those with the power, ancient, strange, forbidding power, to do battle and win against them. The powers of ancient gods worshiped long ago, this worship condensed into singular artifacts of terrifying power. Are they focuses for the ancient (and new) gods into the mortal realm, or are they simply repositories for the might of unknown amounts of worship birthing intelligent items? Who dares the wrath of those things from outside? Who dares take up power that might make them into a puppet dancing with strings of gold, silver, and stranger metals? Where are you without your other? Who are you without that which completes you? And is what grants you might that thing?

Campaign Overview?

House Rules and Charm Index

  • ExMod - the base rules for Exalted Modern. I'll be using the vehicle, vessel, firearms, computers, Funds, and Daemon rules with some modifications.
  • AdvancedCombos - a House Rule for Within Strange Aeons.
  • TicklessSocialCombat - House Rules related to Social Combat!
  • AbyssalDissonance - a replacement House Rule for Abyssal Resonance
  • AbyssalFlaws - a discussion of replacement Flaws of Invulnerability for use with Dissonance.
  • Artifact Index - the Artifact Index for Within Strange Aeons
  • Familiar - Rules for Familiars!
  • MeditationPool - a House Rule for Exalted: Escape from the Within Strange Aeons
  • Experience Awards - Handy Charts, showing everyone's XP
  • Negative Intimacies - These are defined as intimacies which can hold such strength to become sour, twisted, or dangerous to the holder or others.

Experience Awards
Angel Brass339615930
Harmony Arkham1211715930
Joseph Cleburne139201590
Mei Xihou96631590
Saphia Marais70891590
Thea Vallas498015930

Previous Storyline: See Recent Events? for more information.

  Campaign Calendar?: October 13th, This, the 2000th Year of our Lord
  Current Downtime?: None

Current Storyline: Our heroes have come into their power and learned of others, but how will they react to the knowledge?

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