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Making A Character For Da Game

Before you can play Da Game, you obviously need to make up a character. This is so simple even a trained monkey could do it! All you need to do is generate a set of stats, and make some basic choices about your character's job and species.

Getting Statted Up

There are a number of ways you can generate stats for a character, depending on the level of randomness you're comfortable with. The Referee is the one who gets to decide which character-generation system is used.

Rolling Dice

The simplest way to generate stats is to roll dice. For each stat, roll one die; the result of the roll is the character's rank in that stat. Variations of this method include:

  • You get a certain number of rerolls to use if you're unhappy with the rolls you got.
  • You get to reroll any stat which is really low (e.g., 1 or 2).
  • You can switch stats around after you roll them.

Spending Points

A less random way is to generate stats by buying them up with a pool of points. The Referee decides how strong he wants the characters to be, and gives each player a number based on that. A characters' stats can't sum up to more than that number, but they're otherwise determined entirely by the player; no stat can start at zero. Variations include:

  • There are limitations on high-ranked stats. You might not be allowed to have any stat above 6, or maybe only a single stat is allowed to be above 4.
  • Conversely, every character might be required to have at least one stat below a certain level, so that they each have a specific weakness.
  • It costs more points to buy stats up beyond a certain level. For example, increasing a stat above 4 might cost 2 points instead of 1.

Choosing Your Species

A character's species determines what he looks like, affects his stats, and sometimes gives him special powers or weaknesses. Players get to choose what species they play as.


You know what these are; you are one. Humans tend to be dismissed by other races, since they don't have any impressive special powers; despite this, they're still the most common species in Da World.

  • Humans get one extra point in a stat of their choosing.


Short and stout, dwarves are tough and practical. They also have a knack for mechanical gadgetry of all sorts, and lead the world in technological development. Although dwarves are stereotyped as living in hollowed-out mountains, most of them actually live in cities. Dwarves are naturally resistant to magic, but .

  • Dwarves get two extra points of Guts, but lose a point in Poise.
  • Dwarves roll three extra dice to resist any spell, but also roll three less dice when casting spells or using magic items. This magic resistance doesn't distinguish between harmful and beneficial spells; any magic which targets, or originates from, the dwarf is affected.


Elves are tall and skinny, and have pointy ears. They claim to have ruled the world in the distant past, but their strong connection to nature has, for the most part, caused them to lag far behind in the march of technological progress. Today, they spend most of their time playing catch-up with their ancient rivals, the dwarves. Contrary to popular myth, they aren't actually cross-fertile with humans.

  • Elves get two extra points in Poise, but lose a point in Guts.
  • Elves can see in the dark.

Choosing Your Job

A character's job is very important; it determines what kind of special powers and abilities he gets. It is so important that it gets its own chapter!

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