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Jobs and Career Paths

Just like in real life, characters in Da Game have jobs. Unlike in real life, these jobs tend to involve magical powers and non-stop excitement and danger.

When you create a character, you need to choose his or her job. Starting characters are limited to entry-level jobs: Fighter, Thief, Black Wizard, and White Wizard. Human characters can also choose to be Lawyers.

As a character gains levels in his job, new career paths open up to him. When he reaches level 5, he chooses a specialized career path; his starting job determines which ones are available to him.


A Fighter's job involves just one thing, and contrary to what certain people might expect, that one thing is not floral arrangement. When you need monsters slain, damsels rescued, or heavy things lifted, you need a Fighter!

Fighters have the following abilities:

  • Fighters get an extra point of Brawn.
  • Power Attack: Fighters add their level as a dice bonus to all hand-to-hand attack rolls.

Upon reaching level 6, a Fighter can choose to pursue any of the following career paths:


Gladiators are Fighters who have become so skilled (and so popular) that television networks are willing to pay them for broadcast rights. Traditionally, Gladiators fought in league tournaments, but the rise of reality TV has caused the job to undergo major changes. Today's Gladiators go around having crazy adventures just like everyone else, but unlike most heroes, they are constantly followed around by camera crews, helicopters, and remote television drones, which broadcast their every move, live. The loss of privacy this entails is largely offset by the fact that every time they get into a fight, money is automatically deposited into their bank accounts.

  • Gladiators get +1 Cool.
  • Gladiators receive a Kick-Ass Magical Weapon, which always features one or more prominent sponsor logos.
  • Every time Gladiators kill a monster, they get money. Regular monsters are worth a number of GP equal to their total HP; boss monsters are worth twice that.


Samurai are mystical warriors who spend long years training to become one with their weapons. They wander the land fighting evil and looking badass.


Sharpshooters are Fighters who choose to specialize in ranged combat instead of melee. Elven archers, human gunslingers, and dwarven riflemen are all examples of the Sharpshooter career.


Badasses take toughness beyond an a science, beyond an art, into the realm of a religion. A true badass could be ambushed by a posse of bandits, clobbered on the head with an axe, and thrown into an erupting volcano, and not only emerge unhurt, but go on to kill all the bandits with his bare hands.




Secret Agent

Black Wizard

Loose Cannon



White Wizard

Vanilla Wizard





Public Defender

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