A sandbox game by willows.

Things I Need

  • Please give a brief visual description of your character (1 or 2 lines) in the character list, or send me a picture.
  • Magic Item Wishlist.



  • Bayani -- Liam
  • Aurora -- Char
  • Aedan - Tom
  • Pieter, a tall and athletic monster of a man, who may have once been attractive except for all the scars he now carries over his features. - Jason

Role Breakdown

  • Controllers: 1 (Aedan)
  • Defenders: 1 (Bayani)
  • Leaders: 1 (Pieter)
  • Strikers: 1 (Aurora)





Setting Rules

Character Options

PHB 1 and 2 and FRCS classes and races are okay. A small amount of reskinning is involved:

  • The eladrin are seafarers.
  • Shifters and halflings are considered to be human offshoots. They can interbreed with humans, and the child will inherit the racial traits of one parent. Nonetheless they maintain their own settlements and districts within larger cities—much as real-world immigrant communities do.
  • Drow and half-orcs are renamed nightharrows and uruks respectively. Uruks have no human ancestry. Drow replace the fey origin with the immortal origin.