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Arkadi, Chosen of Battles

(Scarlet Escort of Resentment of the Crimson Panoply of Victory)


Concept: Honest Copper
Player: Darth Tom?/Chris
Nature: Critic
Chronicle: Red Ice
Experience (Total/Unspent/Spent): 161/5/156

Brief Description:
Prior to Exaltation: Arkadi has been a copper for as long as he can remember. He grew up in Lookshy as a citizen. His father was a smith, his mother a merchant. When his tour of duty came on, he served with distinction in one of the 7th legion’s field forces, and eventually found himself as a military policeman. Once the term ended, he arranged to be transferred to the Justice Directorate. While in many ways the work jaded him, with the constant exposure of an otherwise healthy city’s criminal underbelly, deep within his heart he truly loved the work. He had a healthy dose of street-level pragmatism, as well as a heavy disregard for pompous, second-guessing desk-driving bureaucrats.

Post- Exaltation: Arkadi has not changed much. Theoretically, he’s a member of the Crimson Panapoly of Victory, but he really tends to find himself on temporary loan to whatever department needs the services of a trained policeman. Yu-Shan itself, while at first wondrous, tends to grate on Arkadi’s nerves. The sheer amount of bureaucracy, combined with the favour-currying and sheer opulence of the city tends to clash rather drastically with his more…street-level upbringing. This combined with the rampant corruption and the wanton disregard for the ‘real world’ (read: Creation) that most gods hold tends to further reinforce Arkadi’s dismal opinion of the great city; he greatly prefers the company of mortals to the company of the gods. he’s become the shadow-partner in a small bar located within the 100 kingdoms, frequented by the militiamen of that city (named the Broken Drum) in an effort to establish a respite from his life in Yu-Shan.. He often goes there when he needs ‘to get away from that gold-riddled, over-opulent cesspool’, as he puts it. Still, he’s a good cop who’s almost impossible to bribe for anything of importance (Though a good sandwich will always help him overlook an illegally moored Dragonboat). Arkadi's career in Heaven has been somewhat...rocky. Initially, he was placed on loan to Internal Affairs. However, he and his partner at the time (The God of Bureaucratic Efficiency) stumbled across evidence of a large ring of yozi-worshippers and demon-runners running through both the department and throughout Heaven. The partner kept quiet...Arkadi happened to mention it to his lover at the time. She turned out to be a member of the ring, and prompty blackballed the young sidereal for several years, resulting in him being bounced from department to department, reporting to approximately 5 different superiors at any given time, and having a third of his pay docked. Eventually, Arkadi found himself attached to the Scroll and Sword circle, and his experiences there led him to join the Bronze faction, albeit under duress.
In the 2 years since then, Arkadi has found a considerable amount of authority in the Bronze, and it turns out he agrees with a number of their policies (albeit he beleives that the newly emerging Solar Exalted are not the threat his faction considers them, he feels the Gold are far too disorganized and short-sighted to be relied on. He prefers to try an change things from the inside, as hard as task as that may be). While he has a fair amount of pull in the faction, he is still in many ways the 'black sheep' of it, and looked at slightly askew. Still overall, Arkadi is a happier man now than he was when he first entered Heaven, although that has not changed his disposition any.

Appearance: Arkadi looks to be a man in his early 30s (Actual age 40).He stands 5'10" tall, keeps his graying brown hair cut short, sleepy red eyes, and overall is completely and totally unremarkable in appearance. He looks like any other man from the River Province, a fact he takes great advantage of. He walks with a slight stoop, an economical energy-saving pace and generally has a scowl or otherwise dour look on his face: he always looks either bored, angry or depressed, no matter what his actual mood is. Compared to most residents of Yu-Shan, his dress style is utterly bland, even shabby. He wears simple, non-descript trousers, shirts and cloaks, wears his white leather-faced starmetal armour overtop (always spotlessly maintained, the white leather is one of the relics from his Justice Directorate days) and has his old Justice Directorate copper badge is clipped to his belt (Badge No. 177). One thing Arkadi has developped a knack for is fading into a crowd...no matter how strange it is, he simply seems to fade away when he walks into it (though this never seems to work when it could be of any real practical use)

Personality: Arkadi's reputation is that of a sour, smart-assed, pessimistic bastard. To be fair, it's not entirely undeserved. He does tend to be grouchy and have something of a barbed tongue to him. However, he's also loyal, hard-working, honest and trustworthy. He prefers the companionship of mortals to most gods and exalts, and does tend to look at the downside of things. Overall though, he's a manw ho can be relied on in a pinch.

Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2
Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Brawl 4 (Dirty Fighting 2), Melee 5 (Swords 1), Presence 3, Resistance 2
Athletics 2, Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 2, Martial Arts 4
Endurance 2, Survival 2
Investigation 4 (Crimes 2), Larceny 3, Lore 3, Occult 2, Stealth 1
Dodge 4, Linguistics 2 (Old Realm, Rivertongue, Flametongue, High Realm), Socialize 1

Willpower: 6
Essence: 4 (14 motes Personal | 40 motes Peripheral)
Compassion 3
Conviction 2
Temperance 2
Valor 3

Harmony of Blows
Heroic Essence Replenishment
Horrific Wreath
Impeding the Flow
Marvelous Inclusion of Details
Meditation on War
Orchestration of Conflict
Ox-Body Technique
Perfection of the Visionary Warrior
Prior Warning
Serenity in Blood
Smiling at the Damned (Kin's variation)
Systematic Understanding of Everything
Unobstructed Blow
Earth Dragon Form
Force of the Mountain
Stone Dragon’s Skin
Unmoving Mountain Stance

'The Thin White Line' (Orchestration of Conflict+ Interrupting the Flow, minimum 5 motes)



Allies 2 (Rizzo and The God of Bureaucratic Efficiency)
Artifact 5 (Starmetal Daiklaive & Reinforced breastplate)
Connections (Bronze) 4
Manse 3
Salary 3
Savant 1

Boot Knife (normal knife stats)
Stone of Judgement (Level 3 Earth HS)

Starmetal Daiklaive ('Law & Order')
Starmetal Reinforced Breastplate ('Last Hope')
Azure Vigil (New daiklaive)
# adds +5 base damage against any target the character has witnessed comitting a crime
# adds +3 intimidation dice. bonus doubled when the sword has wounded the subject of the intimidation
# the sword will become warm when in the presence of a criminal, increasing warmth as it grows closer to a criminal. It never considers its owner a criminal.
# Attacking the wielder requires a diff 2 WP roll
# parrying the attacks by this sword have their difficulty increased by 5-target's valor.
# Daiklave stats. Ori bonus. commits for 6.
Ranger Armour

Base Initiative 7
Azure Vigil: Speed 14, Accuracy 14, Damage 10L, Parry 13, Rate 6
Kick: Speed 4, Accuracy 9, Damage 6B, Parry 5, Rate 3
Fist: Speed 7, Accuracy 9, Damage 3B, Parry 10, Rate 5
Boot Knife: Speed 7, Accuracy 9, Damage 5L, Parry 7, Rate 4

Soak: 9A/11L/12B (Ranger armour, 9L/9B) 10A/11L12B (Reinforced breastplate)

[ ][ ] -0
[ ][ ] -1
[ ][ ] -2
[ ] -4
[ ] Incapacitated

XP Wishlist

Willpower 7 (12xp)
Melee (Swords 3) (6xp)
Lore (Laws 2) (6 XP) Honorable Thief Spirit (9xp)

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