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With the...expert care of Green Cloud both Glory and Kinqueduran are feeling somewhat better. The stabbing pain of the lost eye was receded to a dull ache and annoying itch, but Kin has finally been provided with a real eyepatch, if a shabby one.

Glory's wounds were tended carefully and wrapped in sticky, smelly salves. She's still in a great deal of pain, but her wounds are healing faster then she expected and soon she'll be back to her normal self. With Iron Horse escorting Green Cloud back home, the two convalescents are left alone in their rooms at the Inn with Jaom. Who is struggling with increasing demands from her calligraphy and the back of her head for a jewel.

  • Kinqueduran stands on the balcony, smoking again. Still unused to the eyepatch, he periodically reaches up, running his fingertips over the stiff leather.
  • Jaom is indeed struggling, and it's gotten to the point where she's pacing around the room and wondering just where in the hell she can find a proper jewel. She only really stops when her arms drag her aside magically and write something else out, but at this point she's starting to look a bit nervous. "Dammit, where can I find that damned jewel so she'll stop bugging me?"
  • Kinqueduran looks over his shoulder into the room. "What jewel?"

The writing is, of course, in the most polite and respectful terms. But it is very...constant.

A commotion is heard from downstairs...sounds like a heavy object smashing into a table full of dishes...

Jaom: "The 'Eye' she keeps asking for. Politely, yet firmly, might I add. I don't even have half an idea where to start, but if I don't find it, I'm going to pop. Dammit, I'm this close to leaving and looking for the thing."

More stomps and thuds, then a shout is heard....

Arkadi: "When the lady asks you to leave...you GET THE HELL OUT!"

There's a sound of breaking glass, then all is silent

  • Jaom pauses, then looks on down. "... and I wonder who's applying boot to whose ass."
  • Kinqueduran empties out the cheap replacement pipe he'd bought the day before, then steps back into the room. "...that voice sounds a little familiar..."

Jaom: "Someone you know and possibly hate?"

Kinqueduran: "No, I think this is one of the people I kinda got along with."

Whud, wham, CRUNCH “You too, you bum! Anyone else wanna join them?!"

  • Will opens her eyes, staring up at the ceiling. "Someone you like. Oh, this will be.. interesting."
  • Will is now known as Glory
  • Glory opens her eyes, staring up at the ceiling. "Someone you like. Oh, this will be.. interesting."

Silence from downstairs

Arkadi: "Good!"

  • Kinqueduran chuckles a little and opens the door to the room, checking one strap on his armor. "Well, I'm going to go find out."

Jaom: "I can tell. Maybe he's got the damn jewel---did I just say that? Ah, Dragons' asses..."

  • Glory wags a finger at Jaom. "You need a distraction."
  • Jaom nonetheless dusts herself off, and prepares to follow. One hand reflexively snatches up clean sheets of paper, inkwell and pen. "Maybe."
  • Glory pulls herself out of bed with effort, walking for the door.
  • Jaom offers Glory her arm on the way. "You need to take it a bit easier, girl."
  • Kinqueduran glances back as he steps out of the door, "Jaom's right. You're in bad shape."

Jaom: "She can come, dammit. She should just ask for some help."

  • Glory takes the arm gratefully. "I know."

Kinqueduran: "Nobody said she had to stay." He shrugs and steps out of the room, wandering into the inn to find the source of the sound.

  • Jaom tags along, like a curious little Dynast.
  • Glory walks alongside Jaom, smiling a little.

Down at the inn's bar, looking calm as anything sits a rather drably dressed man. In fact, he seems to do nothing more than...blend in. Brown leather-faced armour, a darker brown cloak, dark green trousers...brown hair's that just' started to turn grey, a day or two's stubble and a dour look on his face. He's currently sipping at a pint of stout

Glory: "He does look like your kind of person, Kinqueduran."

  • Kinqueduran squints a little as he approaches the bar, trying to decide if he recognizes him.

Arkadi: As he moves, a copper badge gleams at his belt...

  • Kinqueduran blinks and grins. "...Arkadi?"

Arkadi: The man looks up and turns his head at source of call..."Oh, dragonspit...not you too."

Jaom: "Yep. Someone Kin knows. Has the look as well. Man, two of them... wonder if this guy'll lose the other eye."

  • Kinqueduran crosses his arms over his chest and chuckles. "Oh, come on. I thought we got along.

Kinqueduran: "

Arkadi: "We did...tell me you didn't get dragged into this sodding mess, too."

Arkadi: His voice has the clipped tones of a lookshy native

Kinqueduran: "Which mess? I've been dragged into so many lately, I think we need to be clear."

Arkadi: He waves Kin in

Jaom: "... definitely someone in Kin's league."

  • Kinqueduran drops onto a barstool next to Ark, the red-lacquered armor creaking a little, the numerous scratches in the red just adding to his ragged appearance.
  • Jaom approaches, somewhat, still half-holding Glory up. For someone who nearly got sacrificed, has seen more in a short while than most Blooded do in their entire lives, she's oddly chipper. And fidgety. "Ei, Glory?"

Arkadi: "The Diva sent me here...seems some deadboys and demons are stirring shirt with her little cult..."

Arkadi: "And one of my favours to The Man in Black got traded to her."

  • Kinqueduran rolls his, err, eye. "If -only- I could have problems like that."

Arkadi: "...have you ever DEALT with the Diva?"

Kinqueduran: "I'm sure it's not -that- bad."

Arkadi: "Take a spoiled dynast brat. Give her pull in Yu-Shan, the desire to use it, and an ego the size of Nexus."

Kinqueduran: "I mean, she's not going to stab your eye out, or anything, though, right?"

Arkadi: "...yeah, what happened there? Lover's quarrel?"

Kinqueduran: "For that to be the case, someone would have to love me."

  • Kinqueduran chuckles. "So, clearly, that's right out."

Arkadi: "True."

Kinqueduran: "Anyway, some bitch sent a lackey to 'deal with us'. I tore his head off and returned it to her."

Arkadi: "Ah."

Kinqueduran: "I think she overreacted."

Arkadi: Arkadi shrugs

  • Jaom finally clears her throat. "Erm... ei. If you're a friend of Kin's, I might as well introduce myself. Jaom, House Cathak. Well met and all that."

Kinqueduran: "Oh, yeah." He turns, gesturing at Jaom, then Glory. "Jaom. She's alright. That one's Glory. She hates me."

Jaom: "Pshaw. C'mon, Kin, cut the girl some slack."

Kinqueduran: "Fine, fine. She -dislikes- me."

Jaom: "Better."

Akradi shakes Joam's hand "Arkadi...late of lookshy." He offers a hand to Glory as well You all note he's got very...red eyes

  • Jaom shakes Arkadi's hand a bit more firmly than her... ah, figure would suggest she's capable of. "Lookshy. Man, the stories about that place. And... er." She notices, and stares a little.

Kinqueduran: "Don't stare. We hate that."

Jaom: "... s-sorry. Just caught me off guard there for a second."

Arkadi: "I...work for a certain warrior lady in red, you might say."

  • Kinqueduran shrugs. "-I- didn't get that reaction. Now I feel slighted." He mock-pouts for half a moment, then demands a pint of stout from the bartender.

Arkadi: "Well, optimally. Right now, I work for about 5 or 6 different people."

  • Iron Horse peeks into the bar, having just returned from leading Green Cloud home. "... oh, hey Kin. How'd the eye?"

Jaom: "Dunno whether to envy or feel bad for you. I'm just rolling with the tide here. Although it is a nasty blood color. Eh."

  • Kinqueduran leans over and pokes Glory in the belly, then looks past her to Iron Horse. "Hey Horse. It's fine, other than the whole being-gone part."

Arkadi: "Pity me. I *used* to work for IA...now I'm heaven's bitch."

  • Iron Horse winces a bit. "Ah... sorry to hear that."

Arkadi: he pauses a moment to pull out a cigarette "Anyone mind if I smoke?"

  • Jaom nods. "Pity it is, then. And do what you feel. I'll be alright."

Kinqueduran: "Don't mind, so long as you share."

Arkadi: He tosses Kin a cigarette

Arkadi: "..guess I've been spending too much time around Gia."

  • Kinqueduran catches it rather clumsily, still getting used to the depth-perception thing. "Thanks. Jaom, can you light me?"

Jaom: "Oh, very funny."

Kinqueduran: "...please?"

  • Jaom rolls her eyes. "Gimme that thing."
  • Iron Horse steps towards the group, and blinks at Arkadi. "... hello?"

Arkadi: "...is this a Yu Shan class of '23 reunion?"

  • Kinqueduran passes the cigarette to Jaom, then introduces Arkadi. "This is Arkadi. We used to work together."

Arkadi: he nods to Horse "Hi."

Jaom: "... hey, Horse! That guy make it back alright? He looked like he was about to fall apart, practically."

  • Kinqueduran shrugs. "Must be the combined magnetism of our sunny dispositions, Ark."

Iron Horse: "Ah, I see... and yeah, he's fine..."

Arkadi: "Incidentally...Jaom? What's with the hair? Seems a little intricate for wandering the countryside."

  • Jaom takes the cigarette, casually pools a tiny bit of essence and exhales. She coughs up more smoke than flame, but it's enough to get it going. "Here, Kin. And... it's a long, long story, fella."
  • Kinqueduran accepts the cigarette. "Thank you, Jaom."

Jaom: "Heh. Welcome, Kin."

Arkadi: "I'll bet."

Kinqueduran: "So, Ark! Latest rumors in Heaven?"

Arkadi: "Well, the a faction of Bureau of Anarchistic Thrashings is trying to ally with The Diva."

Jaom: "... you know, I'm really going to have to ask more about how you all know Heaven so well one day or another."

Kinqueduran: "Used to work there."

Arkadi: "Hey, ex-cop...just another city for me."

  • Iron Horse shrughs "I don't know Heaven."

Arkadi: "A big, excessively bureaucratic, pompous cesspool of arrogance and stupidity of a city...but well, still just a city."

  • Jaom ponders that, and for a moment she forgets about jewels. "... working in Heaven." One can practically see her imagining herself as a shield maiden for Heseish.

Jaom: "Oh, so like home? Huh, funny how so little changes."

Kinqueduran: "Did you hear about the brawl that Uncle Elephant got into?"

  • Anstice suddenly taps Jaom on the shoulder, handing over a cigarette of his own. "Please, thank you, K, don't start."

Arkadi: "Oh, yeah..."

Kinqueduran: "Nice to see you, too, Anstice. I'm fine, glad you asked. How are you?"

Arkadi: "You can more guess how *I* felt about that."

  • Jaom understandably starts. "D-Dammit, An! Don't do that!" She... nonetheless takes the cigarette and ignites that one as well. She also grumbles a little. "Take it already..."

Kinqueduran: "Hey, -I- didn't start it. Anyway, I'm guessing that you've also heard that I'm not allowed in Yu-Shan anymore."

  • Anstice does so. "I'll stop when you stop being so entertaining to startle. As for how I am, half-hungover. You'll forgive me for assuming someone too snarky to die feels fine minus an eye."

Arkadi: "Wow, even *I* never screwed up that bad...how'd you manage THAT?"

  • Kinqueduran shrugs. "I'm just amazing, I guess."

Arkadi: "Oh...right. Forgot."

Kinqueduran: "That or Mars hates me."

Arkadi: "Riiiight. Now then, you've got a choice...you can make an explanation, or I can get my circle here and we could throw down."

Jaom: "Ah, hell, not another fight."

  • Kinqueduran puts up one hand. "Hold on, Ark. You know me."
  • Jaom rolls her eyes and snorts a tiny bit of smoke, boggling at the ways of *men*.

Arkadi: "Yes, I do. And you know *me*. That's why I'm asking for an explanation before getting Gia, Moth and company here."

Kinqueduran: "It's not like I just switched sides - you know me better than that. I took the course that seemed like the only one that would let me defuse this whole end-of-the-world situation."

Arkadi: "End of the world situation?"

  • Glory makes her way down the stairs after resting at frequent intervals. She gives Arkadi a quick smile, idly brushing her hair down over her forehead.

Kinqueduran: "Yes. End-of-the-world situation."

Arkadi: "Mind elaborating?"

Jaom: "... whoa, wait. End-of-the-world situation? You never told me that."

Kinqueduran: "One of the Yozis is getting close to breaking out. Has a pet deathlord. Also, the moon is green, and that freaks me out."

Anstice: "You forgot the other option, K."

Kinqueduran: "Which is?"

Anstice: "That being all the Yozis die and turn into malfeans, and then all of THOSE get out."

Glory: "Oh, like that would be so bad."

Kinqueduran: "Shut up, Glory."

Anstice: "One hell of a coin flip, there. And it takes more than the usual amount of mojo to get it to land on edge."

Iron Horse: "... I'd say it'd be pretty bad."

Jaom: "That doesn't sound good either way. People die either way, eh? Heh..."

  • Jaom sighs. "Least I won't be bored."

Kinqueduran: "Die or worse, yeah."

  • Glory gives Kinqueduran an impish grin, rubbing her bracers.

Anstice: "People die all the time. It'd be most freaky if they stopped."

Anstice: "Forget the people, there's always more. Focus on the big picture."

Arkadi: "Right...so that explains siding with demons...how?"

  • Kinqueduran looks deeply and genuinely offended. "Siding with demons? Where the fuck did you hear that?"
  • Arkadi points up

Anstice: "Not demons. Demons are yozi-souls, these are distinct entities, and incarna-level to boot."

Glory: "Oh, we're not siding with the demons."

Jaom: "Big picture being all Creation falls down. I can hear the monks now. 'Repent! Repent! The Kingdom of the Dragons is at hand!' Bleh. And like hell I'll work for demons!"

Arkadi: "...ah, the monks...annoying, aren't they?"

Kinqueduran: "Whoever told you that is a filthy liar, Ark. You know me better than to believe that I'd side with demons."

Jaom: "Complete with shiny jade rods up their asses, yes."

Anstice: "Now, now, Jaom. That's only the kinky ones."

Anstice: "I find the immaculate philosophy rather refreshing, stripped of the ritualism."

Arkadi: "...in other words, the Lookshy version."

  • Arkadi 's voice has a hint of pride
  • Arkadi sighs

Arkadi: "Okay, kindly explain to me...in full."

Kinqueduran: "I'm working for the Celestines."

Arkadi: "...which ones?"

Kinqueduran: "Just...not the ones that are in Heaven."

Jaom: "I know people who'd say... things about Lookshy, but I'd rather not see them right now, because they'd like to chain me down and make me into some Legion lapdog. Not ready for that."

Anstice: "Maidens had brothers, brothers sided with primordial father, primordial father built new stars in underworld."

Arkadi: "...Riiiiight."

Kinqueduran: "We're working on that."

Arkadi: "I...see."

  • Glory snorts in a rather unGlorylike fashion. "The Seventh Legion is *hardly* competent enough to chain you down, much less while I'm here."

Arkadi: "...EXCUSE ME?"

  • Arkadi turns to Glory

Kinqueduran: "Ignore her, she's badly injured, it's gotten to her head."

Anstice: "Deathlord turns, malfeans are pissed, send brothers to find some agents. We're those agents. Not required to forswear heaven, but they're definitely willing to personally intervene."

Arkadi: "I...see."

Arkadi: "That's...messed-up."

  • Glory just raises an eyebrow at Arkadi before turning back to Jaom. "So don't worry about it."
  • Arkadi takes a drag on his cigarette
  • Arkadi also files the 7th legion slight in his head

Kinqueduran: "Yeah, it's messed-up. I'll worry about the repercussions after I've saved the world."

Jaom: "Nononono, the Cathak Legions. Still, I'm not going for either. I got things to do, and alot of time ahead of me."

Anstice: "Messed up is not being able to get more than a starmetal paper-clip out of heaven when handling a massive demon invasion."

Arkadi: "Anstice...you're speaking to the choir."

Kinqueduran: "Speaking of starmetal paperclips..."

Arkadi: "I assume you folks DON'T know why I'm heaven's bitch, do you ?"

Anstice: "You have a certain rugged charm?"

Glory: "Ah, the Realm. Well, they won't be enough either."

Arkadi: "...no. The head of Internal Affairs is working with the Yozis."

Kinqueduran: "...no shit?"

Arkadi: "I made the mistake of digging too much up."

Iron Horse: "... Come again?"

Arkadi: "The head...of internal affairs...is...smuggling...demons..."

  • Glory reaches over, pats the Terrestrial on the shoulder, and looks back to Arkadi. "Yu-Shan aligned with Malfeas. This is not good."

Anstice: "Hey... that's good to know. My kids are slated for some form of dark sacrifice. I was wondering who'd have the pull to snatch dragonlings out of heaven."

Jaom: "Right now, everyone's worrying themselves shitless over the Empress going poof. They couldn't chain down a lame dog."

Kinqueduran: "Yu-Shan is NOT aligned with Malfeas."

Arkadi: "Well, now you know."

  • Jaom proceeds to pick out as much of the conversation as she can, but isn't doing too well.

Arkadi: "I've got an appointment with Gia in the coming weeks to well...join up with the bronze. Her mentor's throwing a party, and Kejak's gonna be there."

Arkadi: "Figure that I may as well get some protection."

Kinqueduran: "Ark, can you do me a huge favor?"

  • Arkadi almost spits that out "What?"
  • Anstice chews sadly on the end of his cigarette and swallows it.

Kinqueduran: "Can you get me safely into Yu-Shan, and give me half an ounce of cover there?"

  • Jaom snorts a little smore. "Anyway... Glory, after this, mind helping me look for a jewel so I can quiet this lady down in the back of my head?"

Arkadi: "...Kin...I have ZERO pull."

Arkadi: "I've got a trustworthy contact in IA, and that's about it."

Kinqueduran: "...I have -negative- amounts of pull."

Anstice: "What would you need cover for anyway, K?"

Anstice: "It's not as if we can't pull a bait and switch to get most any of your old contacts into the Fane."

Kinqueduran: "I need to get in touch with a few folks in the Crimson Panoply. I also need to talk to Febrisa."

Anstice: "By talk, you mean stab in the face, right?"

Kinqueduran: "No, I mean talk. She might hate me right now, but I still respect and trust her."

Arkadi: "...the Crimson Panopoly...the most heavily-armed part of Yu-Shan....are you INSANE?!"

Anstice: "She also might be pulling double-duty."

Kinqueduran: "I don't need to get IN to the Crimson Panoply, just need to talk to a few people there."

Anstice: "The safest thing right now is to trust no one."

Kinqueduran: "I agree, Anstice. That's all the more reason I need to talk to Febrisa."

Anstice: "Messages can be delivered easily enough. Luring Febrisa out... well."

  • Glory ponders getting involved in the Heavenly politics for all of five seconds before focusing on Jaom. "Sure. Any clues?"

Kinqueduran: "You're her brother-in-law. Err, something."

Jaom: "Well, I just need a shop that sells something yea big. Lady's saying diamond or pearl. She's nice about it, at least."

  • Iron Horse looks blankly at the other Sidereals, and looks towards Jaom and Glory. "Well, I think Chiaroscuro might be a good bet."

Anstice: "I think she likes me even less, and I'm the only one who's got any leeway..."

Arkadi: "I can try...I think there's a Lion or two who owe me some favors."

  • Jaom holds out her thumb, measuring out to the beginning of her well-manicured (odd, that) nail.
  • Kinqueduran tosses Jaom a handful of jade coins. "If you're going to go, go. Buy yourself something nice."

Jaom: "Of course. My flat's there... I could dump off the Dream, too. I dunno if I'll be using tha--"

Anstice: "Nephew-by-accidental-impregnation? Yeah, sure, that bond's going to work. She'd probably notice me using charms on her anyway..."

Kinqueduran: "Don't use Charms, then. Just be nice."

  • Jaom catches the coins deftly, almost without looking. "... dammit, Kin."

Kinqueduran: "What now? I'm being nice!"

  • Glory gives K a quick smile. "Thank you, Kinqueduran. Now, will any jewel do?"

Anstice: "Be nice. To Febrisa."

Jaom: "I know. It's bad enough I owe Glory my life. And... yeah, so long as it's large enough as I showed you."

Anstice: "The being who happened to banish me, and was pretty angry with me BEFORE I turned?"

Kinqueduran: "That's the beauty of it, really."

Kinqueduran: "You've been doing right by her sister, haven't you?"

Anstice: "Should I also pull the Flying Silver Dream out of my ear and have Jaom talk while I drink a glass of champagne?"

Glory: "Well, let's go find a pearl. They're less gaudy than diamonds."

  • Glory starts slowly for the front door. "At least, of diamonds that size."

Kinqueduran: "...you haven't, then."

Anstice: "Of course I've been bloody well doing right by her sister."

Jaom: "... I can talk without you saying anything anyway, An. And sure thing, Glory. You men stay sane, and don't go stabbing things without me, okay?"

Iron Horse: "Hey, do you want me to go? I know a few jewelry stores."

Kinqueduran: "Wouldn't dream of it, darling."

Iron Horse: "... And the traveling would be faster."

  • Jaom ponders that. "... sure. The more the merrier." She then casually flips Kin off while smirking.

Arkadi: "I prefer to avoid fights, if at all possible."

Arkadi: "Promotes longevity."

  • Glory glances back at Iron Horse, pleasant expression *almost* slipping. "..Yeah."

Anstice: "I've even been spending time with the kids. Breaking the law, sneaking files out of the appropriate places, all sots of fun bonding."

Kinqueduran: "So she hates you more."

Anstice: "If she knows."

Anstice: "I suppose I could just liquor Cerilla up again and work from there..."

Kinqueduran: "Worth a try."

Kinqueduran: "Ark ... do you know Morag of Desdeman?"

  • Jaom hovers close to Glory and offers that arm again. "Now, as for you... we're only going to hustle as much as your body can take. No point in worsening your condition just for a pearl."
  • Iron Horse hops to his feet. "Awright."

Arkadi: "In passive. Good rep. Crystal clean."

Arkadi: *in passing

Kinqueduran: "Can I ask a slightly-less-insane favor?"

Arkadi: "Okay."

Kinqueduran: "Can you investigate her? /Really/ investigate?"

  • Glory takes the arm. "I appreciate your concern."
  • Arkadi does a spit-take with his stout

Arkadi: "You're joking, right?"

Arkadi: "She's SPOTLESS."

Kinqueduran: "She's a suspect."

Jaom: "Good. I'm still paying you back, anyway. Besides... you're not half-bad."

Arkadi: "...ohhhkayyy."

Kinqueduran: "I'm serious, Ark.

Arkadi: "Have to brush up on my windtongue, but I can do."

  • Glory rolls her eyes. "You don't have to be nice to me because I'm wounded."

Jaom: "I'm being nice to you because you deserve it, girl. So deal."

Anstice: "Please do. She got uncle elephant on our case AFTER pledging to help us for her own mysterious reasons. Plus, she's an endings, and that's the missing brother-caste."

  • Kinqueduran glances over the crowd in the bar, and lowers his voice. "Not that, Anstice. Not that."

Kinqueduran: "I fought an Abyssal last night. When I took her eye, her voice faltered, and she sounded suspiciously like Morag."

  • Anstice blinks. "Fucking a."
  • Kinqueduran shrugs. "She might not be an Abyssal posing as Endings, but she might. There also might be someone borrowing her identity."

Arkadi: "...well, if she's short an eye, wouldn't that sort of narrow the list?"

Anstice: "My head hurts. It was easier when we could just stab them and let the maidens sort it out."

Arkadi: "It was NEVER that easy."

  • Kinqueduran nods. "Certainly would. Though, remember, knowing the doctors in Yu-Shan, she might have a way to replace it. I'd look for very subtle indications of the injury."

Arkadi: "Please, I know how to investigate things..."

  • Kinqueduran shrugs. "Not questioning your ability, just offering everything I know. This won't be an easy job, I'm trying to give you every speck of information I've got."

Anstice: "Ok, fine. Stab them and let the thousnads of paper-pushers and the dust of ages not sort things out. Same difference, they're stabbed, I'm not."

Arkadi: "I do this for a living, okay...I know what to look for."

  • Kinqueduran shrugs again. "Just trying to help."

Arkadi: "I also know who to ask...and how to get them to answer."

Arkadi: "I get the impression you folks are having trouble with that second half."

Kinqueduran: "We're having trouble with the whole thing, really."

Kinqueduran: "Luckily, diplomacy has been moot the last few times. I even bothered trying it, but stabbing was the only end."

Anstice: "Arkadi, the last investigation I started resulted in me being beaten over the head by Ahlat himself."

Anstice: "Unless there's a few capital letters in that trouble, you have no idea."

Arkadi: "hello here? I investigated a lion who mistakenly ATE two circlemates!"

  • Arkadi sighs and finishes his beer

Anstice: "Lions aren't that bad if you're really good at manipulating the rules they work under. I've spent a few happy days pissing them off."

Arkadi: me scowls, reaches over and smacks Anstice on the back of the head

Arkadi: "They're doing their jobs, leave them be."

  • Kinqueduran grins.
  • Anstice shrugs. "I'm trying to do mine. The two collide, and if I win, so be it."
  • Arkadi rolls his eyes and mutters something about 'ungrateful jackasses who come crying at the first sign of trouble...'
  • Kinqueduran just shrugs again and drains the full pint of beer.

Anstice: "By the way, I do appreciate any help. Anything we can do for you dirtside while you're busy?"

Arkadi: "Yeah...I want you to take a look at these outcastes..."

  • Arkadi tosses down a list, written in neat Rivertongue
  • Kinqueduran nods a little. "Do we stab them, or what?"

Arkadi: "They're sorcerors, and involved with the IA mess."

Arkadi: "I want information, not killings."

Kinqueduran: "You're no fun."

Arkadi: "Evidence. Proof."

Anstice: "Would having them wrapped up in a neat little bow count?"

Kinqueduran: "We'll work on it.

Arkadi: "No. I need something to connect them to IA."

Arkadi: "I also have a list of those I suspect are in on the ring."

Arkadi: "Gods, that is."

Arkadi: "Try to connect them to the sorcerors."

Kinqueduran: "I assume that knuckleduster-interrogation is an acceptable approach?"

Arkadi: "...not really. They're blooded. The PT Bs? up there would just blow them off as lying to escape further torture."

Arkadi: "HARD information. No 'he-said, she said'"

Kinqueduran: "I'll see what I can do."

Arkadi: "You do that."

Arkadi: "And NO killing, remember."

Kinqueduran: "Yeah, yeah, I heard you the first time. I never kill unnecessarily."

Kinqueduran: "...except for that one time."

Arkadi: "Tell that to Mack the Knife here."

  • Arkadi jerks a thumb to Anstice

Kinqueduran: "...you're worried about -him- getting stabby?"

Arkadi: "I'm worried about ALL of you getting stabby."

Kinqueduran: "It'll be fine."

Arkadi: "Right."

  • Kinqueduran grins. "Trust me."
  • Anstice hums. "Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear, and it shows them pearly white..."

Arkadi: "No offence, I trust my circle. That's about it."

Arkadi: "And if you EVER tell them that..."

Arkadi: "Anyways...I'm going to dig around town for some stuff for The Diva. Good luck."

Kinqueduran: "Don't worry. They're not likely to ever meet me, anyway."

Kinqueduran: "Likewise."

  • Arkadi drains his pint, stands and walks out...fading into the crowd as though he's done it every day of his life
  • Kinqueduran stretches, joints popping from his shoulders to his fingers. "Well. What's on the agenda now?"

Anstice: "I'm going to find a pretty girl, get her to buy me a drink, and pretend she's Febrisa."

Kinqueduran: "...you're going to argue with her until she kills you?"

Anstice: "No, I'm going to throw essence at her like I'm in the Cheetah watching a leggy cat-goddess spin around a pole."

Kinqueduran: "Sounds like it should at least be entertaining. Mind if I tag along?"

Anstice: "You have an eyepatch, three days of stubble, and and a perenially sour expression, and you want to go girl-hunting with me?"

Kinqueduran: "Um...yes?"

Kinqueduran: "Besides, I think the eyepatch looks rather dashing."

  • Anstice pulls out an iron nail from his sleeve and pokes K, obviously waiting for him to go up in flames.
  • Kinqueduran blinks at the iron nail tapping on his armor. "...dammit, Anstice, isn't my armor already scratched enough?"

Anstice: "Ok, so you're not Fae. Had to check."

  • Kinqueduran shrugs, standing.

Anstice: "Fine, let's go. You can keep the bouncers off, and keep me from accidentally finding any Cynis."

  • Kinqueduran nods. "Just...avoid the glowing drinks."

Anstice: "Hey, look how it turned out the first time."

Anstice: "It can't be that bad again, right?"

Kinqueduran: "...you never know."

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