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The onion-domes and expansive white stone walls of Great Forks have been in view for two days, at the edge of the horizon. Iron Horse raced ahead to make arrangements for the Circle to have a resting place while Anstice and Glory had detoured to speak with each other privately. Jaom and Kin were therefore left to enter the great city of Decadence by themselves.

Great Forks was a buzzing metropolis, filled with people of every color, form and description. The main gates all opened into districts of markets and commerce squares, plunging new visitors instantly into the heart of Great Forks culture.

  • Kinqueduran walks with the blade of his spear covered, and the lance laid across his shoulders, not unlike a water-carrier. He looks around, apparently not all that impressed with the city, but apparently pleased to be in a more metropolitan area.

Small shops with brilliant awnings and tiny carts displaying a thousand wares each lined the white-paved streets. Enough minor sellers had strings of cheap necklaces that Jaom was tempted to halt, but nothing she saw was high enough in quality or large enough in size.

Kinqueduran "See anything you like?"

  • Jaom does stop from time to time, but only grumbles inwardly as she notes that whatever's offered just doesn't fit the criteria her armor-souled-thing-lady wants. She, in the meantime, also has the Lady covered and out of sight, so as not to draw too much attention. "Nothing yet. Man, I love this place...."
  • Kinqueduran shrugs, looking up at the buildings. "S'not bad, I guess. Nicer than a lot of the shitholes we've been caught in, I'll say that."

Jaom: "Half the reason I came here. Other half was me looking for some action. Lucky I found the Skullkickers when I did... sure as hell needed me. Wonder how they're doing, though."

A few people give momentary glances to the beautiful woman and her one-eyed, rough-faced companion...after eyeing Jaom's hairstyle and armor they decide he is her bodyguard or slave and move on with their lives, having seen similar pairings before. But wow, that's some hairstyle.

  • Kinqueduran sighs, seeing the reactions of passers-by. "I need to relacquer my armor and clean up. I look like a common soldier..."

Jaom: "... augh, this lady. The long hair was bad enough, but the actual hair-weaves... and really, Kin, you do. Although not drawing too much attention might be a good thing."

  • Kinqueduran shrugs. "I think the hair looks nice. Besides, I'm not worried about drawing attention, I'm worried about looking decent. I'm not a common thug, I'm an exceptional thug."

Jaom: "I dunno about the exceptional part."

  • Jaom smirks in her usual broad, friendly manner.
  • Kinqueduran chuckles, reaching over to playfully smack her rump.
  • Jaom proceeds to yelp a little, then give Kin a look, rubbing her backside. "If anything, your audacity's exceptional. I see why you got your job."
  • Kinqueduran chuckles again, looking back out at the crowd. "Oh come on, I didn't hit you that hard."

Jaom: "No, but I have to make sure you didn't leave anything there, like a 'five jade' sign or something similar."

A small child bumps into Jaom and bounces off. He blinks up at the armored lady with the amazing hair and stares for a few moments before hurrying off, bouncing off Kin as well in his distraction before hustling down the street. Swiftly, two other small children with a general resemblance follow him down the street.

  • Kinqueduran watches the children skittering throughout the street, then shrugs at Jaom a little. "I'm in a better mood, but I'm not in /that/ much of a better mood."
  • Jaom would snicker, but she's feeling around a little. ".. took my purse! Oh, that does it. You come back here! I swear if I catch you..." She starts charging in the direction of the kids.

The three kids see Jaom coming and begin darting through the crowd, toward a series of alleyways

  • Kinqueduran sighs, breaking into a jog to keep up with Jaom.
  • Jaom snorts a tiny streamer of smoke and moves on along at the speed of irked. "That was my jewel money..."
  • Kinqueduran grunts and increases his pace.
  • Kinqueduran outpaces the children and circles around in front of them to trip them, using the haft of the lance.

With unhappy little cries the kids drop to the ground!

  • Jaom lags a bit behind, much to her dismay, but catches up as they tumble on down. "Damn it all, Kin. Stop being better than me!"
  • Kinqueduran gathers up the children by their collars and shakes them a bit. "Now, you three owe my friend something."

Jonjon: "Nuh-uh, mister. Lemme go!"

  • Kinqueduran shakes them a little harder. "Oh yes you do."
  • Jonjon flails his arms. "Ain't got nothing!"
  • Kinqueduran shakes them once more, looking up at Jaom.
  • Jaom frowns, and her skin begins to take quite a reddish cast, even shining just a tad. All she does is snort more smoke and hold her hand out. "Last person that touched me before I couldn't feel my purse was you."

The other two kids glare defiantly, supporting Jonjon.

Jaom: "So if you're straight with me and give it back, I'll let you go. If not, I'll find it anyway and see about what I can do to keep youngsters like yourselves busy. For the good of the community, of course."

  • Jaom puts on a winning smile. A very creepy winning smile.
  • Jon Jon? eyes her suspiciously. "Like what?"

Kinqueduran "She might find some sort of authority who might punish you. Or...she might eat you."

Jaom: "Oh... I dunno. I imagine some well-placed jade could have you three cleaning aaaaaaall the streets here. And Kin, I dunno. They look kinda stringy."

  • Jon Jon? 's eyes widen. "Don't wanna get eaten!" He flails again, trying to escape!

Jaom: "Then be a good boy and give me back what you took."

  • Kinqueduran thumps Jon Jon? behind the ear. "You give back her purse, then you can go."
  • Jon Jon? rubs his eyes, moving into the crying and pleading phase. "but... but... we ain't eaten, and she's rich, and don't hit me no more!"

Kinqueduran "Give her purse back, and then we'll see about getting you some food. Understand?"

  • Jaom sighs, shaking her head. "Beh... street kids. Yeah, hand it back and I'll buy you three something. You go about your business and try to stop stealing before a Prince without my kind nature does more than hit your ears."
  • Jon Jon? sniffles and nods, handing the purse over. "Do I have to give the money back, too?"

Kinqueduran "Yes, you do."

Jonjon: "Damn."

Jaom: "Heh. At least you're a wily one. C'mon, cough it up."

Kinqueduran "And watch your damn mouth."

  • Jaom takes the purse and waits.
  • Jon Jon? digs around and hands that over, deciding not to risk them counting the change. "But you just said it!"

Kinqueduran "That's not important. Oh, return what you took from me, while you're at it."

  • Jaom goes about putting coin back into purse, closing it tightly and promptly dropping it in the front of her armor. "Heh, you too?"

Jonjon: "I took something from you?"

Kinqueduran "Cough it up, kid."

  • Jon Jon? seems confused, patting his rags down.

Jonjon: "Wasn't me, mister."

Jonjon: "You don't have anything worth stealing anyways."

  • Kinqueduran chuckles, dropping the kids. "Good point."

Jaom: "Heh... alright. You got a name? Don't wanna call you 'hey, kid' all day."

  • Jaom turns back towards the bazaar proper and starts on her way, thoughts of jewels back in her mind.

Jonjon: "Jonjon."

Kinqueduran "Catchy."

  • Jon Jon? catches Jaom's wrist. "Hey! Lady! Are you looking for something expensive?"

Jaom: "Eh? Actually... kinda, yeah. Why'd you ask?"

Jonjon: "A pretty, jewelry something?"

Jaom: "... yah. Funny, that's exactly what I'm looking for. You read minds?"

  • Jaom does look back, eyebrow up.

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