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  • Anstice obviously returns from the storm, completely drenched.
  • Kinqueduran looks up, relieved to see Anstice. He moves away from Mendhari, closing up his pack.

Anstice: "We're going back inside."

Kinqueduran: "We should wait until the storm clears. Mendhari is soaked, I don't know if she can take much more."

Anstice: "Safer inside than outside, K."

Unseen by any of the three Synodic Exalted, a dark figure no taller then Anstice's waist darts past their shelter then doubles back, caught by the sound of Mendhari's cries for the dress...green eyes watch the three

  • Kinqueduran shrugs at Anstice. "I know, but I think we should wait until the storm clears."

Anstice: "May not have a choice."

Kinqueduran: "If it comes to that, then so be it."

  • Anstice goes to check on Mendhari.

By the time Anstice has finished investigating the bloody woman, several more small figures have gathered...

Kinqueduran: "Do you still want to move, or wait it out?"

Anstice: "I have this feeling it's time to move now. Just a hunch."

  • Kinqueduran nods, slinging his pack back onto his shoulder and grabbing his shield.
  • Anstice tries to reassure Mendhari as he lifts her up into his arms, settling her sleeping roll over her to help shield against the storm.
  • Mendhari is unconscious now.
  • Kinqueduran 's fingers curl around the haft of his spear as he glances back at the other two Exalted. "Drape my poncho over the both of you."

Kinqueduran: As he looks back to the entrance, his eyes narrow and he mutters. "...shit."

Anstice: "Better padding. And I don't really feel like stopping. And why are the little goblins with green eyes starting at us?"

Both men notice the entourage of child-sized figures darting around them in the dark of the storm. But Anstice alone notices the bronze glint of their skins and the faint glow to their green eyes. And he alone knows that these creatures are not mortal, his nose twitches as the coppery smell of demon assaults his nostrils. But, despite being noticed, the small demons continue to dart through the shadows, never moving closer.

Kinqueduran: "I'm not sure why they are, but for some reason, stabbing seems reasonable."

Anstice: "Better yet, why is there a small army of the demonic shadowing us? Only if they come close. This reeks of trap."

Kinqueduran: "Mhm. I still advocate stabbing ... although, now that you mention it ..." He glances up at the tree-cave, then back to the entrance. "I wonder why they don't come closer."

Anstice: "Either they don't want to be stabbed, or we took something from the temple that's holding them back. Or maybe attracting them. Walk, please."

  • Kinqueduran moves ahead, but slowly, in a low battle-stance. The covered scarab shield covers him almost fully from the front, while gleaming Starmetal serves as a pointy deterrent.
  • Anstice just follows along, trying to recall if he was ever taught or read about bronze puppet demons.

Anstice: "If you've got a really good banishing trick, now might be the time. Not demons, demon. Singular."

  • Kinqueduran shakes his head slightly. "Banishment is the peak of a Vermillion Sentinel's climb. I've not climbed that high yet."

Anstice: "Bah. Are we there yet?"

  • Kinqueduran is growing agitated. "No. Shut up, keep one eye on Mendhari, and one on those .. whatever."

The Cart Dolls remain far enough away that Kin can't make them out. But if they moved into sight, he too would know them. Devious monsters controlled by a single large demon, somewhere within 10 miles of the dolls. Killing them will only make it mad and they will not act without orders from it. One must have been sent to see what the Cart Master says.

  • Kinqueduran grits his teeth, pausing, his spear joining his shield in his left hand.

Kinqueduran: Reaching into his pack slowly, his fingers find a richly-inscribed swatch of silk, which he draws out and waves at Anstice. "Take this."

  • Anstice grabs it. "And this is?"
  • Kinqueduran recovers his spear in his right hand, glancing over his shoulder momentarily at Anstice. "A very, very small amount of luck, I hope."

Anstice: "Luck is good."

  • Kinqueduran nods a bit and resumes his advance, almost creeping back to the temple's entrance.
  • Anstice follows somewhat closely, just in range of the spear in case he gets jumped by cart dolls.

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