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In the ever-present fog, the light of day is hardly different from the predawn gloom that illuminated your path to the temple hours ago. The clouds that hover above the fog, weighing heavily upon the sky, are ominously dark. Flickers of power deep inside tell of storms waiting to be unleashed and something familiar stirs in Anstice's soul. As the black rain begins to fall, he feels a presence growing nearby. Under the constant barrage of slush and sleet, Kinqueduran retreats with Mendhari to a sheltered grove of dense trees. As he follows, Anstice is increasingly aware of the growing presence in the storm.

  • Anstice looks up into the storm, despite the onslaught of ice-cold rain, half wondering why now, and half glad for the possibilities inherent in such a visitation.

The pounding of the rain against his flesh hammers out a demand: come further, come closer. Soaked to the bone while Mendhari and Kin are only wet and shivering while they find the rain simply chilly, Anstice can see a dim outline deep in the storm, illuminated irregularly by flashes of green-grey lightning.

  • Anstice yells a warning to them, just in case, and motions that he's going to scout, searching out ways to get higher off the ground.
  • Kinqueduran acknowledges and waves you off, grumbling about having to tend to Mendhari himself.

As Anstice moves further into the storm, the figure appears frequently, coming closer. It takes only a few minutes before the former Sidereal is standing before the tall, powerful form of the Lord of Mysteries. Concealed by the storm's lashing curtains of rain and sleet, the Lord is only a dark form in the lightless day. He raises a hand in warning as you begin to step too close.

  • Anstice stops, planting the butt of his spear into the ground to steady himself.
  • Poseidon waits expectantly, unseen eyes moving over your body before re-settling on your face. A hint of impatience is implicit in the Lord's unseen body language.
  • Anstice shudders a bit, wiping the slush from where it's frozen to his cheek. "Hail, Poseidon."

Poseidon: "Amusing. You will have to learn more about proper forms. Tell me why you think you are here, Anstice Cyzarine."

Anstice: "I believe I am here to prevent a rather unfortunate ritual by saving some prisoners, one of whom is Solar."

Poseidon: "You have some idea at least. If you understand your purpose, for what reason did you defy my guidance?"

Poseidon: "You never entered the Chamber of Wine."

Anstice: "We were assaulted, and one of our number badly hurt. It seemed a wise idea to retreat until she had at least regained consciousness."

Poseidon: "You should have heeded me still. You would be safer in the Chamber of Wine then here in the forest. The Temple will be a refuge until you pass into its reflection, where the Rite of the Five Sided Door will take place."

  • Anstice bows. "I apologize. It seems our precaution was poorly chosen. We will make our way there as soon as possible."

Poseidon: "I will not waste my effort appearing to you in this manner more often, Anstice Cyzarine. Heed my guidance when it comes. And think well on how you will serve me, I do not believe you give this enough attention."

Anstice: "I am quite certain I do not yet pay enough attention to a matter of such importance, given the immediate threats I am distracted with. Yet I will endeavor to make time."

  • Poseidon nods, an approving gesture. "I am pleased. Know that of the three you will take from here, one is the Solar Exalted who haunts this place. Another is a Terrestrial who must be returned home. It is important these three be placed where we say. Results must be achieved and other pieces brought into play."
  • Anstice nods at that. "Success is certainly expected.

Poseidon: "This time, it must be assured. Your efforts so far bode ill."

  • Anstice sighs. "I begin to think everything bodes ill. I was hoping not to have to exercise much control over the circle, but sometimes, measures must taken."
  • Poseidon chuckles. "You think to lead your Circle to victory, then?"

Poseidon: "If only they will follow you, they will triumph. At times I forget how amusing humans are."

Anstice: "I've found that we ourselves often forget it, and you'd think we'd notice more often." He shrugs.

Poseidon: "See that you stay alive, I have much work for you to do."

Poseidon: "Remember to think harder on what is said and what is ment, not what you hear. You have that failing."

  • Anstice nods.

Poseidon: "Return to your Circle and remember the Chamber of Wine." with that, the Lord departs. A sudden blast of rain dissolves his form, splashing a puddle across the landscape.

  • Anstice wrings some of the water out of his shirt, pulls his spear out of the mud, and turns on his heel, heading back down to them.

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