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Modern Settings

  • Signs of Conjunction? - As the age comes to a close, the barriers that had torn the physical world from its spiritual counterparts shines with splinters, and splits into a razor fog that keeps neither friend nor foe far for long.
  • Within Strange Aeons - The wheels of time spin to a halt and the gods of past and present hold a bated breath. For artifacts ancient and new have come into being, holding tremendous and awful power for those Chosen. Who will be cursed with greatness, to battle for all, even their very souls?

Modern Drama Systems

  • Vehicles - Using the Drive Ability; cars, motorcycles, trucks, and even the odd superscooter.
  • Vessels - Using the Pilot Ability; from fighter jets to submarines to tanks to orbital battlestations.
  • Firearms - Using the Firearms Ability; sniper rifles, rocket launchers, Soulsteel Cyclones and Jade Sidewinders.
  • Computers - A dynamic and fast-paced hacking and programming system for use with the Computers Ability.

New Traits

  • Funds Background - For affluent characters, capable of drawing together a multitude of investors for their ventures.
  • Daemon Background - For hackers, who want an intellegent online lapdog. A somewhat sentient program capable of being accessed from any connected computer.

New Charms