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Storyteller In their favorite tavern, the Plutarch's Ass, made famous by its trademark golden donkey sign, Myrrh and Corve sip at their drinks while swapping stories about their week. It's been a long week and it's only three days in.

Storyteller The rain outside is nasty, as it always is whenever it decides to rain. Brume being so high up, all the weather is much worse then anywhere else. Better too, when its nice out, but this time of year its hardly ever nice. Neither man bothers to pay attention to the soaking figure that dashes inside until the young lady, a police messenger, plops herself down at their table.

Corve "...and then she said: 'But dad, I thought boys liked short dresses.' Now, you tell me, how am I supposed to replay to that? Seriously. She's ten. She she not be hearing this kind of thing from other peop--" The inspector stops as the soaking young woman sits down next to them, recognizing the uniform immediately. "Evening," he says, smiling as he knocks the last of his mug's brew to his gullet.

Messenger "Nasty little day, isn't it? Assessor Corve, you're wanted at the third air-pier as soon as possible."

Corve He raises a brow and then looks at his companion, shurgging his shoulders slightly and brushing back a bit of hair. "Soon as possible meaning now, I take it?" Even as he speaks, he waves to the barmaid to get them their tab.

Messenger The world-weary, busty woman swoops down with the check and hovers, awaiting her tip.

Corve The Assessor looks at his long time friend and bites his bottom lip. "Who's turn is it tonight?"

  • Myrrh sighs and downs the rest of his drink. "Back out into the rain..."

Myrrh "I'd go for it but I'm tapped until next week...you know how it is."

Messenger "The Reviewer on duty said it was a problem with immigration. A lady who wants to come onto Luxury."

Corve "Uh huh..." he says, grinning and making a soft, whip-cracking sound. He digs around in his pockets and pulls out the proper amount, plus the barmaids tip. "Thanks sugar, we'll see you later." With a still lingering smile, he turns to the messenger. "Problems with immigration. Alright, I get it, I get it. Go on back to the office and let'em know I'm on my way."

Messenger "Sure, sure. After I get a little pick-me up." the messenger proceeds to order a nice, big, highly alcoholic drink from the barmaid

Corve The cop shakes his head and stands up, pulling his or-colored coat from the chair and draping it on himself as he steps away from the table. "Don't get too tipsy. You know, drinking on the job and all, hmm?" He winks and reaches under the table, grabbing Judging Thunder and making subtle work of checking to see if it's fully loaded. "You commin'?" He looks at Myrrh expectantly.

Myrrh "Sure, I've got nothing better to do tonight. Maybe we can get some drinks along the way." He smiles and grabs his large wide brimmed hat and his old airmans coat. He didn't bring any of his "equipment" with him since most of it wasn't exactly subtle.

Corve "Yeah, hopefully. You got your ride, right?" Jaks is a strong raptor, but two grown men might be a bit much.

Myrrh "Of course. I'm not walking anywhere in this weather."

  • Myrrh heads back to the stables looking for his horse.

Storyteller Both the raptor and the wingless horse are in perfect condition, very happy after a warm stay in the stable and some nice food.

Corve "Good man. Let's go." He proceeds to wave to the usual patrons and then pushes the door open, stepping out into the pouring rain. From under his coat he pulls out an odd looking brimmed, yellow hat which matches the coat, and tips it on. He follows his friend to the tables and summons Jaks with an odd, reptilian like sound. The clicking of the raptor's claws can be heard as he bounds graceful to his master. "Hey there guy... we have to go do a job, hmm?"

Corve The assessor leaps unot his raptor and pets the monstrosity's neck a little. "Come on," he calls to Myrrh. "I want to get this over with." And with that, he nudges Jaks only slightly, prodding the raptor into a quick gait.

Myrrh "I wonder what's so special about the case to bother calling you in." Guides his old brown mare out of the stable and then mounts. He pulls his goggles down over his eyes and waits for Corve and Jaks to get ready.

Corve "Probably some Exalt or God-Blood. You know how they are, they get all fiesty when someone with any kind of personal prowess shows up."

Storyteller It doesn't take too long for Myrrh and Corve to arrive at air-pier three. The Plutarch's Ass isn't far from the air docks, just on the edge of the official Docks District. When they arrive, the Reviewer on duty is waiting for them at the pier's customs hut. Along with him is an attractive, red-haired woman from off-Brume judging by her clothes and appearance.

Corve The cop stops Jaks just a few feet from the reviewer and dismounts, landing with a splash. He walks towards them, hands in his pocket and Judging Thunder on his back. With a quick movement, he tips his hat up and looks at them. "Evening," he says. "I'm Assessor Corve. I was summoned here for some immigration business?"

Reviewer' "Yes, Greetings Assessor.....Assessor's friend. I'm glad you're here. This woman is...um..."Glorious Carmine Elegance". She's applying for entrance to Luxury. I wasn't quite sure how to handle it, what with her...status.." the young man shifts his Reviewer's hat on his head as he peers at the big, magical sword in Carmine's posession

  • Myrrh ties his horse off someplace under some cover and walks over to Corve, pulling his goggles back up onto his forehead. He looks Carmine over, more interested in the massive sword than her figure. He studies the design of it, seeming to zone out for a moment.
  • Carmine is speaking the the reviewer in a mixture of riverspeak and firetongue. The blade on her back, held up by the 5th piece of silk she is wearing is made of sunlight. She turns around as the two approach, looking at them a little distrustfully, not sure if she'll have to explain it all again to them... not entirely sure she;ll still remember the words the second time around.

Corve Corve's already gotten a look at the girl. He doesn't miss much when it comes to his job. She's gorgeous... but that sword is daunting. "She doesn't speak Low Realm, I take it?"

Carmine' "...I can. A little, at least." Her accent is heavily tainted by the south.

Corve The assessor immediately smiles. He extends a hand to her, the other tipping his hat. "Well then, nice to meet you, Ms... Elegance? Welcome to Luxury."

  • Reviewer returns to his duties elsewhere, eager to leave this matter to someone else and to be away from *three* Exalted...

Carmine' "Thank you ... Assessor" she says, uncertain of what the title might mean. "I am Glorious Carmine Elegance...I would like to enter this island..."

Corve He drops the hand. Maybe they don't shake where she's from? He tucks it in his pocket and nods to the Customs Hut. "Let's move under some cover, it's pouring too hard," he says, nodding towards her and Myrrh as he walks under into the Hut, taking his hat off and shaking his head a little. He calls Jaks in and pulls out three chairs, setting them about. "Take a seat."

  • Carmine shakes out her own long hair as they get under the shelter of the hut, smoothing it back from her face. She sits quickly, then seems to remember thanks are in order "Thank you."
  • Myrrh walks in, taking the opportunity to follow carmine from behind and get a better look at the whole sword. "Very impressive weapon you have there! A wonderful level of craftsmanship. Might I ask where you found it?" he grins widely, finaly discovering something simple and elegant in function and form.

Corve "Sure," he says with a reassuring smile as he takes the seat directly across from hers. "I'm Assessor Corve... you can call me Corve. That's Myrrh. He'll be staring at your blade for quite a while." He gives Myrrh a look that says 'work first, pleasure later,' and kicks a chair at him gently. "So, Carmine..."

Corve "...what brings you to our fair Plutocracy and what are your plans while you're here?"

Myrrh "Oh, yes." Puts on a more serious face and pulls his goggles back down around his eyes, taking a seat.

  • Carmine blinked, and seems a little surprised. She had some sense that it was special, but... "Somewhere in the desert." she says, after consideration, not entirely sure what else she could say, even if she wanted too.

Carmine' "I'm not entirely sure ... I arrived in a in a city of tall glass towers ... Chiaroscuro. There was an ..airboat (the hesitation as she puts the word together in Low Realm) to here, Corve."

Corve "So you just embarked and came here, hmm?" He seems to ponder this a little and then raises a brow, reaching over his shoulder to shrug off the large holster containing Judgement Thunder, putting the weapon without any attempt to intimidate her on the nearby table, so he can lean back comfortably.

Corve "Alright... so you don't really have a reason for being here. Hmm." He nods slowly and then scratches his neck, looking at Myrrh with a small smile. "Well, I'm forced to inform you of the basic laws of Brume and its Isles, but afterwards you'll have to make yourself knowledgeable of the intricacies, okay?"

Carmine' "Yes" she nods in response to his question, before she is distracted by the weapon "...that gun, it is made of the same metal as on my sword, yes?"

Corve "Hmm? Oh, Judging Thunder? I think so. Myrrh?"

  • Myrrh before Corve can begin. "Why yes, it's more of an alloy though! I didn't have as much to go around you see..."

Myrrh "Made it myself. Although the holster was more Yeddim leather than anything..."

Corve The assessor smirks. "That's a yes. Anyway, the rules here are fairly easy, Carmine. Don't steal. Don't kill. Don't break. Don't forget to pay your tab, respect people around you as much as possible and..." he eyes her sword a little. "Try not to wave that around. Shouldn't be too hard, hmm?"

  • Carmine winces slightly at the mention of leather, for no reason she can think of. "...I will try not to do so, yes." Something in her tone suggesting that not using the weapon is a little alien to her.

Carmine' "...But, does that weapon mean you are ... like me?" uncertainty as she asks, not exactly sure what she is, either...

Corve "Great. Oh, also... if you do go to a tavern or bar, tip the employee that attends you. Not doing so is a good way of getting into trouble. Now..." he ponders for a moment, and then raises a brow at her. "Probably." He smirks a little. "That's the most plausible reason why I would be summoned to deal with your situation other than someone less... suited."

Myrrh "Well, since you aren't dragging it like a five-hundred pound hunk of gold I'd say..."

Carmine' "...tip them?" she asks, with genuiene ignorance.

Corve "Yes... a tip. A little extra for the good service."

Corve "Not too much. About five to ten percent is the usual."

Carmine' "...Ah."

Carmine' "... So what does one do when they have no money?"

Myrrh "Well do you have a skill? I mean that doesn't involve hurting people..."

  • Carmine looks uncertain at this. She didn't remember any.

Corve He's a bit taken aback. No money? And she came to Brume? Of all the places... he sighs a little, rubbing his chin with a small glance at her. He can think of a lot of skills, but they'd all end up bad. "Umm... well... shit." He looks at Myrrh and shrugs. "Don't suppose you have a space for her at your place?"

Myrrh "Well I suppose I could convince the missus to take her on...although we might need to get her a nice set of clothes..."

Carmine' There was something wrong with her clothes? ...well, she had been getting a lot of looks but... she looks mostly confused, and trying to hide it as Corve and Myrrh exchanged words. No money in brume obviously means very little to her.

Corve He sighs again, looking at the woman and tsking his tongue. "See, Carmine, the problem is that Brume runs on money. We're a Plutocracy... that means no cash, no wash." He turns to Myrrh. "Your wife'll kill you... let's go a different route. I'll keep her at my place 'till she gets on her feet or leaves, and you give me some money so I don't have to dish everything out." He switches to Brumish fluidly for the next sentence: "She's a Solar. We can't just leave her wandering Brume on her own... she'll get in trouble."

Corve "And trouble for her means trouble for ALL of us..."

Myrrh "Very true."

Myrrh "Well I'm sure I can cut back on expenses enough to take care of her. Why did you come here, Ms. Carmine?"

Corve "She said she doesn't know. You were busy oggling the sword."

  • Carmine frowns as they take in a tongue she doesn't understand. "I have already told you that" she says. She has no idea what else to say.

Corve "Alright, he says in Brumish to Myrrh. "We'll do that. I'll take her home, you help with the expenses..." he turns to Carmine and smiles. "Okay, I think we have a solution for your problem. We take care of our own... at least, we as in Myrrh and I... so we're going to help you out."

  • Carmine smiles at the pair, and is silent for a time, before she remembers "Thank you. Both of you."

Corve He grins and shakes his head. "Don't worry about it. Here's what we'll do... you're going to stay at my place. It's not big, but you'll get a comfortable bed. Myrrh's gonna help me out with the expenses to keep you alive until you're up on your feet with a job. Everyone in Brume is expected to work... well, almost everyone," he says, nodding to Myrrh and rolling his eyes. "In any case, I have several rules you must promise to behave by in my home..."

  • Carmine nods, and looks attentive

Corve "I have a small child... my daughter, Sunshine Blossom. She's ten. The rules are simple: keep your blade with you and out of her reach at all times, do not incite any inappropriate conversations, do not give her any ideas that would put her in danger, get some new clothes, because what you're wearing is not what I want my daughter to take as a role model--no offense--promise to protect her should anything dangerous occur and you're in the vicinity and last but not least..."

Corve He pauses, narrowing his eyes and looking right at hers. "If you hurt her in any possible manner or way, I will hunt you down like a rabid dog and kill you." His demeanor changes automatically back to something much more pleasant. "...that's about it!" He smiles.

  • Myrrh rolls his eyes at Corve's long list of rules. "For pete's sake Corve, Sun's friends probably wear what Carmine does on the weekends."

Corve He points a finger at his friend and raises a brow. "You shut up. Don't tell me how to raise my child."

Corve The assessor is obviously extremely protective of his daughter... anyone could tell just by seeing the way his face changes when he speaks of her.

  • Carmine listens attentively through the rules. She has no idea about how to follow most of them. What was inappropriate? But she nods. The last part was very clear, and she really didn't want to have to kill him.

Myrrh "Fine, fine. Just don't blame me when she goes through her rebelious phase at 12." Chuckles and lifts his goggles back to his forehead.

Corve "Excellent. Now that that's settled... I suggest we go get ourselves some drinks and then head home for dinner." He looks over at Myrrh. "You going home for dinner or are you avoiding the missus again?"

Myrrh "Eh, I could do with a few more. She probably thinks i'm off testing that old personal flier again."

Corve "Alright then. Come on," he nods to the both of them and stands up, stepping outside quickly and yelling for the reviewer to get his ass back to them.

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