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Storyteller It was not shaping up to be a pleasant day, despite the rare blue skies and warm, sunny atmosphere. The three Solars and one winged Anklok gathered together on a brightly lit sunny plain for a little relaxation time away from children, jobs and other entanglements were enjoying their day...until, that is, something unexpected happened!

Xar'Rex "Oh, what is happening? I not expect that!"

Storyteller By some amazing coincidence the circle of friends and their draconic ally have chosen as their resting place the single meadow on all of Luxury that is the center of the almost-yearly Grand Dispute Council of the "native Brumians". Not being native or Brumian at all, the little monsters constantly try to make everyone think they're an oppressed minority while induling in property damage and mayham.

Storyteller And so the peaceful meadow is beset by three groups of raggedly dressed, ill-armed and ill-assorted humanoids with dirty hair, smelly loincloths and jagged, poorly made weapons.

Carmine "...What is happening here?" Carmine is utterly mystified by the turn of events.

Horde Of Short Little Monsters? howls and cackles nastily as it surrounds the meadow!!

Xar'Rex looks at Corve, "What are rules for this?"

Corve Assessor Corve of the Luxury Law Enforcement puts his book down and tips his hat up to look at the wild little monsters that are ruining his day out with his friends. He looks at Xar, then Carmine, then Myrrh, and rolls his eyes. "I told you we should've taken a ride off-island... but noooo." Pushing himself up, he stands and walks out of the group towards a knot of the pygmaic beings. "HEY!"

Horde Of Short Little Monsters? gaggles and snarls at the big man, brandishing spears! One of the little mites steps forward, dressed in strings of tiny bones and reeking of scents best unnamed. "Our meadow! Out! Or we out you!"

Corve He looks down at the spear-wielding pigmy and bites back his laughter. After a moment: "No. Our meadow. Yours, and mine... real Brumians share." Not really, but he wants to see just how confused he can make them before he's forced to hit one.

Xar'Rex just looks confused. "Rule is to shout?"

Carmine "...I'm beginning to think they just don't have rules..."

Horde Of Short Little Monsters? "Our meadow! Our meadow! Our meadow! Our meadow!"

Myrrh "Well they are pygmies. It's hard to have alot of rules when you're still banging rocks together."

Horde Of Short Little Monsters? starts jumping up and down, doing a little dance of frustration and anger

Corve "No." He crosses his arms on his chest and stares the closest one down, raising his brow. "And if you keep this up, I'm going to decide it's my meadow, and you're not going to be allowed in."

Myrrh "Corve, maybe we shouldn't be getting them all riled up?"

Tall Little Monster? "Decide that and maybe we decide to poke you until you die!"

Tall Little Monster? "Poke! POKE! POKE POKE POKE!"

Tall Little Monster? brandishes his little spear

Xar'Rex "Banging rocks? They have spears."

Myrrh "Yes but they clearly haven't discovered Soap."

Corve He looks over his shoulder at Myrrh and shrugs before turning back towards the, umm... tall little guy. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his badge, holding it up. "You're threatening a member of law enforcement." Then he tucks the badge away, not expecting it to have much clout, but hopes can be had by anyone. "I don't want to have to take defensive precautions."

Tall Little Monster? "Law man no have friends! Law men not bother us! They try, we sue!"

Carmine "Sue?"

Myrrh "I stand corrected!"

Corve He blinks, leaning closer. "Those people behind me are my friends... and you're disturbing their rest and relaxation as well as mine. Do you really want that big, winged dragon to get mad? Or the lady with the really bright sword?"

Xar'Rex flexes his wings helpfully

Corve In Brumish, he mumbles towards Myrrh: "Did you bring Revolution?"

Tall Little Monster? "You few! We many! Our meadow! OUR MEADOW!"

Myrrh "Uh, yeah. I was going to test out the stun function..."

Corve "Good." He grins, and then looks at the pygmies. "What, exactly, do you want?"

Tall Little Monster? "OUR MEADOW!!!!!"

Corve "Alright. This is the meadow. You're here. What seems to be the problem?"

Xar'Rex "Meadow belong to short ones?"

Carmine "... I think so ..."

Corve He looks over his shoulder and shakes his head. "No, they're just being annoying. The meadow belongs to everyone that lives in Brume. Public place."

Tall Little Monster? "NOT publis! OURS!"

Corve The cop's eyes narrow as he takes a step towards the pygmie and whispers low. "What are you going to do? Poke me?"

Tall Little Monster? "POKE!!!" With that howled statement, the little man-thing throws its spear at Corve's stomach.

Corve Seeing it coming, the assessor shifts to the side, letting the projectile fly past him. "Hmm. Now that wasn't very nice."

Tall Little Monster? "POKE THEM ALL!!!!"

Horde Of Short Little Monsters? goes crazy with little screaming man-things, running this way and that, throwing, stabbing and poking spears and sharpened sticks at the three Solars and the Dragon. They stay a bit more away from the Dragon.

Carmine flows to her feet in a single fluid motion, Eminence already in her hand, the two silk lengths tied to her wrists flicking out horizontally. She smiles at them. This was why she lived.

Myrrh jumps back from the screaming horde, trying to get back to where he left the Revolution.

Carmine runs towards the nearest pygmies, sunlight blade trailing behind her. Then she reaches them. Eminence is an extention of her as it cuts through the air. Then spins, catching them with the sunlit flat, sending them hurling backwards. Corve had said she shouldn't kill people on Brume ...

Carmine The four hit the ground in unconcious heaps.

Carmine flicks the blades aside with ease.

Horde Of Short Little Monsters? rallies despite the throwing of their commrades and attacks! The little dirty things swarm the normal-sized folk, attacking them viciously!

Corve The assessor immediately springs into action, carving a path back to his group with a quick leap and tumble, and launching himself over Myrrh to grab Judging Thunder, which lay waiting where he'd left it. He stops along the roll and lifts the rifle to his head, aiming at the nearest cluster of little folk.

<Horde Of Little Monsters?> Despite two hits, none of the tall folk is at all harmed by the vicious pygmie onslaught, much to the dismay of the dirty little savages.

Xar'Rex blinks as the little horde strikes at him, and bares his fangs, "Little creatures no hurt Xar Rex!" He shrugs off the attack as insignificant, and it is.

Horde Of Short Little Monsters? howls and screams and attacks again! Though this time one of the little men attacking Corve is thrown off balance by another of his friends and the two tumble to the ground, starting a tiny duel in the midst of the pitched battle for the meadow

Corve He continues to dodge attacks, moving from one side to the next, trying to find a decent shot while considering the implications of blowing one of their heads clean off.

Xar'Rex rumbles and draws a claw across his armor, which promptly bursts into flame which burns brightly and sends off waves of heat. "Little creatures stay away!"

Horde Of Short Little Monsters? squeals and screams, backing away from the suddenly burning dragon!!

Myrrh scrambles for Corve past the legions of brawling pygmies that are clumsily stabbing at him with their stone and stick spears. "Damnit Corve! Why did you have to start a fight?!"

Tall Little Monster? "SEE! SEEE! Even own friends say you start! WE INSTIGATE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS! Now, POKE! POKE POKE POKE! Legal proceedings against your BLEEDING dead selves!"

Carmine 's eyes flicker and change, and the grip changes on the hilt and once more she moves through the pygmies in a whirlwind of red silk and red blood.

Tall Little Monster? The pygmie mob squeals and scatters away from Carmine as she ruthlessly decapitates five of the little savages in revenge for all the poking.

Tall Little Monster? "EXCESSIVE FORCE!! WE SUE!!! WRONGFUL DEATH!!! WIDOW SUPPORT!!! STAB THEM HARDER! Win court case faster if all dead!!"

Xar'Rex lunges forward into the thickest of the pack of them, snarling, letting them hit him, letting them feel the feel the force of his fists, and hissing as they catch fire. "Short ones shut up! Too loud!"

Xar'Rex feels his fists connect with two of the pygmies' heads, and they fly back, burning, into the others

Corve "What are you talking about?! All I did was ask them what they wanted and to leave us alone!" He spins his head, catching Carmine's sword's deadly flashes. Ah well, she tried. The cop's eyes find the one that had originally thrown the spear at him and spins his rifle, propping it on his shoulder as he aims along the rifle at the pygmie, scowling. "Stupid fucking pygmies," he mutters, and fires, moving the rifle half an inch and firing again, and again at the one behind his second victim. He unleashes a furious firearmed assault on the diminute enemies, tired of their idiotic yelling nonsense.

Tall Little Monster? Between the fire and the glowing Solar blade, the pygmies are scattering, though the tall one is still screaming threats, legal and physical, and some of their braver warriors are attacking as they flee

Tall Little Monster? "HA HA! You try kill Court Giant but you fail! Court Giant sue you worst!!!" With that, the tall little pygmie shows a remarkable sense of self-preservation and starts to run away.

Corve He misses on his first shot, finding the tall pigmy quite skilled at moving out of the way. The other two are now without heads, only there's no heads rolling as with Carmine's assault... just patches of flesh.

Myrrh finaly makes it to the massive weapon he had leaned against a tree, he grabs it and turns to fire at the rampaging pygmies to find them all fleeing and some without heads. "We are definitely going to get sued for this..."

Myrrh "Well, I supose if we're all going to get sued I might as well give them something to complain about." He levels the large rifle at the Tall threatening one, flips a strange switch along the barrel and fires! The recoil is defening, the muzzle flash huge, and the smoke is everwhere.

Tall Little Monster? falls to the ground, a splattered heap. Somehow, someway, by some STRANGE miracle, the massive gunshot wound was just to one side of everything important and while pulped and bleeding out, the tall pygmie is alive. Some of the fleeing warriors scoop up Court Giant and drag him away.

Corve "Son of a b..." he mutters, turning to look at his friend and raising a brow. "Did the calibration on that thing flip out or something?" He turns back to the pygmies and wonders for a moment if he should just finisht he big guy off. Looks like he's in pain.

Myrrh "Hm. I need to tweak the stun mode a bit I guess."

Corve "Stun mode? Oh, man... you couldn't just blow his head off like we normally do?!"

Storyteller By now all the rest of the pygmies have fled the meadow, frightened away from the area by flaming dragons, glowing sword wielding women and two men with loud, messy guns.

Myrrh "Well it didn't really feel right to just kill him...why did we start killing them anyway?"

Carmine "They threatened to kill us."

Corve "Because they wanted to kill us. Self defense: seventh paragraph of article number 3 of Brumian Law. Every citizen has a right to defend themselves with an equal or greater amount of force than the one he or she was attacked with. You know that."

Myrrh "Well yeah but they're pygmies!"

Corve "Besides, I saw one actually stab Xar. Are you alright?" He turns to the Dragon King, not truly concerned--the Dragon looked fine.

Corve "Pygmies with spears. That's lethal force. I'm not about to pull my punches against a horde of angry little morons when one of them threw a bloody spear at my gut!"

Xar'Rex "What is a sue?"

Carmine "Yes, what is a sue?"

Corve "Suing is when you level charges upon someone for unlawful or unfair treatment. They don't have a case, they attacked us first."

Corve "Well... me."

Corve "Thank you both, by the way, for trying." He gives Carmine a smile and shrugs.

Carmine "Oh. Right." Carmine wanders over to one of the first pygmies she hits, the non-dead ones, and starts to look them over

Xar'Rex "Level..charges?" he tries out the words

Corve "Yes. They would, in theory, try to subject us to some sort of law-enforced punishment."

Xar'Rex blinks at Corve. Silly humans keep using strange words and phrases...these weren't in the book!

Myrrh "Or just take all of our money."

Corve He wanders towards Carmine and stands besides her, looking down at the still breathing pygmies. "Doubt you'll find anything interesting. They're just pygmies."

Carmine kneels down, and starts to work over the Pygmy. She doesn't appear to be searching for things, but instead trying to patch him up somewhat.

Xar'Rex "Take our money for what?"

Xar'Rex "We leave town now? Travel?"

Corve "Hurting them, Xar." He leans on his rifle, looking at Carmine curiously. She was clearly a killer, he could tell as he'd watched her slashing them to pieces before. Now she was attempting to help one of them? The dichotomy baffles him somewhat, and he turns to Xar again. "No. We're not going anyway. They're fault."

Myrrh "Let's hope so. For Pygmies they knew quite a few legal terms."

Corve "They also didn't know how to apply them. 'Win court case easier if all dead?' I mean, seriously. If they kill a cop, the inventor usband of an important entrepeneur, a gigantic Dragon King, and a beautiful young maiden... you think they'll have a short, easy trial? Not to mention they'd have to deal with the financial and emotional factor about leaving Sun orphaned... again. They didn't know anything... bloody idiots."

Corve The cop shakes his head and pulls out a few shells from his pocket, pumping them into Judging Thunder again. "We both need to work on our aim, Myrrh. We're out of practice."

Carmine looks at the pygmy in puzzlement. "..I don't know why, but I think he'll live."

Myrrh "Well I *did* hit him...Although I was aiming for his chest."

Xar'Rex allows his flaming armor to extinguish itself and wanders back to the area they'd been relaxing in. "It is time to eat, now."

Corve He looks at Carmine first, and then shrugs, a bit perplexed. "Well that's... erm... good, I guess. Xar... yeah. Eating sounds good. Come on, let's go," he murmurs, swinging the rifle over his shoulder and holstering it onto his back as he walks to pick up some of the stuff they brought.

Myrrh puts his rifle strap back across his shoulder and follows Corve.

Carmine frowns at the pygmy, hen stands and walks over gracefully

Corve "What do you guys want to eat?" He makes a mental not to report this incident to the office as soon as he gets a chance. He wouldn't want it reaching the higher ups through some word of pymige mouth.

Xar'Rex "Meat good."

Carmine "What have you got?"

Corve "Nothing here. Let's go back to my place. I'm sure we can buy something on the way," he murmurs, looking at Xar and biting back a shudder. The Dragon King could sure eat!

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