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Storyteller Having learned from Ugly Tree that there is another high-ranking member of the Black Viper cult present in the city the Circle decides it would be best to meet this so-called Scarlet Poppy of Devastation. Following Ugly Tree's directions to the Plaza, the most prosperous and famous district in Chiaroscuro, the group lets Xar wander off on his own to replace the shop-keeper's floor that he set aflame earlier. And so three Solar Exalted arrive at th

Storyteller arrive at the edges of the Plaza unsure of what to expect.

Myrrh keeps an eye out, feeling a bit naked without all of his gear.

Storyteller This late at night the Plaza's shining glass streets and sidewalks are populated with the pearly, semi-transparent forms of the dead inhabitants of the region. Many of them look curiously at the Solars as they enter the neighborhood, but none approach. Three or four living inhabitants are abroad as well, but none take an interest in the visitors.

Storyteller The building where Scarlet Poppy's apartment is supposed to be is well-lit from the outside, but none of the windows shine with internal light. Either the inhabitants are asleep or they're not in need of light for their current activities.

Corve stops as they near the edges, looking around and rubbing his temples slowly. "So..." he says, sighing. "No time to waste, hmm?" And he walks onwards, heading for the building's front door.

Carmine looks up at the large building with suspicion, before walking up to the front door with Corve.

Storyteller The front door is closed, but not locked. However a ghost drifts before the doorway, blocking entry.

Doorghost "What is your business within?"

Corve looks at the ghost and tilts his head slowly to the side, raising a brow. This was odd. Ghosts usually stuck to the Underworld, unless... he looks around, looking for the tell-tale signs of their being in a Shadowland.

Myrrh backs up a moment. "That is some security...maybe she's a savant?"

Carmine "There are ghosts all over here..." she says, with a gesture down the street.

Doorghost "We are residents of this neighborhood."

Doorghost Both Myrrh and Corve are sure that this is Creation itself, not a Shadowland. Yet...here are many hundreds of ghosts, walking these moon-lit streets.

Myrrh "Hm. Maybe they have relations with Sijan?"

Corve looks at the ghost and then then back to the neighborhood, then back to the ghost. "Hmm. Well, we're here to visit one of the residents of this building."

Doorghost "We do not, in fact. Grandmother Bright allows us to remain. But you have not told me your business within this building."

Corve just did.

Xar'Rex 's presence is announced by the sound of his claws clicking on the cobblestones as he sort of lopes toward his friends, looking pleased with himself and painted a new shade of blackish brown for the day.

Doorghost "Which resident?"

Carmine "The Scarlet Poppy Of Devestation."

Xar'Rex "Sorry I am late." he looks at the others, then tilts his head to one side a little thoughtfully, then nods. "Hello ghost."

Doorghost "There is no resident here by that name, sir."

Corve narrows his eyes slowly. "Then the name we were given was off. We know the address, we can simply go talk to the person living there and see if we have the name wrong, if it's a pseudonym, or perhaps see where the person we are looking for moved."

Doorghost "Very well." The door ghost smiles and drifts aside, allowing the Circle to enter. He watches them, a spark of...something in his eyes.

Corve looks at the ghost's face as he passes by, offering the being a smile that doesn't make him look all that friendly. "Thank you."

Xar'Rex passes through the door along with the others, then holds up a 'hand,' waiting for the others to hopefully stop and hear what he has to say.

Storyteller The apartment building's interior is spotless, brightly-lit and perfectly maintained from the First Age. The walls are opaque red glass with light being given off by the whole ceiling in a low but even glow. The inside of the building is perfectly comfortable in temperature and humidity. Underfoot the carpet is a form of glass cut so fine and polished to a consistency similar to that of springy grass.

Myrrh heads over to Xar to hear what he has to say. "Something wrong?"

Corve stops, tilting his head at the Dragon King, and puts his hands in his pockets.

Xar'Rex "You want to know the rules here, or ignore them?" he pauses, "That is a bad idea, though."

Corve blinks, taken a bit aback. "Know them. Definitely. What do you know, Xar?"

Xar'Rex "Here," he gestures, "Where Grandmother Bright rules. No violence."

Corve lifts a hand to his head and runs it through his hair. "Two things... who's Grandmother Bright, and does that mean *no one* can be violent?"

Xar'Rex "Head ghost. Very powerful, she is. She runs this district, and those who do violence, stay forever as workers. No one is allowed, at all."

Corve nods slowly. "Noted. No violence. Let's go," he says, nodding towards the stairs and stepping past Xar, but stopping a few steps later, turning his head. "Anything else?"

Xar'Rex shrugs then says, "I used the wrong word. Not ghost, like these. Goddess. Strong spirit. But, you can speak, shout, angry. Just do not act."

Storyteller There are both staircases to the upper levels, clearly marked, and a single tube of clear glass containing an elaborate crystal platform that, according to Xar, will carry them up to the level they wish much more quickly then stairs.

Corve nods again. "Right then," he says. "Scream, yell, be pissy... don't hit anyone. Sounds like fun." He nods to the crystal platforms. "Let's go, we don't have much time."

Myrrh "Hmmm...amazing piece of equipment! I wonder how they maintain it."

Xar'Rex "It is made with crystal technology, like my people do. Perhaps one of us is helping them keep it working."

Myrrh "Maybe. Must be an expensive appartment although I wonder why someone would want to live around a bunch of ghosts.

Xar'Rex "What is wrong with ghosts?"

Myrrh "Well they're dead. It's just creepy. They should stay in the shadowlands."

Corve looks at Myrrh. "Shush." He rolls his eyes and chuckles, cracking his neck by leaning it side-to-side. "Everyone on guard."

Corve makes his way to the door of where Scarlet Poppy of Devastation supposedly lives, and looks over his shoulder at his companions. "Alright... here we go." He knocks.

Xar'Rex "Be nice."

Corve "I'm always nice."

Scarlet Poppy opens the door, peering out at her visitors from under lank red hair. Blood-shot eyes of a dull, greasy black stare out of deep hollows in a wrinkled, age-spotted face. "I've been expecting you. You are the ones who gave Falling Darkness so much trouble."

Corve smiles at the woman, tilting his head a little. He doesn't show it, but he's incredibly relieved. "Oh darn, and here I wanted to surprise you and make you guess things." He waits to be invited inside.

Scarlet Poppy "Well, now I know your faces. You may go."

Corve smiles a little. "Aaaw, you don't want to talk to us a little? Peek into our brains? Have a chat? I mean, seriously, you made us come all this way... you're being terribly rude."

Myrrh "No witty banter? You're nothing like Falling Darkness..."

Corve turns to Myrrh and raises a hand, agreeing. "Exactly! I was expecting at least a few minutes of entertainment, here." He looks back at her. "We're being terribly nice about all this, considering you're the people that want to hurt others. Would it really hurt you to be a bit considerate?"

Scarlet Poppy "What possible benefit would any of that gain for me?"

Xar'Rex "You could convince us to stop."

Corve snorts.

Carmine "I thought you would be prettier, too."

Corve nods slowly. "Yeah..."

Myrrh "Atleast CACKLE menacingly..."

Scarlet Poppy "Did you really come all the way to my home just to stand at my doorstep and attempt to annoy me?"

Corve "No, we came to talk. But you people apparently lack decency in all senses of the word."

Scarlet Poppy "I doubt very much you have anything interesting to tell me."

Corve "I mean, you're evil, naked half the time, and rude. Really, what sort of cult are you?"

Scarlet Poppy "I, for your information, am rarely naked."

Corve "And I shall thank the Sun every day of my life for that blessing."

Xar'Rex peers past the wrinkly lady

Myrrh "What's your deal anyway? I mean clearly you like being around ghosts...necromancer? Spooky witch? Falling Darkness clearly isn't the brains...

Xar'Rex "Does Grandmother Bright know you have been making the release of the Hungry Ghosts in the city?"

Corve "Clearly. He doesn't have the vision for something like this."

Corve smiles at his own horrible, horrible joke.

Scarlet Poppy "I like having a quiet home, is that a crime? And if I am a necromancer, that has nothing to do with the ghosts here. If you had any intelligence, you would know the ghosts live here just like we living residents."

Corve raises an eyebrow and looks at Xar, then back to Scarlet Poppy. "Good question."

Xar'Rex "I think that is violence, to the ones that are attacked."

Corve "You know what's a crime? Being part of a cult that threatens Creation or part of it with dumping flying islands full of innocent people."

Scarlet Poppy "As for releasing Hungry Ghosts, I should let you know that I am currently employed as a ghost-hunter. I have my ghost hunting liscence with the city of Chiaroscruo. I am highly, highly respected. Now, unless you have something important to say, please leave."

Xar'Rex "You need more jobs, you release the Ghosts. You kill the ghosts, but let some go."

Xar'Rex "Then you are the hero and the criminal."

Corve smiles. "I wonder how Grams would feel if she knew you were providing work for yourself. She doesn't like violence... I wonder if she likes people creating violence for their benefit."

Scarlet Poppy "My neighbor is a contract assassin. Violence is only proscribed against other residents."

Corve "Hey, Xar. You think you could find the Grandmother?"

Xar'Rex "You and Falling Darkness, both. I think she would wish to know, yes."

Scarlet Poppy shrugs.

Scarlet Poppy "Do what you wish."

Scarlet Poppy closes her door firmly.

Carmine "Falling Darkness was much nicer."

Myrrh "Atleast he had a flair for the dramatic..."

Xar'Rex "We go see Grandmother Bright now, yes?"

Myrrh "If we have the time."

Corve sighs a little and shakes his head, looking at the others. "We don't have time," he says softly. "Not unless she's near, and you can find her in the next hour."

Xar'Rex "We look, maybe, then go."

Xar'Rex seems to retreat within himself for a moment, lost in thought. Several minutes later, he speaks again, "We pray for her, offerings, she might come then."

Myrrh "Good idea...xar."

Myrrh "Where did I put those prayer strips..."

Corve shrugs. "Alright then. We pray."

Xar'Rex "We...could light a fire?"

Myrrh "Hm. She'd like something that symbolizes Chiaroscuro, prosperity, and community spirit..."

Carmine "...something made of glass, then?"

Xar'Rex "I could make... a city, from one of the weapons."

Xar'Rex "Little one."

Myrrh "That could work!"

Corve stops... "Xar, do you actually know what Grandmother Bright looks like?"

Xar'Rex "You should speak with respect to Grandmother Bright, if she comes."

Xar'Rex "Hmmm, the humans say she looks handsome, with the white colored hair, fashioned like this:" He attempts to fashion Carmine's hair into a bun. "Her skin glows, with light."

Carmine blinks at the dragonking done makeover.

Corve nods slowly.

Carmine shakes her hair, and it settles back to the red waves of before

Myrrh "Alright let's see what we can do before we're hauled out on a stake."

Xar'Rex takes Myrrh's undefined weapon, and makes a space on the corner, where he begins reshaping it, calling on the little gods of the stones to come together, to form the foundations of a little crystal city. More pieces combine to become spires, and there is a little elevator tube as well.

Xar'Rex "Okay now you pray." He presents the finished piece to the others. If he'd had more time, he would have put little people in there too.

Corve sits down, legs crossed and eyes closed. He doesn't pray often, and has no real style at it, but there's a lot of purpose in this exercise, and thus he's putting every ounce of power he has in this endeavour.

Myrrh starts praying to Grandmother Bright, offering essence as well.

Carmine "That's ... marvelous." She says, looking at the city. "How do you pray?"

Xar'Rex adds his own prayer to her, in fluent Old Realm, praising the city and its prosperity.

Carmine follows along as best as she can

Xar'Rex blinks and looks sideways at Myrrh

Storyteller While the offerings are very nice and everyone does the best they can, Myrrh's inexperience with this sort of thing leads him to a horrendous mispronunciation in the middle of the prayer. Grandmother Bright arrives indeed, looking very angry.

Myrrh "Oh boy.."

Grandmother Bright "Young man, what *were* you thinking? I have not heard such a sloppy prayer from an Exalted since a drunken terrestrial attempted to pray to me while having sex with one of my residents illegally."

Grandmother Bright "He, by the way, is the gold-faced worker hauling garbage the next street over!"

Myrrh "Sorry m'am! Very unfamiliar with the dialect down here! I appologize profusely!"

Xar'Rex "Please, Grandmother Bright, do not be angry with him, he is inexperienced, and I did not instruct him properly." Xar addresses the spirit in Old Realm.

Corve looks at Grandmother Bright and then at Myrrh, rolling his eyes slowly. "We all do, Grandmother Bright. We... simply wanted to speak with you for a few moments about some matters we suspect might be of interest to you. Best to err in the side of caution."

Xar'Rex elbows Corve, and gives him a look

Grandmother Bright frowns ferociously at Myrrh, but relents in face of the wonderful offerings. "What is this you want to tell me, then?"

Corve looks at Xar. He's being polite! Super polite!

Corve bows his head to Bright and looks at Xar expectantly. After all, the Dragon King is the most experienced in this sort of thing.

Xar'Rex "First, I must ask if you have heard of the Black Viper Cult," he begins

Grandmother Bright "Of course I have."

Xar'Rex "Then you must be aware that they are based here, in your fair city, and if they are exposed by those other than your people, it may bring the reputation of all who live here down."

Grandmother Bright "I am aware one or two of them make their homes in the City of Glass. One is even a resident of my Plaza. They have not disturbed the peace here in any significant way. What they do outside of the city is not my concern as of yet. They have exempted Chiaroscruo from their cult's list of targets."

Xar'Rex "Have you, then, heard of the hungry ghosts that have been plaguing your streets?"

Xar'Rex "I speak, of course, not of the residents of your plaza, who live here peacefully."

Myrrh kneels silently, glancing at the others occasional.

Grandmother Bright "I know of no Hungry Ghosts in my streets. Where have you seen such?"

Xar'Rex "I have not yet seen them, myself, but I heard rumors that they are here, and in the area around."

Grandmother Bright "I will investigate these so-called rumors...though I should have heard about any such problems. However, I doubt they have anything to do with the Black Viper Cult."

Xar'Rex "It has been done before, that one who claims to hunt ghosts, sets them free to gain more glory and money."

Grandmother Bright "I have confidence that the Scarlet Poppy is not so weak of character as to do such a thing."

Corve sighs. "Grandmother Bright," he says, raising his eyes to her. "How long do you think the Black Viper Cult will keep Chiaroscuro from their list? How long until the damage they do to other places causes repercussions upon Chiaroscuro?"

Corve smiles a little. "How much character do you need to lack to belong to an organization that kills thousands for profit?"

Corve "I'm simply trying to save my people, and other innocents, Grandmother Bright. And I would appreciate any help, whatsoever, that a powerful and benevolent being as yourself could offer."

Grandmother Bright "Young man, I can sympathize indeed but it is my long-standing policy that so long as the inhabitants of the Plaza are friendly to their neighbors and bring no harm to the neighborhood they may continue to reside there. I have received no complaints about the Scarlet Poppy since she moved into her apartment three years ago."

Xar'Rex "Her associate attempted to abduct us on our way here, and hijack an airship."

Corve "I can sympathize with your rules and customs, Grandmother Bright. But if someone were to stroll into *your* plaza and cause massive destruction, and leave... would you not persue them? The destruction won't end there... especially since the Black Viper Cult claims to want to liberate The Great Shadow Serpent... which does not sound beneficient to anyone, including yourself."

Grandmother Bright "Oh, that. Simple propaganda, I assure you. I have done extensive research into the cult before and since allowing the Scarlet Poppy to move here. She poses no threat to my residents at the moment. If she does, she will be removed. Never fear."

Xar'Rex "I wonder if you could provide us, and the cities at risk, the information which you have gathered? It would be of significant help to us."

Grandmother Bright peers at Xar'Rex's reptilian countenance. "Is that you, Xethlixocoatlculbialik?"

Carmine blinks at the strange spirit lady

Xeth bows solemnly to Grandmother Bright, "It is indeed, Grandmother Bright."

Myrrh looks at Xar...er Xeth.

Corve raises a brow at the Dragon King, waiting.

Grandmother Bright "I thought so. I owe you a favor or two, I suppose." The glowing matron lowers her chin in thought for a few moments.

Xeth "I did not wish to impose it on you to assist us, but rather to ask of you in friendship, and in defense of the South, our home. I will, of course, consider it a favor returned if you do."

Grandmother Bright "I suggest you and your companions travel west to the city of Stzang-Uoul and arrive before nine days pass. On the 10th day, go to the city's ziggurat. That is all I will say, but I think you will consider my debt repaid."

Xeth bows deeply again, "I thank you for the information, and I hope to see you again in the future." he laughs deeply, "But of course, not for at least a year."

Grandmother Bright nods with a smile. "In a year, then."

Xeth turns with a bit of a flourish to his cape, and exits, stage right!

Corve smiles and bows to Grandmother Bright once more. "I thank you deeply as well, Grandmother Bright. If ever you need assistance with the Floating Islands of Brume, ask for Assessor Corve, and I shall attempt to assist you." Always good to have a god like you.

Myrrh "Yes, thank you for your help" Bows. "Sorry about the misunderstanding..."

Carmine bows with a florish of the silken strips tied to her wrists "Thank you."

Corve wonders, idly, if Grandmother Bright's investigation had ever turned something up about Carmine.

Grandmother Bright disappears into the nothingness from which she emerged.

Corve stands up slowly and re-arranges himself a little, looking at his companions. "Excellent. We have information, we have destinations. I suggest we get moving."

Myrrh "yes, before we get tossed in another cell." Heads for the crystal tube.

Corve nods and walks to the tube.

Carmine follows after them with easy strides. They were finally leaving this place!

Corve leads them out of the Plaza, out of the neighborhood, and off to the Southern Gate!

Xeth leads the way

Storyteller At the Southern Gate the circle is able to reclaim their gear and Corve is reunited with his pet raptor. The guards at the gate give the Exalted and the Dragon-King a fair warning that if they return to the city within a year they will be again detained and this time subject to harsh punishments. But all their gear is intact, the raptor is well-fed and they can leave without further incident.

Carmine takes up Eminence almost eagerly, apparently not noticing it's weight, tracing her hands over the designs in the hilt, smiling to herself

Corve straps on and makes sure Jaks is well, petting the raptor and reassuring it. Corve looks at the guards and smiles at their warning. "Well, if there *is* a next time, we'll make sure not to make all this so easy for you, hmm?" He winks, a friendly gesture, and then walks away. "Let's get going."

Xeth retrieves his weapons and armor and puts them on with a happy sigh, flexing his now-orichalcum-clad wings.

Myrrh gathers his things and puts them back on. "Finaly. I was a litle nervous..."

Xar'Rex "Well, do we walk now?"

Carmine "But which way?"

Xar'Rex points

Myrrh prepares his things for desert travel. "I suppose. Not all of us can fly a run around on raptors...didn't Grandma say west?"

Xar'Rex "Yes, it is a small city, West, along a trade route."

Xar'Rex "I can carry those that do not ride."

Corve nods slowly. "I suggest we get there as fast as possible so we can figure out what Grandmother Bright meant when she sent us there." He looks over to Xar. "Can you carry Myrrh, so Carmine and I can ride Jaks? We'll make better time that way."

Corve nods. "Great. Carmine?" He steps aside.

Xar'Rex "It will be like the day we met."

Myrrh "Ummm...just don't let your arms fall asleep ok?"

Xar'Rex snorts. "It is my wings you should worry about."

Carmine smiles, but eyes the lizard with suspicion, before swinging up on to it letting Corve settle behind her

Xar'Rex launches himself into the air with strong wingbeats and the aid of a prodigious leap. Once aloft, he circles once, then dives down and snatches Myrrh up in his claws, carrying him aloft.

Corve mounts, and slides his arms around her to pet Jaks' crest. "Don't worry, buddy, she's light as a feather. Now, west, if you don't mind." The raptor snorts, shakes his head (ruffling his crest in the process) and then opens his mouth, yawning. With a sudden jolt, Jaks rises to his full stature and rips the ground with his talons, moving towards the red-glass road at a steady, quick gait.

Carmine turns back to face Corve, whispering in his ear, her cheek pressed to his.

Xar'Rex sets his wings to soar a bit, and lifts Myrrh up to where they can hear eachother above the wind whistling through their ears. He casually circles above Jaks, as he does when he has been getting ahead of the lizard, and points Myrrh in the right direction.

Corve smiles a little, tilting his head and nodding slowly. He looks up and forward, petting Jaks softly, and then looking up at their companions. Hmm.

Myrrh glances in the direction.

Myrrh lowers his goggles over his eyes to keep the wind out of his eyes.

Corve leans forward and puts his lips to Carmine's ears, whispering.

Xar'Rex extends his circle wider, banking off to the right, where some small herd of animals scatter beneath his shadow

Carmine whispers back, a smile suggested on her face

Corve continues the conversation, smiling wider.

Carmine nods, cheek brushing his

Corve smiles and whispers some more into her ear, grinning.

Carmine nods more, whispering back

Xar'Rex carefully sets his wings so that the glint of metal comes from them, rather than his passenger

Myrrh quickly unslings the rifle from his back and channels his essence through the shells, sending four bullets sizzling through the air at the unsuspecting mummy man!

Falling Darkness moves in a dark blur against the black sands below, silently sending Myrrh's four bullets into the dunes where they do nothing but send up sprays of sand. "Ah, you do have eyes in your heads!"

Corve blinks, looking up and wincing. "So much for that," he says, still against her ear. No reason to ruin the moment too soon, after all. With a deft move, he raises his hand up over his shoulder and unslings Judging Thunder. "Jaks, quick drop!" he says, pushing against Carmine and sending himself backwards, letting Jaks' tail manage his landing on the ground. He skids, turns, and aims at Falling Blackness. "More than you do, that's for sure!"

Falling Darkness moves before the Assessor can fire his weapon, darting from the dunes and onto the road and then past the two Solars. The only signs of his passing are some sand in the air and the new blood on Carmine and Corve.

Carmine reacts to the attacks without thinking about it, sweeping Eminence up in a glorious sunlight arc, not to deflect the weapons for they hit her skin without resistance, the arc of crimson and sunlight instead moving to cut him.

Corve tosses himself aside as the attacks come his way, twisting and turning in a flurry of golden motions, his anima corruscating suddenly as he evades the brunt of the attack.

Falling Darkness laughs crudely at Carmine as her attacks bounce off his own blades while his draw a deep line across her finely shaped stomach.

Myrrh "Right! Xar, I need a better shot..." Squirms under Xar's hold before latching his lets around Xar's abdomen, aiming at the mummy again and firing once, using the recoil to hop him up into the air where he lands on Xar's back gently. "Sorry about that..."

Carmine shivers as the cold cold blades draw across her stomach, backflipping over Jak and landing in a spray of sand, running off after the grinning abyssal Eminence trailing behind her before bringing it up to deliever a pair of powerful cuts, sunlight wrapped in sunlight

Xar'Rex takes the recoil of Myrrh's weapon with but a small grunt, and follows up by diving closer. He tucks his wing in as Myrrh swings around his back, causing them to plummet for a second. "Warn me before you do that! I almost was not where you were!"

Carmine smiles at him, her eyes dancing in the flickering light of her anima

Falling Darkness nods to Carmine "Good show, pretty lady."

Myrrh "Sorry! Although that turned out better than my original plan to land on your head..."

Falling Darkness laughs at Myrrh's pathetic attempt to wound him. "Grow up some more before trying to throw stones, little Brume-man!"

Myrrh "I guess i'll have to try harder next time..." he grumbles.

Xar'Rex Even as he yells that back to Myrrh, his eyes remain locked on the Abyssal below, and he brings his massive arm forward, sighting along it, and firing thrice. First, where Darkness is, Then where Darkness will be, and third where Darkness Falls.

Falling Darkness is not where he seems to be, nor where he should be and he doesn't even have the politeness to fall properly. Glaring up at the Dragon and its rider, he sneers. "Both of you should stay in the sky, away from harm since you can't even draw a drop of my blood."

Corve tumbles onto himself. "I'm too old for this;" he whispers to himself as he feels the ground hit his back. "Time to end it." As he tumbles, he flips Judging Thunder towards Falling Blackness, beginning to let out a series of quick, silent shots at the Abyssal's back, the bullets whizzing with terrible speed, and frightening silence, as he grimaces, firing each time his tumbling bring him in view of the evil one, while at the same time putting a little distance between them.

Xar'Rex calls the crystal shards back to his bracer, looking vaguely annoyed, "You are slippery like a Goat's innards."

Falling Darkness twists to bring his sword between his back and the silent spray of bullets from Corve's weapon. Knocking the last of them away effortlessly, the bandaged man looks around at his four attackers with a sigh. "I really have no interest in slaughtering such helpless lambs, so if you'll just politely promise to find somewhere nice in the North or East or West to visit, I'll even give you a ride there.

Carmine "But I'm having such fun dancing with you here..."

Corve "Helpless, maybe. But lambs? I mean, really."

Falling Darkness "Oh, but you are. I will demonstrate." And he does so, lunging at Corve with his heavy Daiklave, slashing it twice across the Assessor's chest, once across his belly and a final time across his face.

Falling Darkness steps back as the Assessor slumps to the red-glass road, his chest rent open and disgorging blood at an alarming rate. Around him the shining glass quickly grows wet with his life. "Nothing but sheep. Now, do as I say and find another place to be. I have no desire to slay such weak creatures."

Corve feels the blade slice his chest once, cutting too deep. His reflexes, maintained by Essence, let him move deflty to relieve himself from the other three blows, the last passing centimeters from his face... but alas, he falls.

Xar'Rex growls, and his eyes glow red in the darkness of night. Moving too quickly for the eye to see, there is a blur, and then there is only a hail of crystal and flame, like an unholy storm from a raging cloud.

Carmine 's eyes flash with anger, and she snaps the blade around in a solid arc of sunlight and a spray of sand, red ribbons snapping in the breeze of her motion. "Leave. Him. Alone." each word punctuated by an attack at the abyssal man.

Falling Darkness "I am leaving him alone. I will leave ALL of you alone if you leave us alone!" He says this as he drives away Carmine's trio of attacks

Corve "Fucking... liar..." he murmurs, spitting blood.

Xar'Rex "Destroying our home, is not leaving us alone!"

Falling Darkness has quit IRC (Disintegrated: Falling Darkness?)

Myrrh "Get away from Corve you bandaged freak! Xar this might sting..." Braces himself slightly and throws everything he has into a trio of attacks against the mummy, his anima flaring into existance, obscuring Xar in the image of a large owl, the revolution crackles with energy as he adjusts a few levers, it starts to shake and then a huge plume of smoke and fire strikes out at the abyssal, the bullets sheathed in energy!

Myrrh "Get away from Corve you bandaged freak! Xar this might sting..." Braces himself slightly and throws everything he has into a trio of attacks against the mummy, his anima flaring into existance, obscuring Xar in the image of a large owl, the revolution crackles with energy as he adjusts a few levers, it starts to shake and then a huge plume of smoke and fire strikes out at the abyssal, the bullets sheathed in crackling energy!

Falling Darkness is knocked prone by the second bullet after deflecting the first away easily. Then a third bullet catches him in his back. The Deathknight is down, wounded, but still dangerous. "Maybe you are not such sheep as I thought. Heed my warning or you WILL suffer and I will not hold back!"

Myrrh "Yeah well...get out of here before I give you another one between your beady eyes!"

Falling Darkness snarls at the dragon-borne Myrrh and calls to his Resplendent Shadow Airship, which swoops down low enough to drop him a cable and sweep him away

Xar'Rex snarls back, almost deciding to follow the creature, but looks down at Corve...

Corve is a golden ember in the sands of the southern desert. His bleeding has stopped, but the sand is slowly turning whiter with each second he lays there.

Myrrh "Man I hope carmine can patch him up..."

Corve coughs some blood to the side and groans, his hand still gripping Judging Thunder tightly. "When I get better... remind me to kill that bastard."

Myrrh "I don't think you'll need much reminding...you're lucky he didn't give you a skull-ectomy."

Xar'Rex lands, after dropping Myrrh off, next to Corve. "You are alive. I am glad."

Corve snorts. "I'm lucky? My luck ran out about four pints of the red stuff ago," he says, coughing again. "Yeah, Xar. I'm alive. Can't say the same for our undead friend when I get him in my sights again." Next time, he's going to be far away from the Abyssal... and free to unload. He'll make sure of it.

Myrrh pulls a level and ejects a string of large smoking brass cartridges. "Me too..." Glances at the black sky, glowing brightly. "Well lucky in that you aren't being buried hastily by the side of the road." Smirks.

Corve grins, coughing again, his lips and teeth bloody. "That's not luck. That's the Sun, shining, my friend."

Xar'Rex folds his wings around his shoulders, like a cape. His feathers seem paler than normal

Myrrh "Can you move?" Looks for Carmine.

Corve snorts. "I could, but then I'd have to. Umm..." he ponders for a moment, wincing. "Alright, give Xar the Revolution, and you and Carmine can ride Jaks while Xar carries me. It'll probably be a smoother ride for me that way." He doesn't like sounding selfish, but everyone else can bloody move!

Xar'Rex "I can carry you safely. Do you still want to go on?"

Myrrh "Uh...are you sure Jaks will let me?"

Corve grins. "Jaks'll be fine with it. He's a smart cookie. And yeah, Xar. I just got my chest opened up without even getting one lick into the mother fucker. You're damn right I want to go on."

Myrrh "Alright, I think i'm spent for awhile anyway." Hands Xar the revolution so he can sling it between his wings.

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