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Corve walks slow, far enough behind his Twilight and Dragon King friends so that his voice, if kept to a mild whisper, won't reach their ears. His head tilts back to motion for Carmine to follow his lead. They need to talk. His hands drop into his pockets as he thinks on how to phrase this, and wonders if she's thought about it as well, of if she's subconsciously ignoring it.

Carmine eyes Corve with a little .. nervousness, but drops back from the others. She looks like she is going to say something, but doesn't, waiting for him to speak

Corve cleanrs his throat softly. "So..." he murmurs, sighing just a tad. "Do I have to say it, or are you on the ball with this?" He turns to look at her, his fingers producing a cigarette out of nowhere to place it in his lips and light it with a flared match.

Carmine "That we ... might be going to my house, you mean?" she says after a few moments of silence, watching the match in the dark.

Corve shakes it off and nods slowly, flicking it aside and taking a long draw of it. "Poppy I'm not so sure of, but 'Scarlet' and 'Devastation' are words I have no problem associating with you."

Carmine nods "...I thought that, when he said it ... but wouldn't he have recognised me?" she adds, a slightly hopeful note in her voice

Corve shakes his head. "I asked what 'Scarlet Poppy' looked like, and he answered he didn't know. He wasn't lying." It's nothing something he's happy about saying.

Carmine 's expression drops a little. That hope gone. "So, what if we are? What if I am ... was? the Scarlet Poppy of Devestation?" her voice is low and questioning, not entirely sure she wants an answer

Corve shrugs slowly, raising his hand to his head and scratching. "I don't know, Carmine. I mean... on the one hand, you'd know about your past. On the other... that would *be* your past." He shrugs, dragging the cigarette again. "But at least now you have a chance to change things, you know?" He sighs. "I'm not going to shoot you just for having been someone. As long as you're not that person any more... as long as

Corve * you're *really* not that person..."

Carmine "I'm not. I don't think ... I don't know." she says uncertainly. "Will your laws see it like that? What if everything comes back ... there's so much more of her than of me."

Corve nods slowly, thinking it over. "Well, laws... as much as I appreciate them, have recently become more flawed in my eyes." He sighs. "If you remain the way you are now... I won't say anything." He smiles a little. "But... I can't..." he sighs. "I don't know what would happen if, *if* you become... whatever Scarlet Poppy is or was supposed to be." He looks at her, raising his hand to her shoulder and squeezing. "But there's still the possibility, the large possibility, that you aren't, and never were her. Alright?"

Carmine "I ... know that." she says quietly, reassured by Corve's hand on her shoulder. "I don't want to be her."

Corve nods a little, and lets his hand fall to his side again, nodding a little. "Then don't be here. No matter what." He chuckles softly. "This is getting complicated."

Carmine smiles a little, her face looking prettier for it. "... It is." she admits. "...What will we do if I'm not her, and she's there?"

Corve smiles. "We get into a hell of a lot of trouble, one way or another," he murmurs, chuckling softly and taking the last drag of his cigarette and tossing it on the floor, stepping on it. "Same old same old, I guess."

Carmine smiles, mere trouble she could cope with. It was these ... laws and ... memories that seemed so much worse...

Corve smiles back and winks. "Don't worry about it," he says. "When we come to a fork in the road, we choose road less traveled by. That'll make the difference," he says, sticking his hands in his pockets.

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