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Corve is, if pissed, molified because he still has every single one of those bastards (the ones that are still alive, anyway) to question. After getting his wounds dressed by Carmine (an odd experience) he walks down the hall of their newly acquired airship, his coat on and his grimace set in perfect interrogatory fashion, until he reaches the makeshift holding cell. Removing the various locks he'd asked Xar tofashion earlier, he opens the door and steps inside, closing it behind him and turning to look straight at the Captain, who's chained to a chair. "So..."

Captain "I don't know what you expect to learn. The mummy already told you everything."

Corve shrugs slightly. "There's always something to learn... if anything, I get to slap you around a bit," he says, grabbing an empty chair and straddling it, his forearms placed on the back of it. "So, Captain. Why, exactly, did you take part in one of the stupidest, most ill-thought plans it has ever been my pleasure to foil?"

Captain "Because he offered me a lot of money to keep you entertained until he could arrive and kill you."

Corve nods a little. "And you thought nothing of the fact that you could have died, I assume?" He shakes his head. "Tsk tsk, Captain. You really should've thought this through. I mean, just the fact that we're travelling with a Dragon King should've given you some insight as to what you were dealing with."

Captain "He almost got you, didn't he?"

Corve grins a little. "Almost only counts in horseshoes and essence bombs, Captain," he says. "So, tell me about yourself. Kids? Wife? Husband? A life off this once-yours ship?"

Captain shakes his head. "Nope. Nothing like that."

Corve nods a little. "So you're basically just a pathetic mercenary who wouldn't know what to do with the money he'd have gained other than booze and broads, right?"

Captain "Pretty much."

Captain smiles broadly, not knowing that his lie is grating on Corve's ears.

Corve smiles. "Great! Than you don't have much to lose!" He pulls out one of his revolvers and shoots the Captain at point-blank range in the foot.

Captain bellows in pain "LUNA'S NUTS! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"

Corve smiles. "Well, I figure since you don't really have anything else to lose, I'd start with body parts." He shrugs, and cocks the hammer back again, waving it almost as if he'd never held a gun before, the barrel swaying and occasionally pointing at the Captain's face, but not actually discharging. "Think it'll work?" He grins.

Captain "WHAT is the POINT of this?!?

Corve shrugs. "Several, actually. a) you had a sword to my throat, so I am going to enjoy every second I can to make your moments around me miserable. b) you know things, probably not as much as you think, or as I'd like, but enough for me to want to know. c) you're lying. And that, my friend, pisses me off." He shoots the Captain in the other foot.

Corve chuckles, sniffing the gunpowder. "You're certainly never walking without help ever again, are you?"


Corve raises a brow. "Hmm. Well, it's a start." He places the gun to the man's kneecap. "So what are you?"

Captain "I work for them! Always have!"

Corve grins wider. "Now, see... *that's* interesting. I am assuming that 'they' are the Black Viper Cult," he says, cocking back the hammer, still pressing the barrel against the man's kneecap, and knowing how scary it was to have that 'click' resonate through your bones.

Captain nods, still hurting from his feet.

Corve smiles. "See? If you're honest and forthcoming when I ask a question, you don't get shot. It's a very simple system that I use." He clears his throat and pulls out a cigarette, looking at them and then at the captain, raising a brow, as if asking him if he'd like one.

Captain nods again, looking defeated

Corve pulls one out and places it on the man's mouth, lighting it with a match, and then lighting his. "If you try anything stupid, like spitting it at me to burn me, I'll shove it up your urethra," he says without looking up. After a moment, he does, indeed, raise his eyes, and he smiles, blowing the smoke upwards. "So tell me... how did the Cult manage to down Abundance?" Start with the big questions, work into the

Corve * details.

Captain "I don't know! I just fly the damn ship!"

Corve nods slowly. "Yeah," he says, taking the cigarette from the Captain's lips and grabbing the man's hair, "I didn't quite get that..." and pulls it back, and shoving the cigarette up one of his nostrils slightly, letting the brass burn the first centimeter or two of half of the man's nose. "... could you repeat it?"

Captain "AAHHH! THAF HURFS!" it's hard to talk with a cigarette up your nose.

Corve pulls it out and looks the man in the eyes. "Sorry. Now, you were saying?"

Captain "I DON"T KNOW!"

Corve nods slowly and places the cigarette in the man's mouth again. "So what else do you do, aside from flying the ship?"

Captain "Ah!!"

Captain "I carry messages"

Corve purses his lips. "What kind?"

Captain "Whatever they ask!"

Corve rolls his eyes. "I'm getting a bit tired of having to spell things out for you, Captain... also, you should tell me your name, as you're not the captain anymore." He smiles. "What are the messages *about?*"

Captain "Orders, they're orders!"

Corve growls and cocks the hammer back on the revolver. "What kind of orders? What else have you done? Do I have to BURN YOUR FUCKING EYES OUT BEFORE YOU START COOPERATING?" he screams, tossing the chair aside with force and putting the barrle of the gun to the man's eye.


Corve pulls the gun back and walks a few steps back, tsking his tongue. "How long have they been planning this?"

Captain "Years" He sobs the word.

Corve nods a little. "Where is their head quarters located?"

Captain "They don't have one, I swear!"

Corve shakes his head. "So where can I find the top people?"

Captain "You can't. They come to you. They never stay anywhere. They're NOT REAL!"

Corve blinks, turning to the man and raising a brow. "Now what exactly did you mean by THAT?"

Captain "They're not PEOPLE!"

Corve "AH! What are they?"

Captain gets very quiet. "Ghosts. Demon ghosts."

Corve steps forward, retrieving his chair and sitting. "Demon ghosts? What do you mean? What do you know about them... and you had better tell me everything."

Captain "I can't tell you!"

Corve smiles. "My dear former Captain... I can only assume you're being metaphorical, but I'm going to ask anyway: why can't you tell me?"

Captain "I am accursed, if I tell you!"

Corve raises a brow. "What kind of curse? What are the specifics?"

Captain shakes his head, afraid to speak.

Corve sighs, exhasperated. "If you don't tell me, I won't turn you in to my department. I'll give you as a toy to Xar, who's been itching to see if he can sculpt bones inside a human's body without actually killing them. And then I'll see if some Raksha need a play toy... and then, I'll take you back, and do this to you every Sunday, on my day off."

Corve "Now... tell me what they are. *Everything.* Or I'll start really being creative."

Captain "I must tell you nothing more. I will not!"

Corve shrugs and walks over to the man, shooting the man in the kneecap. "How about now?"

Captain "NO!!!!!"

Corve bites his lower lip. "Hmm." He shrugs and shoots the other knee.

Corve "I'm not too sure how fast my friend can make it here before you bleed out, and if they're ghosts, they won't be happy when they see you floating around in the Underworld."

Captain "I CAN NOT SPEAK!"

Corve "Make up your mind, you either are cursed IF you tell me, or you can't talk about it at all."

Captain "I can't speak! The curse will take me!"

Corve "Where?"

Captain looks confused.

Corve rolls his eyes. "Okay, fine. So what exactly do you think *I'll* do to you if you don't tell me? This isn't a toy," he says, putting the barrel to the man's ear.

Captain "I would rather die then be cursed by them!"

Corve bites his lips. "Is there anything you haven't told me, that you *can* say?"

Captain leans forward. "Yes."

Corve smiles. "Then say it."

Captain "You're going to die."

Captain "The Great Shadow Serpent will eat your soul."

Corve snorts. "That's it? Pffft. I'm more scared of my kid hitting puberty." He shakes his head, walking to the captain. "We're not done, not by a long shot," and kicking the man in the jaw to knock him out before going to call Carmine so she can dress the man's wounds.

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